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Commitment in Writing

The Internet Fairy has yet to sprinkle connection dust on my system tonight. This may get cut off.

Convergence Point Status Check

Tonight I hope to finish intergrating and updating section 40.0 and the new BE section. I will then start on the Lifeform Examples.

** ** **
Some of you might wonder why I include that in my Blog. Well it does reach a different audience than the thread down in the game design subforum. I mostly do it for myself.

If you write something down, you are more likely to do it. So writing notes to yourself or lists of things to do, improves your chances of doing the noted or listed thing. It is part of the act of writing... the speaking in your mind... that makes it more effective. I have tried this before and you do get some success.

If you write something down where OTHERS are likely to read it, you are 300% more likely to do it. (I read it an article on Pomodoro Technique, Lists, and productivity.) I guess it is part peer elements, self commitment, and possible ego damage if you don't do it (when others expect you to do it).

I can tell you. It does work. I have had a hard and busy two weeks... and I have still tried to keep this up and keep the commitment.

Well, I recently haven't made a statement about what I am getting done, concentrating on what could be next. I was having concrete goals earlier and I was more motivated. (I was also breaking a huge task into managable chunks... also helping as I now had easy milestones I could reach.)

So Here I am. Making statements.

Tonight I will get the basic rewrite of 40.0 done. I will do the Lifeform examples over the next few days.

There we go. I am dreading that I wrote that. Now I have to commit to it. So keep me honest folks.
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