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[Mod Demon Game] Hell is Other People: Lawyers, Mods, and Demons part 2


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It's been a while! In the bygone days of 2014, a Demon campaign began populated by mods: TechnocratJT, Random Nerd, The Wyzard, and BethDragon. This game, run by BethDragon, took place in Seattle and tracked the lives of three demons: Finder, Black, and Crash. Regular logs were posted of the game (which you can see here), but due to real life time concerns, posting of the logs tapered off.

But! I, your humble narrator, have taken up the job of cleaning up the logs for public consumption. I'll be picking up right where the previous thread left off. I highly recommend reading through it, as it's quite entertaining and gives a lot of background on the characters, but I understand that it's pretty lengthy. To let people jump in without necessarily having to spend a lot of time catching up, I'll start off with a summary of each of the characters, a few of the major NPCs, and a brief "What came before" story summary. Also, the discussion thread can be found here:

For a longer breakdown of the characters, check out this post. Otherwise:

Dramatis Personae

Finder is the (somewhat neurotic) information specialist of the group. In her pre-fall days, she originally manifested as Anton, an older Russian man who ran a store full of esoteric books and items. He unwittingly formed something of an attachment to a group of college-aged explorers of the unknown who visited his store on several occasions. One day, instructions came down to give them a particular book for a ritual they were planning. Finder knew giving them the book he was instructed to rather than the book they sought would end poorly for them, but, well...orders are orders.

Only, as with most demons, that wasn't the end of it. As the God-Machine's plan into which the kids were being fed came to fruition, Finder rebelled against the God-Machine's orders and ran into the tunnels where the kids had been heading, clutching the correct book. There, Finder came upon Allison Kane, one of the members of the group, her body and soul being eaten away by light, feeding the God-Machine's devices within the tunnel. In his desperation, he went loud trying to destroy the machines, burning away all traces of Anton. In full-on demon form, Finder apologized to Allison, promising to stay by her side. Allison, having noticed the other book (the "Lower Key"), suggested that it could be used to turn off what was happening, to stop it, and insisted that Finder do it. Only...that required a person to do it, and Finder had burned that away.

In desperation, the two made a deal. Finder would become Allison. She would be gone, but Finder would take her place and save her friends. Allison agreed, with the condition that Finder live her life - take care of her friends, her schoolwork, everything. Finder agreed.

Ultimately, Finder was only able to save one of the group - a young woman named Cassie Harrow, Allison's childhood friend. But it would have to be enough, and Finder would honor the promise she made. After inventing a story about Anton passing the shop on to Allison, Finder began to settle in to her new life.

Recently, Finder has confessed an edited version of her nature to Cassie.

Black -
As an angel, Black was good at its job - manipulating memory and cleaning up messes. Quick, clean, efficient. If only all angels were so professional. Sadly, sometimes they get sloppy, and it was one such sloppy angel that ran Black ragged for the better part of a day, resulting in Black's irritation and loss of faith that the God-Machine had any idea what it was doing. A short time later, Black (in the form of its last cover, George Ramirez) found itself in an alley, newly fallen.

George Ramirez is a 30-something man of indeterminate ethnicity. He runs a pawn shop, and he is often taken by people to be a closeted gay man. In his capacity as a pawn shop owner, he maintains casual contacts with both the police and small-time criminals.

Black is the cautious, paranoid stealth and infiltration expert of the group and harbors a particular disdain for/distrust of recording devices like cameras. Some day, he would like to find the angel who sent him running all over the place, just to find out what the hell it was all about and whether it was all worth the trouble. To a large extent, Black often doesn't "get" humans and is trying to come to terms with the human experience.

Recently, Black has been developing a secondary cover - Vic, short for Victoria, a college-aged woman of, again, somewhat indeterminate ethnicity. This cover is still somewhat thin, consisting of bits and pieces borrowed from other lives, with one central element being an abusive ex that she took from a woman the group met at a support group for abuse survivors.
Crash is pretty old by angel standards. How old? "Leading sieges against stone forts" old. Really, Crash was pretty good at breaking things - people, property, whatever. All that he asked was that there be some sort of sense to it, some...not fairness, perhaps, but reason. Until, in his last assignment, Crash was required to spend a significant period of time as Storm, a young woman who sometimes works as a DJ with a fairly vibrant social life. One day, Crash intervened in some neo-Nazi street harassment, getting physical and putting the hurt on the Nazis. It wasn't a breach of the assignment, but once Crash got a taste for taking the initiative, it was only a matter of time.

A week later, when his orders came down to barricade the exits to an animal shelter and set the whole thing on fire, he refused, and that was that.

Crash is the most physical of the group, built for violence and physical exertion. He has a tendency towards action and movement over planning and contemplation. Crash has made efforts to keep his Storm cover relatively separate from the lives of the other demons' covers, so much so that none of the others have met Sarah, her sort-of girlfriend.

To this end, Crash has been developing a secondary cover - an action-oriented guy straight out of a video game called "Jack Thrasher". Like Black with the Vic cover, he's been taking bits and pieces from different lives, like the military service of a homeless veteran, the college career of some wannabe-rock stars, and minor membership in the college's occult club.

Recently, Crash has been meeting anonymously in confession booths with Father Anderson, confessing his propensity for (and enjoyment of) violence. Anderson, in an attempt to steer Crash on the straight and narrow, appears to have propelled him towards vigilantism, which recently resulted in the abusive ex of one of the other women from Vic's support group ending up in the hospital.
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What Came Before

The Triumf Incident

After tangling with a law firm that they had reason to believe might be an angelic front, the group sought out West, the leader of a major demon agency in Seattle. West pointed them towards a building that was currently the subject of an attempted property buyout. During their investigations, the group found that this building contained a piece of infrastructure linked to a much larger matrix. Digging deeper, they uncovered a few leads - the name "Triumf" and evidence pointing them towards a particle accelerator in Canada. There was also info about another company, a firm involved in the buyout attempt, which seemed to specialize in creating rentable nap spaces for working professionals.

The group headed up to Canada to check things out. They visited the nap space, and Crash (being Crash) called in an anonymous tip about bedbugs as a distraction. In the confusion, Black stole a computer from a hidden office. Later, they visited the TRIUMF labs, and Finder used her abilities to impersonate an employee doing routine checks. On the way out, she was noticed by the janitor, Josh.

Later that night, the group was confronted at the diner by Josh, who was actually an angel responsible for overseeing the TRIUMF infrastructure. TRIUMF wasn't just the lab, you see - Triumf was an exile responsible for maintaining an occult matrix that kept the entire west coast from erupting with volcanic activity. Josh had little interest in turning the group in; he simply wanted to be sure they didn't pose a threat to Triumf.

Still, letting an angel that's aware of your identity run around unfettered isn't the best long-term survival strategy, so the group hatched a plan - namely, they engineered Josh's fall. With Josh now a newly-minted demon, the group returned to the lab to attempt to investigate this exile. Unfortunately, they were not the only ones with this idea. The demon, Ms. Athena, who ran the nap space company attempted to storm the lab and take control of Triumf for her own purposes.

It didn't go well for her.

The group met Triumf and established friendly relations with her. They assured her of Josh's (relative) safety and well-being and turned over the unconscious form of Ms. Athena in exchange for information. They also set up means of further secure contact.

As mentioned, Finder has revealed something of her true nature to Cassie, albeit in edited form. She also believes that Cassie has been involved in some extra-curricular activities of the Hunter (note the big h) variety. Some time back, Cassie and Allison were involved in an incident involving the Fae. A friend of theirs reappeared one day...changed. He had been taken by a powerful Fae (who they know as "the Lady"), and their friend feared she'd come looking for him. The group rallied around him and tried to set a trap. It seemed to work...at first. Only, the Lady seemed to be laughing as her form dissolved, and when an explosion consumed a significant chunk of the surrounding forest, their changeling friend was lost. Recently, Finder has begun to suspect that the Lady may still be around, and Cassie is not thrilled with this revelation.

The Occult Club
Crash has decided that it couldn't hurt to have a cult. To this end, he's been cultivating a young woman named Beverly to be the leader of the college's occult club in hopes that he can use her to transform the club into a collection of useful servants. Beverly was granted striking eyes and a magnetic presence in exchange for her prior membership in the club, which Crash folded into his Jack Thrasher cover, under the assumption that with her new attributes she could simply rejoin and achieve high status in no time. The group meets at a crappy Celtic bar that has cheap wings.

The Robbery
Black, in his George Ramirez cover, was approached by a police officer looking into an unusual burglary involving a rather acrobatic break-in and the theft of a specific piece of jewelry. One of the sketches shown to George was an eerie match for Crash's Storm cover. An offhand joke about vampires which seemed to set the detective on edge set the characters to investigating exactly what other supernatural entities actually exist, leading to them forming a plan to track down an honest-to-god vampire.

They might have also broken into the cop's car looking for additional evidence, but whatever. It's not like Black would let anyone realize they'd done that.


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Kate_Iris: "Wait. You call -inflicting stigmata- flirting?"

George_Black: "It wasn't murder. I assure you, I ate them in self-defense."

<REDACTED_Allison> "I just like my friend. You have to ask Avery why she thinks evil is sexy."


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This (and the other thread, of course) got me to pick up Demon for what that's worth.


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This (and the other thread, of course) got me to pick up Demon for what that's worth.
I think it's worth a lot! I'm glad that our game can encourage others to give Demon a try! :D


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Episode 1: In which a car is broken into, Vic and Cass bond, and the group gets to know Jack Thrasher

Spoiler: Show

<BethE> --SCENE--
<BethE> Officer Daley lives in what was probably a middle class neighborhood before the recession and is now a 'hanging onto middle class by the gnawed away fingernails' neighborhood.
<BethE> Houses close-ish together but not so there isn't yardage in front, in back and to the sides.
<BethE> There would be lawns here, in the spring and summer.
<Vic_Black> Does the area seem very... neighborhood-watchy?
<BethE> Wood slat fences and chain link fences trade off between plots.
<BethE> Yes. There's even a sign stating there is one! And said sign has _not_ been tagged by artists.
<Vic_Black> (Infrastructure!)
<BethE> (*stares at Black*)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> i'm in t-shirt and jeans with an old denim coat over it. and carrying some books and a computer. I look terrifying.
<BethE> (You also look cold. It's still Feb in Seattle in the middle of the night.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> ok, heavy jacket then:)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> I forgot it was night.
Vic_Black is dressed in jeans, flannel, a somewhat puffy coat, and a knit hat.
<BethE> (If Black was trying this in the day, I would check for the brain worms.)
Crash_Thrasher is wearing black jeans, a black trenchcoat, a black dress shirt, a fedora, and combat boots.
<BethE> (How late at night are you wanting this?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Oh, sidenote? You know how we stole all that money? I figure Thrasher doesn't have much in the way of bank accounts or anything yet, so he has a couple grand in cash in his pocket.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "did the cover come with the hat?"
<Vic_Black> "Mine or his?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "the fedora"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "his"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Nah, I bought this."
<Vic_Black> "I just assumed that he exuded it from some sort of hat gland that I don't particularly want to examine."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I was just thinking It may have been part of the cover welcome package"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I'm better looking than any of the guys that went into the mix so far."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I think I'm pulling it off."
<Vic_Black> "Depends what you're going for,"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Oh, guys, I am so going shopping tomorrow. Do you guys want to go shopping with me?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I need to figure out if I have place to live yet..."
Crash_Thrasher starts going through his wallet, looking for anything with an address.
<BethE> Crunch crunch goes the snow under your feet. Damn it's cold out here, once the bars have let out and college people like yourselves could be walking home or to a house party.
<Vic_Black> "Hmm. You might be a couch-surfer. You have kind of that vibe."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Huh. Check this out. My student ID is in binary. That isn't right."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "does the cover come with a dorm?:
<Vic_Black> "Mine? Yes, but I don't think the room exists right now."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Well, let's see what I need..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "as...I understand things. They kinda...fade in."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "the more certain the cover is the more reality agrees and gives you the other bits"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I need some work clothes, like stuff for intrusion and fighting. Dress clothes. A guitar and so forth. Textbooks. Toiletries. Motorcycle or muscle car, one of the two. Shoes. Hmm."
<Vic_Black> "So, you scope out the vehicle for hidden things, I break in and make anyone relevant forget things, Thrasher stands by in case we get attacked by shadowy and sinister creatures of the night like vampires and beat cops?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Does Jack Thrasher, to you guys, feel more like an assault shotgun or a combat rifle kind of guy?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes. That sounds right"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "two hand guns"
<Vic_Black> "One /big/ handgun."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "held at odd angles"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Two handguns is bullshit. That only works in the movies."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes, it is. Buy you asked what feels right"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and yes. I will examine the car without touching it."
<BethE> You know that the cop's house is at the corner of the block. And that you checked and his shift is daytime at the moment, so he's more likely to be at home.
Vic_Black is one with the darkness.
Vic_Black is the terror that flaps in the night.
<BethE> The gum on the bottom of your shoe?
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> so are we lucky enough the car is on the street or otherwise visible
<BethE> The trickle of icy salt water that soaks through your sock and runs into your shoe, making you go squish?
<BethE> The car is indeed visible!
<BethE> It's one that is almost disturbingly different from the others that you have seen parked in driveways and here and there where parking actually exists on the street.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (oh I am wearing slightly oversized fuzzy lined boots if there is indeed snow on the ground)
<BethE> It's completely clear of snow. I mean, wow. And the driveway is clear of any snow and ice like someone went over it with a sandbox-shovel to make sure that every flake of snow and crystal of ice was removed.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> first can I make a general wits + occult role?
<BethE> And it's facing nose out of the driveway , unlike everyone else.
<BethE> Sure, Finder.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> I want to know if flying werewolves are tracking us
<Crash_Thrasher> "I would say that there is a non-trivial risk of security systems, including a home security camera, at this guy's house."
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 7d10 for 41:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 3 5 5 8 9 9
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 2d10 for 16:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 6 10
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 1d10 for 3:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 3
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> 4 always 4
<Vic_Black> "I shall check, as is the way of our people."
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 8d10 for 53:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 3 10 8 2 8 5 7 10
<Vic_Black> (Without A Trace)
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 3d10 for 24:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 8 6 10
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 1d10 for 7:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 7
<Vic_Black> (Not gonna use the Exceptional Success trick, though.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> anything bleep as weirdly occulty in the area?
<BethE> Finder - flying werewolves are not tracking you, by any sense that you can tell. Nothing bleeps at you as occult in the area.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> if not I am going to do a walk by while texting
<Vic_Black> (What do I use to security-check? Wits+Larceny? And is there any bonus/malus?)
<BethE> (No bonus, no minus.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> making a last place you look role right as I walk by the car. I will not be stopping or looking at the car directly
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> Wp on roll
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 7d10 for 48:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 5 7 7 8 9 10
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 1d10 for 7:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 7
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> 3
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 5d10 for 29:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 7 8 4 8 2
<Vic_Black> (What are his security arrangements?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> if something is hidden nearby me when I walk past the car I know it. Only thing other than the car i could blip on is the sewer under me I would think
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (last place you look covers about 250 square feet, so the car and driveway fills most of it apart from under me I suspect)
<BethE> Black - he's got one obvious security cam covering the space between garage and house, leading to the back door. There's a motion sensitive light there too, but the type of camera would automatically adjust for the change in light for the recording. (Pretty nifty.)
<BethE> He's got a not so obvious cam pointed at his car in the driveway.
<BethE> Finder - there is indeed something hidden in the trunk of the car.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt to Vic - trunk of car
<Vic_Black> (Hmm. So, Finder doesn't have to get very close to the car to sniff it out, and Black is camera-proof)
<Vic_Black> (If this is his porn collection and a half-full bag of weed, I will be very disappointed in him.)
<BethE> (I've already pulled that.)
<BethE> (I've pulled porn too many times.)
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 7d10 for 39:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 3 1 7 8 1 9 10
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison walking well past it already text text text - mostly to Cass about nothing important
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 1d10 for 10:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 10
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 1d10 for 7:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 7
<BethE> Cass wants to know what in the hell you're doing out when it's so cold out.
<BethE> Vic - you pop the trunk of the car with ease. On the security cam footage, the trunk opens by itself. As Officer Daley already believes in vampires, you are going to freak him the fuck out.
<Vic_Black> (Normally Vic would have rocked the camera, but having this guy paranoid is actually good for us.)
Vic_Black mutters "So, what does it have in its pockets?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison begin to circle block back to Jack
<BethE> Spare tire, jack, emergency jumper cables, windshield wiper fluid, emergency medical kit, lockdown straps for extra weapons, three teddy bears and a very large faded quilt.
Crash_Thrasher broods on a nearby rooftop.
<BethE> The spare tire sits perfectly in the well. Almost too well. Ahem. No one keeps their spare like that. No one _normal_.
<Vic_Black> "Nasty hobbits. Sneaksy."
Vic_Black pokes around.
<BethE> The plastic that supports the tire has an almost perfect seam in part of it. Someone must have been in a hurry to put something in there.
Vic_Black pulls out a multitool and sees if she can get the seam to separate
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt Cass you home or out beating up...er....hello NSA ...beating up star possums.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt stray! not star chamber possums. That would be weird.
<BethE> Cass texts back that she is at home, thank you. And that she hopes that you are not out there trying to torture possums all by yourself.
<BethE> (Star Chamber possums. Next governmental scandal.)
<BethE> The seam gives with a soft pop. Inside is a manilla envelope, the kind with a metal clip on it.
<Vic_Black> "Hello, friend. Oh, the times we'll have together."
Vic_Black quickly leafs through it.
<BethE> Newspaper clippings, printout from web pages, hand scrawled notes.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt no - checking on a lead for something for the store. And freezing. The boots are great the jacket needs more jacket.
Vic_Black quickly memorizes all of them.
<BethE> Three police sketches, the three that Daley had described to you.
<BethE> The one of Storm is rather good!
Vic_Black takes pictures of the three sketches with her phone, so as to be better able to show them to others.
<BethE> Cass tells you to stay warm.
<BethE> Most of the notes are on unusual deaths in the city. Or unusual thefts.
<BethE> There's a clipping about the high rise theft that he asked you about.
<BethE> No pictures of the bracelet, though.
<Vic_Black> "Dammit."
<BethE> As you're flipping through, you see that the girl of the sketches, Daley had once seen on campus 'flying up along a wall.'
<BethE> And that she then disappeared.
<Vic_Black> "Flying werewolves it is."
<Vic_Black> (Oh, wait, Storm.)
Vic_Black puts the pictures back in the same order.
<BethE> (Yeah, Storm.)
<Vic_Black> (and generally tidies up behind her.)
<BethE> Everything is put right back into place.
<BethE> The lid of the hood reconnects with a soft click.
<Vic_Black> "And, just in case he was actually /watching/ that camera..."
<Vic_Black> (Hmm. If I were to roll Never Here in case he was watching live, what resolve should I roll against?)
<BethE> (3)
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 5d10 for 25:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 7 1 8 7
<BethE> No one was watching live, but you are covered.
<Vic_Black> "In case he was peeping out at us, that should buy at least enough time to get away easily and discuss what we found."
Vic_Black walks away and rejoins her good friends the shadows.
<BethE> Jack and Allison meet up with Vic eventually.
<BethE> (Walk and talk?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Yuss)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "did you find a big book with Vampyre written on it?"
<Vic_Black> "Sadly, no. Everything was very... recent."
<Vic_Black> "If he has a Big Book of Notes, this ain't it."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "ok, picture of the bracelet?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "What's he got? Good stuff, or just garbage?"
<Vic_Black> "This is just, like, the stuff on the top of his desk."
Vic_Black describes what she found.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so...a picture of Storm running up a wall"
<BethE> (And a pretty decent artist's rendition of Storm.)
<Vic_Black> "And I have pictures of the three sketches."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and a picture of Storm which confirms the person he saw was Storm-a-like"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Damnit."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Flying up a wall, huh?"
<Vic_Black> "But he clearly saw something before this."
<Vic_Black> "Because /none/ of this would make a believer out of a skeptic."
<Crash_Thrasher> "So what's our next play? Get in touch with him, or what?"
<Vic_Black> "I think that might be our best move."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "well. That is both bad and good. Bad in that I don't like him having that sketch, but good in that it means no matter what he thinks we can assume something is flying werewolves
<Vic_Black> "Hmm."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "hmmm"
<Vic_Black> "I really wish I knew how religious he was."
<Vic_Black> "We could be angels!"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Well. If we got a lead on actual vampires? We could point him at them and see what happens."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "this is going to sound odd. Jack - you do not have a twin do you? Storm I mean. I recall...something about family you were not sure existed"
<Vic_Black> "True, we could work this from the other end."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "could you...have a cousin or something?"
<Vic_Black> "...an identical cousin?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "just to rule that out"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Umm. Yes, she has a family, I don't think there's a twin there. Cousin, maybe. Probably. I think a big extended family."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "right I recall you not being sure how much of that was...in place"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I think it's more likely he saw me running up a wall and didn't realize that's a thing that a human can do."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I am *really* amazing at that."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "no, I mean the sketch from the theft appears to be you"
<BethE> (And without any extra powers or nuthin.)
<Vic_Black> "I was there for that. Crash is right."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so I am...just wondering if it..could be somebody who looks like you naturally before we assume shape changing or..well...movie quality make up I guess"
<BethE> (No, it's not from the theft. It's just three sketches he had and since he knew that 'Storm' could fly up a wall, he's including her in the search. He doesn't have any solid leads as to who did it.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (ahhhhhhhh)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (ok, I thought it was from the theft. My mistake)
Crash_Thrasher shrugs.
<Crash_Thrasher> "I'll let her lay low for a while."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I can just text people."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (Finder knows Crash does the parkour thing)
<Vic_Black> "So, vampire now, cop later?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I still would very much like to get an idea how the Cthuhlu-bracelet looks. But yes"
<Vic_Black> "I would too, but not yet."
<BethE> (You could try to authorize the police station.)
<Vic_Black> (Nah. Right now, we've got him fearing vampires."
<Vic_Black> (So, let's find him a vampire.)
<BethE> (Okay. So, do you guys want to still do more 'tonight'? Or a different night?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "we still do not know he thinks Vampires honestly. But...I think we can assume it is vampires or ghosts from his view"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "because people think Vampires, Ghosts or Demons. Not us. The other kind."
<Vic_Black> "If we can find a vampire, I imagine he'd settle for that."
<Vic_Black> "He's not gonna hold out for Chupacabra riding a Mothman."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> cryptid!
<Crash_Thrasher> (hold on)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> making an occult role since cryptids are totally demon stuff
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 8d10 for 35:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 1 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> 1 woot
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "...I think mothman is real. Or real-ish"
<BethE> You know what Black is talking about.
<Vic_Black> "Makes sense. Reptoids are."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "cryptid. Old boss likes that stuff sometimes."
<Vic_Black> "I think it's mostly a side effect."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> 'so back to the greater plan at hand. You want me to find a vampire?"
<Vic_Black> "Us, but yes."
<Vic_Black> "Does this plan involve bait?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I am not sure yet"
<Crash_Thrasher> (Wow)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "need to pin down a good location. I have a start"

<Crash_Thrasher> "Can we ask Cass?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "She might know something about vampires."
<Vic_Black> "That is a thought."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Remember that bolt?"
<Vic_Black> "I thought that was for elves."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I can ask her. Yes. I was...considering introducing Vic to her again. In such a context"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "it was for ...everything"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "but she did not make it herself. The people who made it might know more about... everything. Cass has been mostly...hitting... drug dealers"
<Vic_Black> "But she didn't make it..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "with arrows...hmm. I may ask her yes"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "the downside is once I ask her..she is in"
<Crash_Thrasher> "We need to figure out how you introduce us to her, eventually."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Like, what is our story."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Might be easiest if Vic and I come in as a unit."
<Vic_Black> "Well, we know what the story is with me."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "even if she knows nothing I can not see how she would not want to punch a vampire. She likes hitting stuff"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "we know parts of it. She met you, she knows I helped you. Did we decide why I know you're into the occult?"
<BethE> (Cass, offscreen: Hey!)
<Vic_Black> "Because you looked for someone who'd be interested in that stuff."
<Crash_Thrasher> "She met Storm. I don't think she's met Jack."
<Vic_Black> "So I'd be more willing to make a deal instead of freak out."
<Vic_Black> "When you needed someone to help you cover."
<Crash_Thrasher> (I think I lost track of that conversation, sorry. BRB.)
<Vic_Black> "So, I agreed to help you, some time around when Cass met me."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "to help out with the store I think as well. What about Jack here?"
<Vic_Black> "He's a friend of mine who doesn't really know the whole story?"
<Vic_Black> "Nor do I, really."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I was thinking maybe your roommate? From that exchange you had earlier"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and as...jumpy as Jack Crash is...he looks like the type who would want to also hit a vampire"
<Vic_Black> "Let's say former roommate."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "...not spooked Jumpy....like why have I not hit anyone today jumpy..."
<Vic_Black> "Jack wants to punch a vampire. I don't want to go that far, but I do kinda want to find out if they're real."
<Vic_Black> "And I'm good at useful stuff. I can pick locks and pockets. Legacy of a screwed-up adolescence."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "They are real. I want to know more about them. Real is...easy. What real means is interesting"
<Vic_Black> "Well, /Black/ knows they're real. Vic doesn't."
<Vic_Black> "And even Black is just suspending disbelief until it sees one."
<Vic_Black> "But I think that story works."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "as yes. Good point. All of me believes in them for the record."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "but I believe in..a lot.:
<BethE> (Finder has a very open mind.)
<BethE> (Is there anything Finder doesn't believe in?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (it fell out last week)
<Vic_Black> "You still don't believe me about the starling code."
<Vic_Black> "But I've gone over recordings of their chirping. There's a signal there."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (yes actually. She would not believe in Task Force Valkyrie like groups without a lot of proof)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (organized human groups who look modern or hyper modern seem dubious conspiracy bullshit to her)
<Vic_Black> "Certain dogs, too. Just because it's made of meat doesn't mean it isn't part of the Machine."
<BethE> (How much did Black freak out from that one part of True Detectives?)
<Vic_Black> (Not much?)
<BethE> (Hmm.)
<BethE> (We can wait a bit, see if Crash gets back. If not, we can send Finder and Black out hunting or talking to Cass.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> well we can go talk to Cass
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> Vic and jack at once might seem odd to her anyway
<Vic_Black> Yeah.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> but "hey I know this other guy"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> can come up
<Vic_Black> She buys this, "Vic's crazy friend wants in too" is easier."
<Vic_Black> (And Finder hasn't told her anything about /other/ demons, right?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (no)
<BethE> (Okie-dokie. Then talk with Cass this night or sometime the next day?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes...hold on"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt awake or out cold?
<BethE> (Which time would you guys prefer to talk to her because either one would work for me.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (either is fine, I can tie it into what I was doing)
<BethE> (Fiat)
<BethE> No answer. So she's either asleep, not in cell phone range, or being held hostage elsewhere.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "asleep. I have class in the morning. We can meet in the afternoon at my shop"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "Cass has not been there...since...well since. I would like her to feel ok there again"
<Vic_Black> "That works."
<Vic_Black> "And I'm there doing some shift-work?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes. Very good. Honestly I could use the help in real real way. Box of books to sort. Been ordering rare books on the Fae and some of it comes in lots of...weird shit"
<Vic_Black> (On a total tangent, my brain will not stop imagining Jack Thrasher as the protagonist from Farcry 3.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> Wyz - we are gonna have Vic remeet Cass at my store. We are then gonna introduce slightly later as Vic's buddy who might be able to help. So as not to corner Cass with two people. Is that ok?
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> or we can tweak it and have you be someone Vic lugged along to help lift boxes of books this afternoon
<Vic_Black> Beer money doesn't provide /itself/.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> either way is fine I think
<Crash_Thrasher> That sounds like an entirely sensible resolution.
<BethE> Which one?
<Crash_Thrasher> Vic can easily enough sell them on the idea of "I know this guy. He seems unstable, and *is,* but is entirely trustworthy. Also, he says he saw some really strange shit before."
<Crash_Thrasher> Introduce Vic & Cass now, Crash later
<BethE> Alrighty. Is there anything that you want to do while they do that?
<Crash_Thrasher> Umm, what time of day is it happening at?
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt sent to Cass after class. Would...you mind stopping by the store. My friend Vic will there on her shift. I would like you to feel ok being at the store now that its mine. And I am looking into something you might want in on
<BethE> They're meeting in the afternoon.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> early afternoon
<Crash_Thrasher> Thrasher is doing cover-establishing things.
<Crash_Thrasher> Not, like, making pacts.
<Crash_Thrasher> But setting up a schedule, living his cover, buying things with money, etc.
<Crash_Thrasher> Arranging for an off-campus apartment or something.
<Vic_Black> Makes sense.
<BethE> Alrighty. Do you want to play any of that out?
<BethE> History major, right?
<Crash_Thrasher> Correct.
<Crash_Thrasher> I don't need to play it out, but we can if you want.
<Crash_Thrasher> Umm, get started with them and if I think of a cool thing to play out, I'll tell you about it?
<BethE> Alrighty!


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Episode 1, continued

Spoiler: Show

<BethE> --SCENE - Finder's store, early the next afternoon.--
<BethE> It's actually a sunny day for once. The sun on the snow is blinding.
Vic_Black moves boxes of books, while humming something not quite distinct enough to make out.
<BethE> (...Really, Sixteen Tons?)
<BethE> What's Finder doing?
<Vic_Black> (That's not what Vic is humming. That's just what I happen to have playing.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "that is mostly full of old diaries. But...the..this one with the covers with three vines and a moon..it is..an abduction story."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> cataloging
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> and carefully noting the books that made each lot worth getting
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I need a new agent for auctions"
<BethE> (Ah. You never know. Though beware when I need to name NPCs and I have MST3K on.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "something I should keep in mind..when looking for people of interest"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (did Cass respond?)
<BethE> Cass responded with a 'k' about an hour ago. That's a very long time for a response from her.
Vic_Black grunts and lifts another box.
<BethE> You two have been working for about an hour when the bell above the door jingles.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt if its too hard for you...that is ok. Not trying to press....
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison looks up
<BethE> Cass comes in, her arms folded around herself. She looks warily around and stays near the front door.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison walk over quickly.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "hey. Sorry...I should have...sorry. I was to blunt in asking."
Vic_Black vaguely waves.
<BethE> Cass shakes her head. "No, no...I need to face this. Just...I'm going to be facing it with tiny baby steps, in the daylight and without a lighter."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "you remember Vic?" smile lamely
<BethE> Cass weakly smiles and waves. "Hi Vic! What has Slavemistress Alli got you up to?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "books. I have..been ordering books finally. I am...looking into...stuff. Er stuff."
<Vic_Black> "Books. Boxes. Up here. Go over /there/. Except the ones with the green marks, those go over /there/."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I can bring you a cup of shitty coffee and a donut if you want to stay up here."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "this...book. For example. It is a diary. From the 18th century I think..um. It is about an abduction."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "...that sort..of. Yeah"
<BethE> Cass goes very very still.
<Vic_Black> "Old horny baron, defenseless milkmaid?"
<Vic_Black> "Why is it always milkmaids, that's what I want to know."
<BethE> Cass: "I think..I would like to have a strong coffee and two donuts. And we need to get you a better coffee machine, Alli, if you're going to be here a bunch."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "trying to learn more about it...but er. I am being um. Food back there I promise!"
<BethE> (Because the barons also had a thing for cows.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "Anton drank mostly vodka. It makes me choke. I tried some. thinking why not...and nope nope nope"
<BethE> Darn, Cass had thought that you would bring her coffee and donuts so she wouldn't have to go into the store farther...
<BethE> Cass sighs. "You have never been good with alcohol, Alli."
Vic_Black freezes when Allison mentions Anton.
Vic_Black glances at Cass.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yeah but it was all there was until I found the cheap coffee machine. Which yeah..cheap"
<BethE> Cass: "You'll need to use some profit on something other than more books, Alli."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison carefully put book down, goes to where donuts are
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "profit so far is...um. Going be tight and take some effort to learn how that happens"
<Vic_Black> "Which is why I say she should totally get a cappuccino machine in here. I would make a much better barista than I would a beast of burden."
<BethE> Cass: "Are you a coffee snob, Vic?"
<BethE> Cass is trying to stay close to the door. She's trying not to let anything be between her and that door.
<Vic_Black> "No. I am a manual labor snob. But the manager at the only coffee place that would give me an interview was creepy."
<BethE> Cass: "Ah, sympathies. And profit would have to go into a machine and syrups and something that can make froth."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison sits at one of the tables in the main store
<BethE> Cass sloooowly makes her way over to Allison's table. Sits down. Still doesn't let anything be between her and the door.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "Cass, so. well...gah...you would think after the other night this one would be easy. Vic is also into...well, spooky stuff. And well, one reason she is working here is that she can help me sort the..weird shit that might be real from the weird shit that is probably just ..bullshit"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I wanted some help who would not think I am crazy when I talk about something as real"
Vic_Black relaxes.
<BethE> Cass slooooowly nods her head in a go-on sort of way at Alli. Glances over at Vic.
<Vic_Black> "Oh, so she knows? You could have told me she knows."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "kinda more than knows. Yeah"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "sorry I don't know how to do "this person might help us find and deal with shit" speech"
<BethE> Cass, to VIc: "So..how are you in on all of this?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "its not my thing...Cass found me the first time"
<Vic_Black> "I... had a problem. Allison said that, if I agreed to hang out with her and occasionally back up her story or give her an alibi for something, that problem would go away. It did. I know she's not... normal."
<BethE> Cass narrows her eyes for a moment and then looks at Allison.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "...yeah and I helped her out with a personal problem. Canada thing"
<BethE> But you are able to look up where the registrar's office is on campus!
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "she wants to help us Cass."
<BethE> Cass: "..so how much does she know about you, Alli? And about me?"
Vic_Black looks appraisingly at Cass.
<Vic_Black> "Are you a... whatever it is? A genie or whatever?"
<Vic_Black> "Too, I mean?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "nothing about you past ..well, not really that much about me."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I said we used to deal with odd shit back when we...were too stupid to know better and it became a habit"
<BethE> Cass: "Ahhh. No. Pretty sure I'm just a normal human."
<Vic_Black> "Lot of that going around. It's an epidemic."
Vic_Black looks at Allison.
<Vic_Black> "Uh, no offense."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I'm still a person...honest! Just...er....weird now"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "but Vic, well Vic is cool with the weird shit I apparently am now"
<Vic_Black> (Huh. Random thought... can Dex+Larceny be used to do sleight-of-hand style stage magic? Not the patter and so on, but the palming and misdirecting and so on?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and well, here is the thing. Vic ask Cass what you asked me and I was not sure how to answer..."
<Vic_Black> "About vampires?"
<BethE> Cass looks a momentary hurt at how that implies that she, Cass, isn't cool with it. But covers it quickly.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (yes, I have misdirection as a specialty. Anton used to to close magic as thing"
<BethE> (Black - yes.)
<BethE> Cass raises an eyebrow.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yeah she asked me about vampires."
<Vic_Black> "Look, I've seen some stuff. I know that Allison is something weird. And I'm pretty sure I saw a ghost, once, a few years ago. So... it made me wonder."
<Vic_Black> "But when I asked her, she got kinda weird about it and said I should ask you. You're..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "if I might be able to find anything about them. My memory is still...slightly swiss cheese. I do not think we met vampires. Or if we did its in a fang shaped hole now"
Vic_Black glances out at the daylight outside and seems to relax.
<Vic_Black> (Hmm. Should I roll to sell the whole routine?)
<Vic_Black> (Manipulation+Subterfuge or something?)
<BethE> (Either Dex+Larc or Man+Sub.)
<BethE> (Oh, sorry, went back to the slight of hand thing.)
<BethE> (Man+Sub.)
<RpgServ> Vic_Black Rolled 7d10 for 33:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 1 4 6 5 2 8 7
<BethE> Cass is sure that Vic is indeed a human mammal, like herself.
<Vic_Black> (We can be mammal-buddies!)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "arghhh. I am sucking at this. Sorry Cass. I am doing this so much with the ham fistedness. Vic asked about vampires, and I thought hey Vic and Cass could actually talk about this shit. Including well...me"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "i figured it might also help...if you had someone to talk to...about. Sigh. Not being sure about me"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I know. very very stupid. Still the same for THAT at least. social situations are confusing landmines"
<Vic_Black> "Look, if you two need to talk this out, I can go."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "thank Vic...a second would be good"
Vic_Black scurries on out.
<BethE> Cass looks at Alli: "Vampires, Alli?"
<BethE> Cass: "I mean..we never _saw_ one. Before. And I haven't seen one _since_ the whole...*waves hand around store*"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "er yeah. Maybe? I think they exist. Vic asked me if I could prove it."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I was hoping maybe you...had and decided best not say. It can not all be...those things"
<BethE> Cass: "The group I get my bolts from tries to cover for everything up to and including Santa Claus. So I know there's garlic in there. But still...fucking vampires?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "sorry for messing this up. Yeah. I said the Finder part of me kinda came with...a bulk data download of...stuff"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "some of that stuff says Vampires are real. But I do not know if its...really real or I just have all this weird occulty bullshit in my head now"
<BethE> Cass looks kind of sympathetic.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and er...well. I was thinking if I do find a vampire I can't leave you"
<BethE> Cass: "Damn right, you won't."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "how could I even live with that. Cass I found a vampire and did not tell you!"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "the stuff I know...its insane. It can't all be real"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so when Vic asked, well..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I thought this is a good test. If I go looking and its bullshit I know I just got this data dump of crazy"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "which..ewww..that is creepy in its own way. If its real...then all this shit I know is real"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and that means...part way to finding her"
<BethE> Cass: "But Alli..it could be like trying to find a blade of grass in a prairie."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and because i suck at this still, this was may way of also getting you to maybe get to know somebody who you could say..."alli is so..weird now'" too
<BethE> "It could be batshit or you could just be in the completely wrong side of town during the annual vampire migration to Florida."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I mean I am not going WEEE talk behind my back. But another person to not keep it a secret from..sounded nice"
<BethE> Cass pffts. "I don't need to share that you're weird, Alli."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so, er vampires. Should I tell Vic she can come back?"
<BethE> Cass sighs. "I...alright, I honestly don't know if vampires are real, but there are people out there who believe that they are and we had to blow up a fucking fairy queen. So who's to say that all of the monsters aren't real?"
<BethE> Cass: "I mean, there could be chupacabras invading us from Canada, for all we know."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "that would be a long way to go to border cross"
<BethE> Cass: "Have you _seen_ how much goat cheese is made around here? Goat city!"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison goes to get Vic
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I am fairly sure mothman is real"
Vic_Black returns to hear discussion of goats.
<Vic_Black> "So, where do we stand?"
<Crash_Thrasher> Vic gets a text from a number she doesn't recognize. "Thrasher here. Add me to your contacts. Do you want to room together? I'm finding an apartment. It'll be more financially efficient and we can watch each other's stuff, but it also puts both our asses in one basket."
Vic_Black reads the text and mutters "Dammit, Jack."
<BethE> Cass perks up.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so yeah I want to go hunt vampires to find out if..well I am now even more useless full of nonsense or this stuff is real"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "something up Vic?"
<Vic_Black> "Would it help if I told her /my/ reason?" *turns to Cass* "You'd have to promise not to spread it around on campus."
<Vic_Black> to Allison: "I told you about Jack, right? The guy who did that thing with the hedge clippers? I think he just got kicked out by whoever he was couchsurfing with."
<BethE> Cass holds up a hand. "Pinkie Pie swear."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "you mentioned him....and hedge clippers"
<Vic_Black> "Look... I haven't always had my shit together. A couple years ago, or close to it, I had a really bad breakup with a long-term boyfriend. Like... like it went really bad, and due to that and some other stuff that was going on, I spent like four months living on the street."
<Vic_Black> "And... okay, so I wasn't in the best frame of mind during a lot of that time, and I'm not sure what I can trust. But I saw some things, and some people I kinda knew... went away."
<Vic_Black> "Now, I mean, that /happens/. People move on. People just die. But..."
<Vic_Black> "And then when I met Allison, and I found out she was... something weird... it made me wonder."
<BethE> "But you're still...worried by them being out there?"
<Vic_Black> "I just want to know how much of that time in my life I can believe."
<BethE> Cass slowly nods. She's been there.
<BethE> She sighs again. "Alright. I don't know if they're real but some of the other..groups in town that I know, they think vampires are real. And ghosts. And who knows what all else. But I can try and put us into contact, get some info."
<Vic_Black> "Now, if you tell anyone on campus that I told you that, I will hurt you. I mean I will really seriously do bad things to you.”
<BethE> "As would be your right."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "..well ok. Can we trust them? How creepy are they? Like have you met dudes in black on black with black or something?"
<BethE> "We can only trust them as far as they'll trust us. I don't meet with them that often and I usually have something to trade, money, info, whatever. And wearing all black when you're trying to be sneaky can backfire."
Vic_Black nods.
<Vic_Black> "Grey and brown."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "...and Vic was this jack as in "I totally know how to shoot a sniper rifle" guy?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I think Vic knows an actual video game character:
<Vic_Black> "Yes. And he's not bullshitting, I've seen him at the range. Even drunk, he is a really good shot."
<BethE> "Is he voiced by Steve Blume?"
<Vic_Black> "Who?"
<BethE> "Guy who does a _lot_ of voice work for cartoons and animes and video games. Once you hear his voice, you hear it _everywhere_."
<Vic_Black> "I... don't do a lot of video games. Even with the scholarship, I don't really have a lot of money."
<BethE> "Oh. Oh, right."
Vic_Black looks embarrassed.
<BethE> "Well, you're always welcome over at our place. Our microwave and Netflix es su etc."
<Vic_Black> "Thanks. That really means a lot. And I do have a microwave, and a bed, and a couch that hardly got rained on at all."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "also I am going...well I am going to be fixing up the backroom here. It is nice to have a second hidey hole. And right now there are things in the dorm that may not be allowed if we get an inspection"
<BethE> "Is that Jack thing something you need to take care of?"
<BethE> Cass rolls her eyes. "No one _ever_ checks under Mr. Hippo."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yeah. its all bright and sunny out. If we are gonna look for Vampires it would be at night. I think. Mostly at night"
<Vic_Black> "He's probably gonna be staying with me for a while. But if he's going to sleep on my couch and eat my food, he damn well help me find a vampire even if it turns out that there is no such thing."
<BethE> "Can he be...you know..okay in on this?"
<BethE> "I mean, he's a vet, he might snap with vampires. Kind of different than bullets."
<Vic_Black> "That depends. Is this dangerous and stupid?"
<BethE> "To the most infinite degree."
<Vic_Black> "I do not know anyone I would rather have with me when I was doing something dangerous and stupid."
<Vic_Black> "He's like a savant."
<BethE> "And not just an idiot?"
<Vic_Black> "He's not dumb, exactly. Just... no filter, you know?"
<BethE> "Yipe. Can he keep a secret?"
<Vic_Black> "He kept mine."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I don't mind more help. More people would be good...it was better with more people. Even..its good to not be alone with secrets. That sucks"
<BethE> "Point."
<BethE> (Hmm...switch to a different scene here? Kind of slowing down.)
<Vic_Black> (Sounds good. Cut to this night?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and I knew I missed something. Cass...do these guys you know have a name? I...know some stuff which says the Catholic Church might have monster hunters hidden in it...which sounds so cliche..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> {sure. where to cut too. Where jack meets with Vic?}
<BethE> Cass shakes her head. "Nah, I don't ask for group names. Enough people around town as so paranoid that it's like pulling teeth just to get a first name."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (where do we want to cut too)
<BethE> (How about we have some Jack stuff, with Vic and Alli, if wanted.)
<Vic_Black> (Meeting the people who know about vampires?)
<Vic_Black> (And Vic meeting Jack?)
<Vic_Black> (Err, Cass meeting Jack.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (Jack and Cass yeah)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Cool.)
<BethE> (You guys' choice.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (get the party back in the same room before weirdness)
<BethE> (Where do you guys want to meet at?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (I think meeting Cass is good, we can figure out what Jack did with the University at some later date...I don't think it's interesting enough to use screen-time on.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Do we want to say that Jack found an apartment for him and Vic, or does Black think that's a bad idea, or what?)
<Vic_Black> (That's acceptable.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Okay, one note)
<Vic_Black> (And let Cass believe that it was previous Vic's apartment, because she totally had one as we human earth-mammals do?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Well, it'll be unfurnished, still.)
<Vic_Black> (I'm sure George knows somebody with a used furniture store.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (But: Thrasher can deal with any number of slightly odd disadvantages in an apartment, but it'll be clean. Crash *hates* dirt.)
<Vic_Black> (It could be furnished by the time Cass sees it.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (True)
<Vic_Black> (Heh. That is one thing that Crash and Black have in common.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Okay, you know how we stole all that money?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (It's mostly gone now. The apartment is *spotless.*)
<BethE> (You two will have the cleanest apartment in all of collegedom.)
<BethE> (So, where' the meet?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (New apartment?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Thrasher texts the address to Vic)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (what's the timing?)
<BethE> (Your choice of night and Vic and Crash can describe the apartment. Vic would have had at least some time to get some stuff over there with George.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Let's say the next night?)
<BethE> (Two nights from the Cass-Vic meet is fine with me. How about you guys?)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (yeah, after bookstore Vic can go meet her friend and I can go get food with Cass)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Sure. Okay, weird compromise question)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Is it a compromise to text Sarah using Storm's phone? Like, is that just "Texting isn't a compromise for anyone," or is that "Hey, why the fuck are you texting the girlfriend of trans-ethnic synthwave artist?")
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison txt to Vic and Crash (who might not see this I do not have new number) - just keep in mind me and jack have not met
<Vic_Black> (Hmm.)
<Vic_Black> (If you aren't a demon, is it something you would be doing?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (I don't know, it depends on how specifically you look at it)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Like, is the action considered generally, okay, dude sends a lot of texts, or is it specific and tied to identity?)
<BethE> (Hmm. Not sure. Is it stuff that anyone could be texting to her or is it Storm specific stuff?)
<Vic_Black> (Hmm. In-character, does Jack know Storm?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (It was going to be storm specific. Obviously, Storm has to tell Sarah something about how she's super busy and doing whatever, she can't just disappear for two days without saying anything. Probably.)
<Vic_Black> (Because I could totally see him doing a "Hey, text my girlfriend from my phone when I'm off doing something she doesn't know about" thing.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Oh, god no.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (I think what we're establishing is that Somewhere in this 48 hours, Thrasher spends two Aether)
<BethE> (To switch back and forth?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (In order to check in with Sarah without eating a Compromise roll.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Yes.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (I'll record that, and we can talk about it in demon rules stuff later.)
<BethE> (Alrighty.)
<BethE> (So, two nights from Vic-Cass meet. You guys are going to meet at a cafe? Or on campus? Or...well, you don't really have a place to attack yet.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (or the apartment?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Errr, I thought we were doing the apartment still. )
<Vic_Black> (Cafe, then head to meet the people Cass knows who might know about vampires?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (But a cafe is fine.)
<BethE> (Okay, sorry, I got confused. I forgot it was the apartment. And I don't think we said that Cass would grab some folks to talk to, I thought they were just introducing her to Jack and then maybe seeing if they can get someone for info. But I can change to going out for info all as a group after apartment.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> its 8:40
<BethE> (Sorry, reaching end of my caffeine.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> lets just have them meet right now
<Vic_Black> (I thought she'd meet Jack, and then we'd all meet her people.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Err, yeah, I thought it was just the apartment to intro Jack and Cass)
<BethE> (Okay, apartment. Finder, Cass, arriving.)
<Vic_Black> (We can do jsut the first part now.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> we bring Cass to the new apartment


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Episode 1, conclusion

Spoiler: Show

<BethE> Cass tugs a little on her jacket. "Are you sure we shouldn't bring something?"
<BethE> (What kind of neighborhood are you guys in?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Umm, something potentially kind of weird, but hopefully reasonably affordable.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "er yeah. Lets get some donuts at least"
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 5d10 for 18:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 3 4 4 5
<Crash_Thrasher> (Like converted lofts in an area that isn't totally gentrified yet, or something, I dunno.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> whoops sorry that was not for anything
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> was trying to test something
<BethE> (Alrighty. Anywhere near Fremont?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (I don't know enough about Seattle to say anything sensible about this)
<BethE> (Finder - you and Cass get a box of fresh donuts to bring.)
<BethE> (Ehh, we'll just go with sensible for college students and not a complete dump of an area.)
<BethE> Cass lets Alli knock on the door, since she knows Vic longer.
Vic_Black comes to the door within about twenty seconds.
<BethE> (Please don't shoot us.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "hellllo" [MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison knock knock
<Vic_Black> "Hey. We're still getting some of Jack's stuff set up, so the place is a bit of a mess, but bear with me."
<Vic_Black> (The place is, of course, spotless.)
<Crash_Thrasher> The apartment is spotless, and smells like something citrus-ey.
<Crash_Thrasher> Jack is field-stripping some kind of scary-looking shotgun on the kitchen table.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "this is...the cleanest room I have ever seen"
<BethE> Cass blinks at that when she comes in.
Crash_Thrasher jumps up out of his chair.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and oh look a gun"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Ladies."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Can I get you anything?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> ok spending WP on this roll
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> this is a micro-expression thing
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 8d10 for 39:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 1 2 3 4 5 5 9 10
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 1d10 for 10:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 10
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 1d10 for 7:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 7
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> 3
<Vic_Black> "Yeah. You should know this about Jack. He really likes guns."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> I look by body language like I have never ever met jack before
<Crash_Thrasher> (Personality notes for Thrasher: Jack does not stay seated when ladies enter the room. It's rude.)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> (I really love the microexpression rule)
<BethE> You totally do not know this man right here with the gun.
<Vic_Black> "Jack, this is my sometimes boss, and her friend Cass. Please don't hit on them."
<BethE> Cass: "Ah." *holds out a hand* "Cass."
Crash_Thrasher steps away from the table, "I'm Jack Thrasher. It's such a pleasure to meet friends of Vic's. I hope you'll forgive me, I'm not used to having guests over, yet."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "nice place. And you're field stripping a gun. I'm Allison. Alli is fine"
Crash_Thrasher shakes.
<Crash_Thrasher> "Oh, yeah, it's a new one. I find it's always best to clean them, put a hundred rounds through them, clean them again, by then you know each other..."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "i have donuts. They are not a gun. I did not know guns were a house warming gift"
<BethE> When out of eyeshot of Vic and Jack, will eyeball Alli that says 'Thrasher? _Really_?'
<BethE> "He already has guns, Alli. You're supposed to bring something they don't have."
<Crash_Thrasher> "But, please, sit down. We have a couch and stuff."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I'll just put this away..."
Crash_Thrasher starts snapping it back together with worrying swiftness and proficiency.
<BethE> Cass will sit on the couch.
<Crash_Thrasher> "So! How did you all meet?"
<Vic_Black> "Allison owns the bookstore where I've been working part time."
<BethE> "Alli and I are from the same home town. We both came up here for college." [MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison stands around nervously
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yeah, and I introduced them. Because I kinda half live at the bookstore I inherited now"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "sorry this kinda thing makes me awkward"
Crash_Thrasher finishes the shotgun, loads it, and sticks it in the umbrella stand before flopping down in a recliner.
<BethE> "And how did..you and Vic meet?"
Crash_Thrasher shoots a "how much did you tell them?" look at Vic and says, "Well, we just kind of moved in the same circles for a while."
Vic_Black just nods. [MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison sits on the couch next to Cass
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so er, ok. Vic should we just be direct?"
<Vic_Black> "May as well."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "so, ok. Ever wanted to maybe shoot a vampire?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "Vic says you might want to shoot a vampire"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "oh and we think there might be real vampires to shoot"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Okay. Well. I guess she told my my crazy story."
<Crash_Thrasher> "That's okay, I guess."
<BethE> (Do you want to shoot a vampire? Or chupacabras down the hall....)
<Vic_Black> "Allison knows a bit of it."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Okay, so, I'll tell you how it was."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I was out doing recon. Two of us, spotting for each other, way dark, no moon."
BethE blinks at crazy story.
<Crash_Thrasher> "Desert gets fucking cold at night."
<Crash_Thrasher> "This naked, emaciated...it looked like a guy, but maybe it wasn't, went up to my partner. Night-vision isn't like what you think it is, but it's pretty good."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Anyway, I was talking to him over the radio, but he never saw him. It. Whatever. Bit him on the neck. Found out later it had killed him, tore a huge chunk out of it."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I shot it. Definitely tagged it right through the midsection."
<Crash_Thrasher> "It turned into a wolf and ran away."
<Crash_Thrasher> "No fucking lie."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Anyway."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I think it's a mistake to say, 'oh, this is a vampire,' or 'oh, that's a werewolf."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Like, I think those neat categorizations carry too many assumptions."
<Crash_Thrasher> "But I know it was a monster."
<Vic_Black> "I just want to know what's real."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I'm ready to take another shot at one. If you can find it."
<BethE> "Huh."
<BethE> "Well, uh...we had a friend. From high school."
<BethE> *looks at Alli*
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yeah...its ok we can..talk about him"
Crash_Thrasher leans back in his recliner and looks very intently at the two of them. Active listening. [MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison looks a bit jumpy
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "he, well, he got kidnapped. By this woman. Who was sorta a story book monster."
<BethE> "He went missing. And then he came back. Only..he had been changed. He said he had been kidnapped by an honest to god Faerie, who had dragged him off to some other world and that he fought his way to get back here."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and yeah..."
<Vic_Black> "Huh."
<BethE> "And she came back for him."
<Vic_Black> "Well, I told you my story, and you didn't laugh."
<Vic_Black> "One courtesy deserves another."
<Vic_Black> "So... fairies?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "and we....well"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Did she kill him?"
<BethE> "And we..kind of blew her up. He cut off her head, though! But, Alli says..." *trails off*
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "we killed her. Or I thought we did"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I do not think so...not sure anymore. I think us killing her was some kinda living story"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "because she was a faerie and...they may make people into props in stories"
<BethE> "But yeah."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "anyway...so yeah"
<BethE> Cass is currently wondering how much Jack knows about Alli.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "all the stories..hah yup all of them"
Crash_Thrasher looks intently at the two of them.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "um. I died. Someone I knew brought me back. Not in a vampire way. Er he was something....and now.."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "I'm that something"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I can't make sense of what you're telling me, about this faerie. We're going to need details. Maybe a whiteboard. Are you serious about going after her, or is this just background?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "we have donuts"
<BethE> Cass is looking at Jack as if to demand that he make something of it, so she can smack someone.
<Crash_Thrasher> (Too the part about her being something.) "Okay. Is that something we need to know about?"
<BethE> "Background. Faerie later. Much later, if blowing up a city block of forest doesn't take her out.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "the faerie...I want to kill it for reals. And certain. Right now I said to Vic we could...find a vampire and see if there are well...vampires"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Blowing up a story seems like a tough order to fill. Vampires might be sort of...proof of concept. Training."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes"
<Vic_Black> "Cass says she knows some people who might know something about this."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Okay."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I don't want to be the bad guy here, but..."
<BethE> (Anyone have some good one-liners to end on for tonight?)
<BethE> (AH, sorry, Crash.()
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "yes?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "Alli is speaking for Vic to you, Cass, and Vic is speaking for Alli to me, but this chain is getting kind of tenuous for me to go into this meet on Cass's word. No offense."
<Crash_Thrasher> "But I feel like we need to put more on the table to convince each other we aren't all, or some of us, just crazy or unstable."
<Vic_Black> "Well, you know my story. I can't prove it, but..."
<BethE> "Like?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I don't know. Vic's the thinker."
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 15d10 for 105:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 9 9 10 10 10
<Crash_Thrasher> "But I understand commitment. And if we're doing this, I think we all need to be totally committed. But maybe we aren't to that stage yet."
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> my eyes go silver
Vic_Black jerks back.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> you can see light and binary code in them
<BethE> Cass stares_.
Crash_Thrasher blinks.
<BethE> "...Alli?"
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> "that is my proof"
<Crash_Thrasher> "That's *unusual.*"

And while the group was talking at the store...

Spoiler: Show

<BethE> Jack Thrasher knows he has classes! He has a major in history! But, as for classes...
Crash_Thrasher doesn't actually remember, for certain, when any of them *are.*
Crash_Thrasher ensures he's dressed in a way that is clean, presentable, sort of business casual. Black dress shirt, black slacks. But a little bit haggard-looking in the expression.
Crash_Thrasher goes to the registrar's office, doing his best to look serious and alert but a little uncertain.
<BethE> The clerk that he goes to first looks up at him, then back down at his computer. "Name, birthday, student ID number."
Crash_Thrasher gives information consistent with what is in his ID already.
<BethE> *tap tap tap*
<Crash_Thrasher> "I know this is a bit unusual, but can you tell me where the student counseling center is?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I think they give free, umm, counseling or something, right?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I don't think I'm adjusting to being back in the world all too well."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Keeping to a schedule is tough, you know?"
<Crash_Thrasher> "I think I'm going to go there afterward. See if they have any tips for me."
<BethE> The clerk reaches under the desk and pulls out a campus map. He circles a building. "This is the student health center. You may need to call them and set up an appointment if you need a therapist. Their number is on the back of the paper *flip* *flip back* If you have an emergency and think you may harm yourself or others, we can get you to the hospital."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Ha! No. Not, an emergency, thanks." Thrasher smiles. "I just woke up and wasn't sure where I was for a little bit. It happens."
<Crash_Thrasher> (Goal: Crash is trying to seem entirely lucid, but overshare just enough to make this guy a little uncomfortable and in a hurry to help him.)
<BethE> Clerk: "Ah. Is there anything else that I can help you with, sir?"
<Crash_Thrasher> (Did he actually come up with a printout of my class schedule?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Wait, I think I forgot to ask. *headdesk* )
<Crash_Thrasher> "Oh! Yeah, that's not actually what I came here for."
<Crash_Thrasher> "I need a printout of my class schedule."
<BethE> (Yeah, I was distracted looking back because I didn't think you had asked...)
<BethE> Clerk: "Oh. Alright. *looks you up, hits print* And remember that student fees and the last part of your tuition is due in two weeks at the end of the month."
Crash_Thrasher looks at the printout, to see if those fees are on there.
<BethE> Clerk hands Crash the second page, which has the fees. First page has the traditional 7 days, 8am - 8pm hours split with sections blocked in for your classes.
<BethE> Looks like you're on the line for $7,000.
<Crash_Thrasher> (Is Thrasher actually *enrolled* in anything?)
<BethE> (Yes. One moment while I pull up your schedule...)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Shit. That is not what he was hoping for. :) )
<BethE> (Let's see, do you remember what year you're supposed to be?)
<Crash_Thrasher> (It would have been first or second semester, at most. The whole idea was that it was a mistake for him to enroll.)
<BethE> (Second semester.)
<Crash_Thrasher> (Errr, to save you the trouble of actually generating a class schedule, Crash will straight-out ask the guy if it's too late to drop some of these.)
<BethE> (Crash - You are now taking History 200, which is one of the capstone courses. )
<BethE> (And other classes, but that 200 is the one you have to take for the major.)
<Crash_Thrasher> "If I'm having trouble with this schedule, is it possible for me to drop some classes and go down to part-time?"
<BethE> Clerk hmms. "You will have until your tuition's due to drop classes or add classes if you can get an okay from the professors. But if you drop below full time, you may lose any federal aid or scholarships that you currently have."
<Crash_Thrasher> "Rock on. Thanks for your help, bro. That's what I needed."
Crash_Thrasher is self-assured again.
Crash_Thrasher decides that this is the way to play Thrasher.
Crash_Thrasher goes to the university library, and sits down with a copy of the student handbook sections on mental health, disabilities, accommodations, veteran status, etc., and also a book on PTSD.
<Crash_Thrasher> And opens a page to wikipedia.
<Crash_Thrasher> Vic gets a text from a number she doesn't recognize. "Thrasher here. Add me to your contacts. Do you want to room together? I'm finding an apartment. It'll be more financially efficient and we can watch each other's stuff, but it also puts both our asses in one basket."

Postgame discussion
Spoiler: Show

<BethE> Godmachine damn it, you guys are going to have Cass stigmatic before she even _sees_ a vampire. :)
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> whats my vice - oh yes deceitful - thats an easy WP
<Crash_Thrasher> Ha!
<Crash_Thrasher> To explicate
<Crash_Thrasher> That scene was going too easy for Cass to believe we weren't all already in cahoots.
<BethE> Indeed, Finder.
<Vic_Black> So, I had an aspiration to get Cass to accept me as a human. Does this qualify?
<Crash_Thrasher> Crash felt like he should create some friction to make it more believable.
Vic_Black is now known as Random_Nerd
<BethE> WOw, lots of stuff tonight.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> no, it was a good call
<BethE> Cover rolls for Vic, Jack and Allison. I'm not sure if the one call from Storm counts or not. Thoughts?
<Crash_Thrasher> I spent two Aether to have a few hours for Storm to go explain why she'd be gone...she probably did actually go over there off-screen.
<RpgServ> Random_Nerd Rolled 3d10 for 19:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 2 9 8
<Crash_Thrasher> Like, we didn't RP it out, but it definitely mechanically happened, and it cost something.
<Random_Nerd> Hmm.
<Random_Nerd> That's a good point.
<BethE> I'll allow a cover roll, then.
<RpgServ> Finder_Allison Rolled 7d10 for 29:
<RpgServ> +-- Individual Rolls 1 2 3 4 5 5 9
<Random_Nerd> Is cover 2 XP, or 3?
<Crash_Thrasher> The cover roll for Jack is, like, two dice though, right?
<BethE> 3, I think.
<Crash_Thrasher> It's 3XP.
<Random_Nerd> Okay.
<BethE> Crash- right.
<Random_Nerd> Then I'm some distance away.
<BethE> For cover roll.
<Crash_Thrasher> And I can't spend Willpower on that? :p
<BethE> I...don't think so.
<Crash_Thrasher> 2d10Â*→Â*[9,10] = (19)
<BethE> Everyone take 1 beat for showing up and 1 beat for lots of stuff going on but hard to pin down Agenda stuff and I'm braindead.
<Crash_Thrasher> Okay, hee
<BethE> Hah!
<Random_Nerd> Cover beat roll's kind of a weird duck. There's no exceptional success option, either.
<Crash_Thrasher> I was hoping it would open-end and I'd get like three or four successes on two dice
<Crash_Thrasher> but no luck
<Crash_Thrasher> success for Storm, too.
<BethE> Whoot.
<BethE> So, commentary? Seemed a bit slow, but there was lots of stuff going on.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> we had a lot of connective stuff to deal with
<Random_Nerd> I thought this was a good one.
<Random_Nerd> Good interpersonal stuff.
<Crash_Thrasher> Okay.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> btw Nerd - what do you think of trying to recruit that cop
<Crash_Thrasher> Crash now has Martial Arts 5.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> oh did we get beats?
<Crash_Thrasher> I can now start spending XP on things other than trying to get that. Which has been the last 9 XP I've spent.
<BethE> Finder - one for showing up and one for me being braindead.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> I am still debating using points vis a vis players guide
<Random_Nerd> A possibility, but I don't want to recruit him until we know more about him and about the situation.
<Crash_Thrasher> I think in the abstract it's good.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> sure
<Crash_Thrasher> Police have all kinds of investigative resources, and we need more humans to round out the cell.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> but I want to start working on a cult network
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> and the kids make an easy in
<Crash_Thrasher> I've started that with the campus group.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> we can offer some fairly nice things to a beat cop that are kinda pragmatic
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> money for their college education as I mentioned above
<BethE> *nodnod*
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> sometimes in the next few session I may hammer out Finder's actual plan for an Agency
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> I need to find an auctioneer
<BethE> This 'episode' is going about 8 different ways at once.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> that is true
<Crash_Thrasher> We need to start a campaign whiteboard thing on google drawings, and start tracking our actual projects.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> would you like us to focus in? some of this can back burner
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> nothing is NOW NOW NOW past the vampires
<BethE> I don't know yet. I think the whiteboard of what all is going on would be helpful, at least for me to keep track of everything. I still need to get info back to you guys from West and/or Triumf.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> we could set up a formal narrative shopping list
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> or just a little cheat sheet
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> of varioud player interests
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> but we could make a little chart
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> maybe list three or four things we all want to 'do" in order of importance?
<BethE> That would be helpful. Besides your aspirations.
<Crash_Thrasher> That's my thought.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> and really we can be all focused on one plot point at a time for a bit if it helps
<Crash_Thrasher> I'll try to set up a format and framework, email it out to you guys sometime this week.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> vampire/theft thing for now
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> don't want ya to get burned out:)
<BethE> Whoot, thank you, Crash.
<Crash_Thrasher> Crash's big deal is making sure his two cover IDs can coexist.
<BethE> Heh. :) It's just a bunch of stuff at once.
<Crash_Thrasher> Which has a lot of parts that you may or may not want to handwave.
<BethE> Oh, another thing.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> Finder's big deal is kinda the Agency plan now. But what I am doing player wise is letting it develop from other players interests.
[MENTION=99612]Fin[/MENTION]der_Allison> So I can build it without it being its own separate thing
<Crash_Thrasher> Okay, so here's a thought
<Crash_Thrasher> Would installing security measures in the apartment be enough to kind of hack off the building manager, and resolve my Spooked condition?
<Random_Nerd> That could work.
<Random_Nerd> At the least, it affects two out of three PCs.
<Crash_Thrasher> That was my thought. Or Allie could be over visiting
<Crash_Thrasher> And Thrasher is replacing the front door with some steel-core monstrosity with a wood veneer on it.
<Crash_Thrasher> Let's call it a night, and take up remaining issues via email over the next week?
<BethE> Night, guys. I think I'll go collapse now.

Next time: The group finds a vampire!
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