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[MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD


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And of course we know practically zip about Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's families. Although how Rainbow Dash got the first half of her name looks pretty obvious.

Although being a (formerly) militarized society, my personal head canon is that Pegasus society as a whole doesn't have nuclear families like Earth Ponies and Unicorns do, and that Pegasi children are communally raised with biological parents taking more a "big brother/sister" role if they're interested. Not that there aren't Pegasi nuclear families, but those tend to be made up of Pegasi who grew up in Earth Pony and/or Unicorn communities. It would explain why we never hear about Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's families; they functionally don't exist in Cloudsdale.
Rainbow Dash's dad is named Rainbow Blaze, though as you point out it's unclear if them sharing names is a convention or just because it's an obvious trait of both of them.


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Nope, the daughters of Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz are Maud Pie, Pinkemana Diane Pie, Marble and Limestone. With Cakes, as I mentioned the appearance of the word cake is consistent with being incidental to being named after kinds of cake, analogously to the Apples.
If it's not on the show it's not automatically canon if you ask me.

Aka you can take Inkie and Blinkie when the show prises them out of my cold dead hands :p

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Remember to vote for Pony of the Year on the Open Tangency posters of the year. I started the nomination for the group last year ;)


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Good think I didn't ask you then. The names are from the official show guide.
If you get grumpy about this, we may respond by putting up terribly adorable pictures of ponies, as we are wont to do. Fair warning. ;)


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If it's not on the show it's not automatically canon if you ask me.
Ditto. I'm VERY careful to keep canon and fanon separate. It's why I object to treating "Celestia and Luna are gods" notion as being canon when it's just (very popular) fanon.

Aka you can take Inkie and Blinkie when the show prises them out of my cold dead hands :p
Wait... you're not really a zombie?

I watched Rainbow Rocks again and I just feel so bad for Sunset

Here's another bit of my personal head canon:

Why was the Musical Showcase/Battle of the Bands in Rainbow Rocks the first one that Canterlot High had ever held? Well consider, the showcase/battle was supposed to help pay for after school activities. Why do these activities need paying for now and not in previous years?

Because THIS year, the school's budget took a massive hit when it had to pay for rebuilding the front wall and filling in the massive hole in the lawn. Honestly, I'm surprised there wasn't a pond or something that made creative use of the BIG WHOPPING HOLE in front of CHS in Rainbow Rocks.
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