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I found something I wanted to share. I found the text of my first full Chronicle Copy. Okay, it was just "The Blurb". Well this Blurb includes some other elements of a proper copy. I used this for my regular Champions group in 1984 (and again 92). This was back when I was still trying to "figure it all out". I had a packet for the game. It was this blurb, some direct guidelines on how to build a character for the campaign (additional powers/ limits, power bundles, suggested power sets and write ups, and auto approval -the defined averages for off, def, move, damage, and on rules how to be better than average in one area by being deficit in others- and so on,) and two pages about the "Secret World of the Outsiders". Oh and a tourist map of San Francisco, where we were based. (I had not gotten fancy and figured out that military campaign was not the best description for a game). I had been gaming for 8 years and running Champions for 3 years at this point. The players were only then just beginning to appreciating the extra bits I did to make the game better (as most had survived some bad old school games and some crappy Champs games with bad GMs).

So this was posted in the 101 Supers Settings thread as number 25 some 7 years ago. It was my second post in a really long time if memory serves. (I eventually contributed 105+ chronicle settings and chronicle frameworks to that thread.) This blurb was copied off the surviving campaign packet, which has since been lost both digitally and physically. After looking around, I realized that the blurb at least was still here.

One last thing. I currently cringe at the writing of this blurb. Odd sentence structure. Too many ( ) parentheses. Mispellings. Oh well. I just wanted to warn you.

Guardian's World

There have always been paranormals, creatures of magic or odd energies, mages, and even psionics. Given the events of 1066 when magic was broken to save the world (Evil was about to take over, so they broke the magic field of the world so they could not "win"), magic was first cloaked and reality itself magickally changed to avoid references to paranomral (the vatican has a special vault that hold real manuscripts that would actually change if removed). Since then magic has returned to its normal strength. (The Victorian Age was when it properly returned), but the forces of The Cabal have kept it under wraps. Even the increase in psionic gifts that began in the 50s and exploded was kept under wraps, as they were indoctrinated into the secret lodges and their view of the world. They key to The Cabal were Guardians - world powered mages (psionics, and even creatures) that kept the world safe and the secret cloaked.

The Cabal noted the number of increased psionics and managed to keep it barely under control. However at the same time, the number of higher powered beings - "meta class" - began to exist. In the 40s, there were 2, in the 60s there were 12, in the 80s there were 80. These metas did not manifest like classic magical or even psionic talents. They are not always timely recruited. The Cabal had been lucky so far that Guardians have kept thing under control. Yet more metas are appearing, even standard/ classic paranormals are getting more powerful.

Guardian, as the world came to know him, suffered an accident. He lost much of his magical ability, but developed alternate broad spectrum psionic abilities. He had been arguing for "The Reveal" the time where the hiding of magic and such would be over. He was dismissed from his guardian circle, as no longer being a proper mage.

Then there was an Earthquake in San Francisco. Guardian, knowing it would happen, had been prepared. Dressed in an iconic superhero costume, he began to rescue people. He saved people on the Golden Gate while it partially collapsed. He rescued people in the city. He worked the entire peninsula. He made sure he was caught on film. He made sure he was going to be interviewed by the local TV station. He made sure that the local CNN affiliate was going to interview him that night. He did an impromptu message via a phone camera and the net for paranormals to come out and help people. A few did.

He knew he was gong to die, assassined by The Cabal, but managed to survivie the two attempts and reach the interview. In it, he explained he had been helping people from the shadows since he was young and that mass death was not a reason for hiding anylong (nobody should die because I did not want to get caught on a phone's camera). He explained that paranormals existed but were afraid what humans would do (citing Nazi's blackmailing Werewolves to fight for them, then killing off their families (thus leading to the collapse of the Russian Front), witch burning, etc, etc). So he asked for paranormals to quietly "come out". He said he dressed in this uniform so people would understand who he was and what he stood for. He spun it in such a way that he did not out "everything" but let the paranormal community selectively out itself.

Some did, many took a wait and see approach. A few "heroes" appeared, to show their paranormal/ meta abilities and help when a meta/ paranormal threat publically rose up.

The approach was working. About 8% of the paranormal community and 25% of the meta community outed themselves. About eight were costumed heroes. More and more public paranormal and meta threads had occured and these outed people (with some quiet help from the rest) managed to keep these events from doing massive damage.

While the sometimes helped with normal crime, most costumed heroes only came out when it was a meta or paranormal threat.

Then a giant monster invaded New York. Guardian flew via plane (because really it was faster than his flying at 80mph) to new york. He engaged the monster and helped keep the innocents out of the way. He did an passioned plea for help, for someone to help him deal with this.

Nobody came. They were afraid of their own injury or the cabal held them back.

Guardian died that day. His broken and bloody body caught on film. His last moments captured as an iconic moment of history.

New York was one of the primary clusters of paranormal activity in the world. It was more than enough. It is said that 85% of the paranormals and metas in the city and areas around stepped up that day. Some put on costumes, others just put on sunglasses and were in regualr clothes. They fought this force of nature and won. Most faded back into the shadows after that. A few stayed for the camera and vowed to become Guardians in his memory.

Thus The First "Super Team" was formed. Others came soon after. The world was changed due to one man's sacrifice.

Superheroes are really mages, werewolves, vampires, (other monster kin), psionics, and the rare meta. They may dress up in costumes and emphasize only parts of their powers, but that is what they are.
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