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[MLP FiM] Thread 21 - Twilight's BBBTE (Big Brother Best Thread Ever)


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"Of course not, it's... it's liquid pride. Totally different thing."

Previous threads - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty.

Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another thread here so if you've got news (though please see the note below), snazzy fanart, amazing PMV's, just plain great pony music (WUBWUBWUB), all kinds of shipping, crazy theories, want to insist that [insert pony here] is in fact best pony, or just to declare that Fluttershy is your waifu this is the thread for you :)

Here is a link to the current fanfiction thread, for everything pony fanfic related.

WIW/WiRW threads: Sun tzu's, Mine (probably concluded as of season 6)

Please mind the spoilers for the sake of everyone's enjoyment of the thread, unless it's from an aired episode, keeping it hidden under black bars and sblocks is highly appreciated.


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And subscribed! :)

Hmm, this seems like a good time to rewatch the latter half of S6, and some key episodes throughout the series.
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Ooh, have fun. Season 5 is my favorite season!

Musings about the Season 7 teaser and premiere synopsis
Spoiler: Show
I think the people who are proclaiming Starlight is being written out are getting their hopes up prematurely. I think part of the point of the premiere will be that Starlight actually isn't ready to graduate yet. It kind of comes off that Twilight blurted that out because Discord put her on the spot.


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I still need to remind myself to start season 5 this year!
Ooh, have fun. Season 5 is my favorite season!
I definitely think you'll have a better time than Ithaeur will anyway :p

And now your reminder that one pony tumblr stands still upon the mounds of the fallen

I remember the days when I really did follow them in the hundreds, when getting down with Big Molly, catching up with Surprise and getting moonstuck with little Woona were all the thing to do.

Now though it's pretty much just Bonnafied that updates with anything kind of regularity.


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Hah. Nice to be the one to name two threads in a row. :)

And the fairly quick change here from coat weather to short-sleeves weather reminds me that it just about time for...

IIRC, we should re-watch that episode on the 19th. --Kwd


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*Drops a rose on the ground for the previous thread*

Ah Thread twenty, it lasted longer than any other Pony thread to date (Mainly because we upped the thread age from 2,000 to 5,000). It was actually two and a half years old. Can you believe it?

Well, here's to another thread of Pony goodness.


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I'm-a claimin' a spot on the first page!

A reminder of Tobias Drake's WIW on TVTropes.

Spoiler: Show

He doesn't see the point in Twilicorn and doesn't like how the map robs the 6 of agency.

We haven't gotten to Glimmer's redemption ep yet but he knows about it.

He feels sorry for Flash, because adult women masquerading as teenagers keep sneaking into his school to molest him.
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