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Move along, nothing to see here....

I could just scribble some stuff down and call it a blog post.

I hate when bloggers do that. You look for a great post and you get.... well anyways.

Normally I blog on something I feel passionate about. Something someone posted was wrong or annoyed me. Some kind of gaming has caught my fancy (or is something that I know a lot about) and a blarg for a post or three about that. I channel that excitement is to a mesmerizing 1000+ words and you are all informed and entertained.

Nothing is setting me off right now. (Well there is, but I can't do a good job on it... so I don't want to do it right now.)

So my normal default response is to pull up something I have previously done and spruce it up some. Some of it could be articles I wrote; mostly it is one of those setting posts. I mean I have over 600 settings/ chronicles on this site alone. I find something that interests me and explain why it is good gaming (or why it is bad... had a couple of those too).

I have rummaged through/ reread about ten plus threads in the last couple of days... have yet to find anything that excites me enough to ramble on for 1000 words.

I have been looking around for other sources of inspiration, but all I have managed to do is pick up a number of game useful quotes and laws. I do say there are some really good additions to those posts, so do take a read.

All of these processes have been slowed by the lack of quality connection at home. All my notes and such are online so I can reach them anywhere... except when the network at home is down/ running slower than a turtle... in winter. So, until something improves... I am stuck with just spare minutes at work.

I am still putting out words. My daily word count is coming out around 1000+ words with all the posts in creative open. I use the various threads as writing prompts. Sometimes I find threads I love and well... spend too much time in them. This one is a perfect example, but I am usually only a dedicated contributor.

I mean given an opportunity, I can write a novel's worth of words. You have all see this. I mean we have The Mansion and The Argon

I have used up all that bottled enthusiasm I had. There have been some good posts recently. Maybe I am still a little burned out creatively from the TransDimensional word thread. I have been poking around previous posts looking for new inspirations. I have outlined some things I might want to do. (I have made posts outlining some things I want to do).

I usually have a post or two sitting out there... almost ready to go... but my emergency back inventory is at 0.

So here we are at 500ish words.
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