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10 in 10

Nothing causes your world to go crazy like a promise to take on a new obligation. Once things gets settle, I will get this into a more regular format.

Today is more of a general blog post, not my normal GM Advice. It is just something that occasionally bothers me. People think they can't do what I do. That is 100% not true. It just takes doing it.

Just Write. You will be amazed what comes out. Don't limit yourself. Just Write.

To quote one of the masters:

“Write a short story every week. It's not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”
― Ray Bradbury

MoonHunter sayeth: "Just keep posting up ideas. It is impossible to write 365 bad ideas in a row."

It is all about practice. It is all about using what ideas you have. Some ideas you can do a lot with, others just seem okay.

This is why I keep posting this post up in numerous places. I wrote it years ago, but it is still valid today

10 in 10

The journey of 1000 metaphorical miles begins with putting your hands on keys and typing away.

Yesterday I reached a milestone. I managed to do 100 significant posts in 100 days on www.strolen.com . By significant post I mean an item/ npc/ ...front page entry, a scroll post, a good sized informative forum post, or 10 lines of significant comments or edits on a post. One Hundred and One days ago I challanged myself and I did it.

Some of you might have noticed there were days I did not post at all. There were other days I was a posting machine. I averaged 100 posts in that 100 days. Because lets face it, there are some days you can log on, and if you did, you just don’t have an idea to post. So I worked it out to an average of one post a day for one hundred days.

Note: This did not include any of my item comments or admin/ moderator type posts - that is just part of the job. Nor did it include any thread sheparding (dinky posts or bumps to get a thread back to the top).

End Pre-Ramble

So now I ask you to do the same.

Sites are made through content, good content, and new content. That is probably what brought you here way back when. It is what is keeping you here. Where do we get content? From viewers like you, to borrow the phrase from PBS.

And some of you are saying, "There is no way I can do that, what is MoonHunter on?" (or words to that effect).

Okay, not a problem. One hundred days is a big commitment. Lets start with something managable. I want you to commit to 10 significant posts in 10 days. That is fairly easy and a small commitment.

Ten Significant Posts in Ten Days

Go ahead. Try it. No shame if you fail, just try it again.

And some of you are saying, "I don’t have that many ideas!"

You think I do? Have you seen some of my posts? Some are just expansions of existing ideas. Some are quite new though. There is something about having a deadline or meeting a commitment that pushes your imagination to new heights. In looking for inspiration in places you never though of or just desperately trying to meet the commitment you can make things that you read and go "wow... I wrote that."

So try it. Try it for ten days. Then if you don’t do it, try it again. If you do do it, then do it again. And again. In 50 to 100 days, you might find yourself with 50 to 100 posts of note, all from doing each section of 10 days.

Your journey of one thousand metaphorical miles starts with ten simple steps.

And the desire to take them.

So take the next step.

End Article

Many people comment when I post this up about a lack of creativity. It is never about the fact "the idea has been done before". It is all about how you present it.

Think about the original Battlestar Galactica. Now think about the NEW Battlestar Galactica. Same Idea. Very different results. It is all in the presentation and the new bits of chrome.

Various superheroes who have been done and redone and done again in varous mediums and under various companies. (I don't want to open the can of worms about which ones are better). Some of these reditions are great, some are good, and fall in the WTF category. They are all very different characters that are the same.

So never fear that your idea isn't 100% original. It isn't about the base idea. It is about how you play it out.

Try a new approach.
Try a new emphasis.
Take something from one genre or story and put it somewhere else.
Mash things together or take them apart to their simplier form.

Shake up that brain of yours and look at something in a new way. The tricks and technique to do this are simple. You just need to use them.

And remember, this isn't always an easy task. It is not that hard, it just requires doing it. Practice is one way to look at it. The more you do it, the easier it iss to do. Doing it once can be a breeze. Doing it ten times, can be harders... but it is just dedication and doing it that makes it easier. If you are doing thing for a specific thread, it can be tough. Finding a conception for a talking gorilla character (preferably super hero genre) is not a simple task. Those of us who have been contributing such a thread often are feeling it.

That is why you should be working in a diverse number of threads. Different projects help you shake up your big brain. You can be stumped on one thread and that creativity will just come out in others.
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