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Here is another great chronicle set up brought to you by my continued GI issue. This one is not "creative". There is an old GM maximum of Poor GM's Copy, Good GM's Borrow, Great GM's steal outright. I am a Great GM.

Setting: Paratime
Based on the classic stories by H Beam Piper. Info on the paratime series is here. But really, read a couple, they are out there for cheap.

In the Paratime universe, there are an infinite number of timelines, but in each timeline, events occurred differently. They are grouped into five Levels, based on the probabilities of success of an attempt by Martians to colonize Earth 75,000 to 100,000 years ago; humans, on timelines where they are present, are the descendants of the Martian colonists. Level One was a successful colonization (and only one world line developed paratime technology) to the Fifth Level are those where the colonization failed or never took place (with only some sectors of Subhuman brutes or nothing even vaguely human.). The Paratime culture has advanced technology in a variety of areas, plus secretly does business on tens of thousands of timelines, obtaining goods and services that their homeline needs.

To supervise Paratime, the Paratime Commission exists; to enforce the Paratime Code, the Paratime Police exists.

There is only one law that is totally inviolate: no one from outside the Home Timeline civilization must ever know about paratime travel. The Paratime Transposition Code sets out legal penalties for this, as well as other crimes involving paratime, such as kidnapping and enslavement. Paratime Police officers are authorized to use extrajudiciary means, such as assassination, of both Home Time residents or outtimes, to protect the secret if necessary. This action is at the agent's discretion.

Another method to protect the Paratime Secret involves spreading uncertainty and doubt about accounts of encountering paratimers. In the case of pre-scientific cultures, this is easier; actions can be explained as acts of the gods. In our timeline, the Paratime Police have spread stories which are implausible when investigated; however, the number of stories to investigate lessens the chance of detecting the truth.

Headquarters for the Paratime Police is at the city of Dhergabar, which is the Capital city on home Timeline. There is also a separate timeline that is exclusively for the use of the Paratime Police; they can locate conveyors wherever necessary there, or commandeer private property to locate a temporary conveyor.

In many timelines, business agents working from the Home Timeline hold a reserve commission as Paratime officers, and are expected to activate their powers when needed.

You are Agents in Green. You are on active duty.


This is related to those time time travel chronicles I am so fond of or those alternate world chronicles or transdimensional I like.

Agents are normally assigned to a given region in space/time. Unattached agents can go anywhere. Such chronicles let you as a GM design new and interesting setting. You can do crime/action or science fiction (exploring social situations or what ever). It allows you the flexibility to do detective work and police investigation. You can be spies. You can investigate new timelines. You can be security for science guys doing things. You can rescue work. You can help out Citizens in peril (mostly because they do something stupid...). Being an agent in Paratime gives you so many possibilities.

I might stick to the actual paratime series or doing a setting highly inspired by it.
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