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Go Go Sentai Gamers

I like setting seeds, different kinds of games. There are many ways to write up a setting seed. I tend to do book blurb. I like those. For a brief while, there was a thing on rpg.net. We were doing movie trailers for our chronicles. I had a lot of fun with that format. I tried to revive those threads a couple of times. They are just not easy to do... so the art formed failed.


Now one genre of gaming I have never managed to get work was Sentai. Okay, it is Power Rangers. No set of players ever would play it. I did a lot of work on it. I worked out game mechanics in many game systems. There is an experience track. While some points are free, certain points are triggered at certain story points. I have done story structures for the game. Serious story arcs need to be worked. I have even tinkered with a chronicle pack for a sentai inspired game.


Sentai gaming would actually work pretty well. It has a solid framework for activity. There are a variety of story options and paths you can take. There are some solid pieces in the genre you can use in a clutch. Kaiju give you lots of options, going for power, going for a tactic, going for something that will illuminate a character's development. Magic monsters are hand to keep going without going too camp. These characters are fun to make though. Characters are your normal super heroes, with heroic issues and mundane issues. They are easier to make because you can pick and choose from menu created. It would be a fun and structured supers game.


Never a room of anime fans or full otaku where and when you need them.

Well here is my favorite Chronicle Seed for the Sentai Genre

Setting: Power Ranger Zeta!

EXT F/X: Zalgar’s Moon (Moonlike, with ruins, stars sparkle in the background) Wide View
Cue Ominous Music ala Batman tAS
F/X: 3 Comets streak through the sky.

Zoom into one of the ruins. Tight upon a cracked stone. Up comes a gnarled, wet clay like fist.

Cue Sound of a strident alarm
Cut to: Quick Black Field, tiny yellow symbol in the center (too small to recognized without zoom):

Cut to: Menacing clay and tentacle figure rises from the dust and stones. His eyes track to the camera and pulse red.

Dozens of misshapen monsters rise from the debris.

Cut to Quick Black Field: Symbol in the center, slightly larger, but still unrecognizable.

Alarm stops.

Fade to INTERIOR: Command Center
VO: Zordon - Alpha, recruit me a team of teenagers with attitude!

Cut to: Tight on Alpha 7 in distress.
Aye, yi, yi, here we go again!

EXT: Day – Outdoor Mall

Cut to Minion Monsters cutting into people

Cut to Medium Rubber Monsters causing mayhem.

Cut to Medium Rubber Monsters wrecking military equipment

Cut to flying Rubber monster taking out jets with flames

Cut to INT: Command Center.
VO: Zordon- Belay that Alpha. Against Zalgar’s power and evil we will need more power than any rangers have ever had before.

Dramatic Pause. Prepare the Zeta Crystals!

Cut to image of SIX COLORED ZETA CRYSTALSl beginning to glow. The yellow one is cracked.

Cut to Command Center. Alpha at controls.
Alpha: But Zordon, they are unstable! They have great power but only for a short time before they recharge!

VO: Zordon- Yes, but they are the only way. Dramatic Pause. Alpha, This time, recruit me a band of young heroes.

Cut to Quick Black Field: Symbol in the center, slightly larger still , but only barely recognizable.
Cue: Beep… Beep…. Beep.Beep. Beeeep. Beep.

Cut to Action Scene: Karate Fighter with a red bandana in street clothes defending people from minion monsters.

Cut to Action Scene: Well Dressed Gangster type with a blue tie doing a gun fu series of maneuvers and a John Woo inspired shooting scene.

Cut to Girl in jungle holding a tiger cub. Looks towards camera. Wears Green Headband

Cut to Parkour Expert wearing an Orange jacket going up and over some walls.

Cut to a Girl in Lifeguard suit coming up out of the water helping a victim. (Purple)

Cut to Quick Black Field: Symbol in the center, larger still, Power Rangers Zeta
Cue Power Ranger music softly

VO: Zordon- Exposure to Zeta Crystals will enhance their own abilities.

Cut to: Team in a mix of normal clothes and ranger spandex running across a field with LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS to their right and left.

Cut to Red Ranger cutting loose against a bunch of foes with RED GLOWING HANDS.

VO Zordon: They will be able to be Hyperrangers to deal with Zelgar for only a short time each day before they need recharging..
FX: RED GLOWING HANDS fade and the Red Ranger is surprised to be normal again. There are still a few minions about him.

Though they can power Zords, the Zeta Crystals will make a megazord configuration near impossible and highly dangerous.
Cut to Yellow Ranger working Zord Controls
Cut to Yellow Monkey Zord bouncing against big monster.

VO: Zordon: The Dangers to themselves and the world have never been greater.

Cue Power Ranger music Full Volume

Cut to Blue Ranger with BFG shooting at the flying giant rubber monster.

Cut to Green Ranger with Bow and Purple Ranger with staff mixing it up in close and near combat.

Cut to Blue Scorpion and Green Cat Zords fighting off a Monster.

VO: Zordon - They Must Win, for the sake of the Universe.

Cut to Purple Ranger doing some “magic” with a purple glow.

Cut to Red Ranger “Battleizing” and growing to Middle Monster Size.

Cut to Large Explosions and a Building falling under a Giant Monster

VO: Zordon – Bring the Morphing Grid online! It is Time!

Cut to Quick Black Field: Symbol in the center, Power Ranger Zeta.


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I have a couple more of these hiding around the board. Here is my second favorite one. It is less obviously classic power rangers, but still classically sentai. It is more like Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.

The Hoods - A anime-ish show...

Ideally it is a City in a medieval period. (This could be a Japanese city and somewhat realistic, but this is more anime - so it only seems like it. So insert anywhere.) The warlord who now controls it is cruel and ruthless. People are terrorified. He is using magic to control things. His Goons are powerful and some are less than human. He has "generals" that are hanging around

An old man with magic coins gives them to five young people….

They can summon forth “The Hoods”, cloaks (of variable length)/hoods/face masks, in dark primary colors (Crimson, Midnight Blue, Deep Green, Dark Purple, Burnt Umber). They gain super thief powers (with a touch of monkish martial arts). Each one gets its own magical Thiefsword (knife) and special ability (near inviso, super leap, combat skills, other disguises, ability to open portals/ doors. )

The young coin carriers are attempting to defeat The Warlord and his forces, to free the people, perhaps even restore the rightful ruler to the throne (which is probably a coin wielder). They will soon find out that The Warlord is really the least of their worries. It is the Evil Wizard that works for him that is the real threat to the world. The Wizard and his Demons anyways.

(We all know he will depose the Warlord for real during the course of the campaign. And who is this Yellow Knight (dark mustard) and whos side is he on? (He seems to be really bad... but..))
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Okay, I keep reading that title and the communicator beep or the original theme song runs in my head.

If any of you have a setting seed post (from any of our 101 or birthday threads) for a power ranger/ sentai chronicle, can you post it here?

I know I will.
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The Lands
From 101 fantasy settings

The Lands were birthed by the Sky and Water. The Firsts came with the Lands. They were spirits of motion, of growth, of change, and of destruction. Yet, born of chaos, lives of chaos. The Early People were born from The Lands, like all the creatures that fly, run, and swim. They made songs, and homes, and many things. From The Early People, Sky and Water, learned of Children and Family. They left the word alone. Without Sky and Land's gentle hand, The Firsts played hard upon The Lands. While they did not break The Lands, they did harm. The Early People were often tricked or plauged by the First.

The actually children birth by Sky and Water, the Gods, were lead by the first four: Gaia, Statos, Luna, and Aquan. While the Gods played with each other, Lonely Luna, watch The Land from the Sky. She taught Humanity Spellweaving and other Spirit tricks. She taugh them songs and dances that would be pleasing to her siblings. Wise, she had a path for Humanity.

It took some years, but the path lead Humanity to where they needed to be. Humanity venerated The Gods. They used spellweaves to keep The First away. These both combined to make The First mean and harsh. Some Firsts took the steps to destroy The Lands, so they could create another in their image. The Spellweavers of that season defeated The Firsts, by tricking them and binding them away. (Many other Firsts were pulled in with them.) The Spellweavers of that season knew The Firsts would never stop trying to destroy The Land.

They knew their bindings would eventually fail. They were mortals and the First were eternal. When bindins weaking they would leak energy. The First would only be able to influence the world - applying chaos to make things to destroy it. (There were still Firsts hiding in the world, who might accelerate the breaking of the binding, but they might stay quiet until The End.) They created seven sacred stones, each patterned and danced with an elemental animal spirit (combining two Gods - one Beast, One elemental). When the boundries were weakening, they would release energy. They would smooth The Path to bring a worthy to them... and empower them. When combined, the Worthy would inhabit and empower the stone... shaping it... animating it... and allowing it to fight the giant corrupted forms that The First would make to destroy The Land.

That was a long time ago. The Great Ice has come and gone since then. Luna still smiles from her Home of Light.

The Tribesmen of The Plains, the Dawn People of the Oceanside, the two mountain tribes -The Snowgatherers and The Grey Rocks, and the Quiet Ones of The Forrest are the People of The Land now. From their numbers shall be drawn The Worthy. The Worthy shall defend their world, using tools from "The People before the Great Ice", stopping "Spirits from Before Time".

Native North American Cultures, Shamandry, Wizardry, and Mystic Mecha, against Cthonic Chaos Spirit spawning giant monsters is the designed campaign for the setting. (Deadlands, Mecha/ Power Rangers, Ehdrigohr, and such mashed together.) However you could have lesser campaigns with these peoples, dealing with animals, spirits, gods, and the occasional conflicts with other tribes.


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96: Children of Meinlas

Meinlas, Slender-Gray, steed of King Caswallawn, remembered in the Trioedd Ynys Prydein as one of the Three Bestowed Horses of the Isle of Britain, and in one of the Three Unfortunate Counsels, for it is said that Caswallawn foolishly allowed Julius Caesar to land Roman legions in return for the horse.

Meinlas, symbio-armour of the protodrune Operator named Fflur, able to give its wearer the power to run faster than a warhorse and fight with the fury of twenty men.

Meinlas, weapon of the alien infiltrator Cassivellaunus, which allowed him alone to survive the chaos that wrecked his mission, but left him stranded on pre-industrial Earth.

All these are true. The mysterious protodrune sent an Operator to protect Earth from infiltrators: Fflur the Beautiful, armed with Meinlas. Fflur allied with Julius Caesar during his first expedition to Britain to root out the infiltrators; but Caswallawn or Cassivellaunus, as he was variously known, discovered her presence and kidnapped her when she was away from her armour. Caesar traded Meinlas to Caswallawn to get her back, but this just gave Caswallawn the power he needed to defeat Fflur in combat. Caesar pretended to be ignorant of what he had seen, pretended that he thought Fflur was just a pretty woman, not the appointed protector of this world. He had to - he knew the Roman Republic was ruled by other infiltrators, who would move against him if they knew he suspected their presence.

Caesar plotted an end to the infiltration, but was assassinated before he could stage his coup. His backup plan: destroy the leadership of the Republic in civil war. It worked. Caswallawn, with the power of Meinlas, was the only infiltrator to survive. The mission was wrecked. Caswallawn was marooned on Earth, on a cold island far from the centers of power.

A century later, Caswallawn has passed away. His children, genetically human save for traces of infiltrator DNA, have inherited his secrets, but not his mission. Their squabbles allowed Rome to return, and seize control of Britain. The scions of Caswallawn hold Meinlas and other technologies. They have raised terrible monsters with alien DNA, hybrids with terrestrial beasts - and humans.

But the new Empire has secrets of its own. Caesar took a cutting from Meinlas before he gave it away. The organic armour could duplicate itself, given time; and in a hundred years, it has formed seven new armours. They are immature and uncalibrated, but they are still powerful.

By order of Caesar Augustus, a secret group was formed to battle what Julius called the "celestial druids". Known only as the Children of Meinlas, these warriors must do battle against the threat of an alien invasion which has lost its purpose. Some of the enemies can be bargained with - and some of them have a new purpose: world domination.

You are a member of the Children of Meinlas, but Julius and Augustus are themselves long dead. Will you fight the invaders - or join them?

Here's the pitch: Power Rangers in the 1st Century. Your characters don't have the vocabulary to describe the scenario as sci-fi, and their power suits were carefully designed to feel "heroic" in the classical sense. They make you fast, strong, and can turn into horses when you're not wearing them. They have special abilities, but the suits themselves don't know how they work - yet. With experience they'll grow more powerful.

Not a Secondary Creation fantasy, but it is a campaign in which the players fight monsters and wizards, while performing superhuman feats and wielding swords and bows and such. And who's to say that there isn't a portal to the protodrune realm somewhere...?

For more information, see here: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?803763-101-Gameable-Explanations-for-the-Antikythera-Mechanism&p=21091364#post21091364


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Tomorrow I`ll be playing a power rangers oneshot with my friends, using the savage worlds system.
We are all norwegian so it will be set in a norwegian version of Angel Grove and the zords will be based on creatures from Norse mythology.



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Out of the Box aka Power Rangers Ninja Spirits
PCs work at a pizzeria combination espresso bar. It is an odd place, with the owner seemingly having no brain for business. The PCs? They are a motley bunch, many saying that I am here for just a few weeks until I find my real gig or I am just doing this for my friend.

It is after dark of course. A guy in a dark trenchcoat comes in and tries to rob them. Even though they cooperate it seems like the Guy in the Trenchcoat is going to kill them.

The PCs start glowing various colors... picking up some martial arts skills and some nominal super powers. Thus it will get interesting. The guy in the Trenchcoat will fight very well with martial arts and powers against all of them, but will eventually run out because there are X number of them and does not want to be overwhelmed.

Over time they will hone their martial arts skill, magically summon ninja uniforms, armor, and magic weapons. They might also pick up some other powers, as well as powers that require them to work with another person. (You can opt to be less power ranger than I, but it adds to the fun).

They find out that the Owner's loft up stairs is a dojo (as he teaches from time to time). It also possesses an good sized alien gem... which is the source of your powers (aliens). You need to spend time near the gem to keep your powers/ alien strong.

The enemies for the season/ story arc are actually "aliens" who possess people. Those that are overshadowed have enhanced abilities, and the stronger ones that havae held a victim long enough, can mutate themselves into a more powerful form - kaiju. Your powers come from the same type of alien, but yours are not going to dominate anyone, just lend them powers and skills. (most of the time. After all you might "pick up" an irrational need/ attraction from your alien inside... I don't know why, but we have to try and recruit the scorpion girl, to save her from the Evil.)

Note: as a twist, monsters are not "made ginormous" after you defeat them. Your kaiju come in human size or monster size, so they use the giant monsters/ daikaiju as a distraction or to find certain hidden items around the region. Eventually you will form glowing gigaspirits that function as "zords" daikaiju fighting machines.

Eventually, you will stop them and break their main gemship. However, there will be "left overs" that will need to be dealt with for a few seasons.
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