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Your process, Learn it

One thing that games tend to ignore is something that is brought home to us in the Martial Arts.

You can be quite competent in the art (depending on the school - a senior belt), but you can not advance to higher ranks untill you teach some younger students to a certain rank.

Originally, you think this is just a scam to ensure the success of art by expanding the number of people trained in it and to lighten the burden of the senior teacher and sensei by forcing senior students to teach younger and junior students.

Then you do it.

You then discover you have to think about not only the core actions, but all those little details you have picked up to make the skill work... you have to come up with an order of it all and communicate all of it to these new people.

It changes the way you think about the actions - the stances, punches, kicks, spins, blocks, etc.

Now that you are consciously aware of these details, you can improve you own skills by focusing on those details.

Teaching a skill does advance you skill rating (to a certain point, lets call it 80%).

Academics do this by forcing discertations. Tradesmen do this as well. It is not an uncommon thing.

This was just an observation that hit home for me while I was writing the MoonHunter's Way for Chronicle Creation.

I know what I do and how to do it. I have been doing exactly this (yes... mostly) for two decades now.

I have written it out, in a slightly more tongue and cheek manner before.

It is really hard to explain it to others. However, in the process, you learn those little details that you took for granted before. It made writing everything down in a more formal manner harder... as I had to keep going back and build foundation or explanation... I had to enhance description of certain sections... I had to rename, re-edit, and rework sections as it became clearer that things were missing as I wrote on.

I did a passable job, but I think I could do better.

All of that ramble taken in?

If you want to improve you gaming, you should think about your process. The challange is to write it out, step by step, as if you are explaining it to someone. Take it from start of chronicle to session. Once you start thinking about it and putting it in order, you will learn how you can do it better.
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