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Setting: Afraid of the Dark Production
This is a great setting from the least likely of places: [url="https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?517621-101-Horror-Settings]101 Horror Settings[/url]

You are part of a small and indie film production team. You create small films about supernatural investigations. Some of your supernatural investigations are just filimming ruins, museums, and old buildings. You also hit "crop circles", psychic faires, possible ufo sightings, and so on. Sometimes you follow "name" investigators, other times you are following some clueless talent who is trying to be Nimoy and "In Search Of". (Sometimes you are hired to do other jobs as well, as small films do not always pay the bills.)

Most of the time, this should be pretty boring. In fact, you might get a "scooby doo" moment when you have a paranormal event, but manage to expose it as a front for something. Most of your drama will be related to your environment and travels. Your van could be stuck in the middle of X in South America and you could be in danger because of landslides or animals. You could be in a crossfire between drug dealers and federales. You could get involved in a local feud in the mountains. Help solve a murder at a psychic faire with your film, rather than psychic powers. You could be filming a wedding when the X-virus begins to hit you all and the CDC descends. You do a couple of these. The players are going to be used to them.

Then you do it. Hit them with a real paranormal event. Something is "unalive" in the Roman catacombs. Some creature is eating people and them. You have to hit them with something more than just a "monster", they are used to running away from animals at this point. It has to be scary, bizzare, and something they do not understand. They do know they have to solve it or they will never escape (oh heck, they might run away and it might work.) Something goes on. If they survive, they survive.

Those that do survive.. go back to these quiet filmings. Never knowing which of these scenarios really will be a horror movie with them as the stars.

(You have to build up the "Slam the book loud in a quiet room" kind of quiet in the campaign. That way, when it happens, it has shock value.)

This is a nod of my favorite horror series, Night Stalker.

Normally, I would start talking about how this would be a great chronicle and why. This one comes equipped with that build in. It shows how the chronicle should go down... the plotting and pacing. It gives you a framework for the characters. (You are film people.... so techs, camera crew, researchers, directors, talent, and so on.) Really this is a great chronicle seed.
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