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Setting: The Argon

There are so many ideas out there. Writers, artists, gamers, all generate ideas for settings, for characters, for plotlines, for various cool bits that push it that bit beyond. Many of these things are wondrous... awe inspiring... and more adjectives than I can conveniently type. Some are less so. Still it is not just the ideas, it is all in the execution of said ideas that determines if the story/ game/ video reaches its potential. Some people do a great job; some do a half ass job.

Star Lost has some great story bones. If you heard what the show was supposed to be like, you would want to see it. It would of been great. It would of been ahead of its time.

Then you had The Show the Way it Was.


It was practically my first introduction to the Lost Colony Ship genre that was very big in the 60s/ 70s. I eventually read all the classics (which may or may not of been considered classics in the early 70s). I read a great deal of lost colony fiction too.

There was even an early RPG that touched the Genre: Metamorphosis Alpha. I will come back to that. You might of wondered why I said "sigh" if I like that genre so much.

Star Lost was badly executed. The stories never met the potential. The effects made the Early Dr Who episodes F/X look incredible, in comparison. The great story line was lost to budget issues and a writer's strike. The acting was wooden. The director and camera crew should be taken out back by the wood shed and beaten. (Having read the history of the show, it all makes sense... but oy.)

Great Idea, badly done. It was something I really, really, wanted done well.


So I am a gamer and have been since the dawn of the era. You would of thought Metamorphasis Alpha would of been "THE GAME FOR ME".


No, it was not a bad game. It was not certain a great game. It was just "a game." It hit most of the genre elements, but not all of them. Like all early games, it requires the GM to have an intuitive feel for the setting and genre right from the start. You need to add things, delete things, and realize you had to customize it. It was an old school game.

Every Metamorphosis Alpha game I ever played in was a disappointment to me. At best, it was D&D with a different monster and powers list. We would be delving into a section of the Warren, questing for the magic dohicky to save the ship. At worst, it was a sandbox with crappy toys in it, with players who didn't get what we were doing or why. So my experience with the game was sad. (And don't get me started on Gamma World).

In 2008 I had a case of writers block so bad, that throwing myself in front of a bus seemed like a viable option. I could not write on my game. (So much so that I eventually did a rewrite of what I had rewritten.) The Novel was an utter failure. The second novel that became a novella, then a short story, and eventually kindling. I had to finish something. Anything. So when I have writer's block, I tend to work on other projects... something fun. It is the reason why there are a bunch of setting books ready to go for my game system... just update to the new rules.).

I had to finish something.

So I had an idea. Actually I had two. One was loosely based Darkover. One went back to my sci-fi roots and was a lost colony. (I was surfing the net and saw a picture of the Star Lost's Ark. It all just clicked. I started doing a setting riff on it here on RPG.NET. I tagged it as a Metamorphosis alpha game because that was the game that most players associated with the genre. (To be honest, they would of played it in it as well.) The writer of the new and old Metamorphosis Alpha edition gave me an "attaboy" for the project.

I took the good ideas and story bones that made up the show and ran with them. I could do it better.

For over a year and 216 posts- I worked on the setting. I outlined. I revised. I presented ideas. I took in questions and responses.

I was going to finish the dang thing or die trying. To be honest, I came to hate the albatross that the Argon thread became. It was long, complicated, but needed all the data because of the scope of the project. It took away time from writing my game (because around post 110 I sort of broke my writers block.) But eventually, I finished it. If you read everything in that thread you will have everything you need to run the thing except maps, including chronicle/story arc notes.

So if you have a couple of hours, and I do mean a couple of hours, you should read the thread.

Here it is. In all its Glory. The One. The Only. The Argon.
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