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"Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be gamers"

Specifically PC gamers. And gamers that play MMORPGs or multiplayer games. Because they suck up your bandwidth so you can't post from home. Then they get pouty and complain when the internet is down.

Okay, we can sort of forgive the MMORPG, it is another way to TTRPG sort of... but still.

He is a cunning sniper and will often play shooting multiplayer games with rules like "just the knife only" - and tops the leaderboard most of the time- ... so maybe I can be a proud gamer parent.

At least one of my children is a table top player, even if he does think D&D 3.5 is the best game ever. He is too young to have played it the first time around... he just finds it superior to the other D&D material you can find on the net (and in PDF). Of course, he is a data gamer... so he is constantly downloading things for 3.5 (and finally other games) from the net. (Oh and he scours wikis for information about gaming too....) Luckily, he has picked up a fascination with all things FATE and PbtA... so more downloading... or crawling over wikis. But at least we might have games we can play together without making either one of us roll our eyes or be bored.

So where does this leave dear old Dad? On the couch watching TV, as he graciously gives bandwidth to the kids and his wife who plays various farm/resource management games that require internet access.

So where metaphorically is Dad? Trapped out in the cybernetic hinterlands around the death lag pinnacle (an area of cyberspace with lag so bad, that even doesn't think I am logged in any longer) or where by multiplayer pc gamers goes to cry.

So where does this really leave dear old Dad? Having to stay up wayyyy past my bedtime to post up things. (Since I have to be out to work at 0530, this does limit by elderly bedtime.) Or I have to get up insanely early (see out to work at 0530).

or not reading or posting at all. (No, that is inconceivable... and I know what it means.)

So Dad is stuck trying to do an engaging job and fill in my gaming experience online at the same time.

Most of my gaming experience is online. As you can tell, I like creating things. This stems from my early gaming experiences with TFT's Cidri / Arth (A setting where you have an unimaginably huge space populated by things borrowed from other times and place) and Fringeworthy (where the GM has to make an interesting new game world every two weeks or so). So I need campaigns and gamers and such.

Currently, my table top gaming is restricted to four or so games of Firefly (or Serenity) a year.

神聖的睾丸 ・ Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN That is not enough gaming for me.

Given parental responsibilities, the fact that I live on a scary road to drive (Highway 17 in Los Gatos), and that I have a gaming window of 1900 to 2200, it makes getting to or from a table top game problematic during the week and with my family complicated on the weekend.

So some of you are saying, well game online. Did you not read the first couple of paragraphs? Go, read them again, then come back. Got it? Any questions? I thought not. 我的媽和她的瘋狂的外甥都 ・ Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung

So online gaming forums are my lifelines. It is like when I was hanging out in the local gaming stores or at the comic shops (which had gamers hanging there). It is my location of Geek Comradery. I can give heaping piles of advice, because after gaming for 40+ years... I have been there done that. I can give ideas and things to build up. (Many of those 101 threads form the backbone of a campaign. Check out the last 50 or so in the 101 cyberpunk Cop plots thread or 101 espionage plots or even asteroid mining.

I tend to think in terms of settings and plotlines, so everything I post resolves into something with those focuses.

So now you can read all those posts with a new eye.


Wow. That was quite the blarg. It started with an explanation as to why I was unable to write on my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule like I wanted to. I will get in the saddle and have everything there for you soon.


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I feel your pain, though I have but one sproggling and it is too young to properly indoctrinate as yet. The Lifeline is also a noose that chokes the creative.
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