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Long, long ago,
on a server far away
there was a site: Openroleplaying.org


Long, long ago, on a server far away, there was a site: Openroleplaying.org

It was there that several of us talked about making roleplaying games. That is what bound us together. We all did it to some degree of success. One little feature it had was a gaming tips. Members were supposed to give gaming tips and they would randomly pop up on pages (or hitting the tips page).

So I did. I had been gaming for decades at that point. I had always strived to "up my game" by trying to be a better game master. I both liked to write and had options, so I submitted tips. Dozens of tips. Hundreds of Tips. They had to rework the database some to take them all.

Thus suggests MoonHunter: came up a lot.

Though for a while there it was "So Sayeth MoonHunter"

The reason this came up was I recently found myself doing it again. Every now again I answer a question or give my process or option in thread. Sometimes I explain my odd answers in a thread. Sometimes I dig out something I posted a decade ago and post it up again, because... why re-invent the wheel? (Okay, I edit them a lot... I mean I have learned to be a better writer over a decade plus I am willing to edit posts now to be better.) I have dialed back the advice dispenser recently, while trying to hone my creativity and productivity. But I did it again.

So that is what this Blog is mostly going to be... gaming advice.

I will also post up some entry I pulled from elsewhere (a place, an npc, a thing, or plotline) and explain why this one is good for your game.

What was the GM Advice that spawned this? It was nothing too special, but it brought back a memory of days gone by and a strange little sepia website I haunted and chatted upon. I smiled. And I want to share these with all of you

So the piece:

Planning for a long campaign, even if you are expecting a short campaign, is a great way to go... especially doing it The Claremont Way: by littering the campaign with unresolved plotlines/ ideas, to be picked up later (if at all). After all, real life is seldom as tidy as a piece of fiction. These points keeps players' interest up, as they keep thinking about some of the littered plot points and what it means. Just make sure to find the ones that players are interested in (or occasionally poke at) and make them happy to resolve them.

Tying seemingly unrelated plotlines together down the line makes the players think that you planned it all along and makes you seem a better GM.
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