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MoonHunter Sayeth 20170623


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Yes… mostly

I know some of you are asking, “MoonHunter, Do you really do all this?”

The answer is Yes… mostly. This is the ideal. If I have the time and enthusiasm I do everything in the MoonHunter Way. The details might be a little different, as it is not a set process... but a living process that I always strive to meet. Certain chronicles need slightly different emphasis on things, but the core elements are always there.

Since the beginning I have always tried to prep and weave characters together, to ensure that there are plot lines going that worked for the character. My techniques have improved over time, but the basic process is there: to create a strong foundation for the characters, to have things that they want to do, and have as strong as a story approach as possible.

Most chronicles, long and short, have the full set up, to the best standards I have at the time.

Then there are other chronicles.

Some background: I like running short chronicles that are effectively a “movie” (one story arc, fast moving, and a definitive setting changing ending). We tend to run them between bigger chronicles. Some of these are AWESOME. Others, well… they are at least good.

So, my last Mecha/ Anime chronicle was that way. It was formulaic, mostly an excuse to beat things up with mechas. The bits were tropes that were fairly cliché or just off. Certain players were not going to take it seriously no matter what I did. It was scheduled for 4-6 sessions.

Okay, I was not feeling it. I ran the chronicle with a small packet of premade mecha builds and rules, two pages of notes about the solar system and the plotlines (with lots of white space), and a pad to take written notes and keep track of damage. I made up a lot of stuff on the fly for this one.

The game played out fairly well. It took six sessions to complete because it meandered a bit. Once we settled in to the tongue and cheek anime styled play it was pretty fun. Everyone liked the chronicle. It was not going to win a “People’s Choice Award for Best Mecha Entertainment", but it wasn’t a waste of time and they got to be mechaviolent… which I think was the goal for most of the players. (I got to playtest the Mecha rules too, so a bonus for me.)

So sure, we just did a few bits, a casting party, and there was a “chronicle packet” (which was the GM Journal minus the plotline notes). The packet was all of seven pages long; most of those pages were mecha write ups and rules. Each character had only the core plotline and some vague ideas that might become a subplot (only one of them wanted to use them anyways, he was the secret traitor to the team). But it worked. There was a strong reason to do what we did. We had a couple of good action scenes. We had a wizzbang finale (for most of the players).

So I met the ideal of The MoonHunter way, just not the degree of detail I would suggest.

So Yes, mostly.
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