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Spell Book, Setting Element Example

This Friday post was called for lack of internet.

To keep you amused... let me pull something from the spell book thread.

There is a reason behind this. Like always I will eventually explain why these are notable.

21) The Yellow Journal of Myan
260 pages, illustrated, scribed by the Wellman Scriptorium.

One of three journals attributed to the great mystic Myan Wellspring. Myan documented all his mystical observations and experimentation. His notes, which are a mystic language all their own, will teach a mystic everything they need to know (except actual spells) to be a mage of the 5th to 10th rank. (skill rank of 75%, but requires at least the 45% score to learn from it). The notes will help a mystic to develop their own general spells of that rank (+25% research).

Most copies are made with a yellow cover and carefully transcribed. Mystic vision is required to get the most from the book.

22)The Grey Journal of Myan
400 pages, illustrated, scribed by the Wellman Scriptorium.

This is the spell books that many learn from. There are copies upon copies to learn each spell by rote (but you need to have the base skill to learn the spell effect). Each spell has a section of theory and important associations, then the actual spell with gesture, incantation, and material component options. These spells were transcribed from his working journal (the Green Journal... which has been lost in its entirety for nearly 150 years.... however excerpts of it survive in the work of Myan and several of his apprentices).

23) Green Journal of Myan
The big mcGuffin for this world. It would have so much magical theory (to 125%), a couple of dunegon maps a few dozen spell that are not normally known, and some other useful mystic bits.

Lets exclude the fact that these are not standard spellbooks to simply give players new spells. This makes the more interesting, but not the point of this piece.

There has been one thing that has always bothered me in most fantasy games and a lot of fantasy fiction. Magical things just appear. Nobody knows who made them or why someone made them. So one should add a creator, either their real name or what we call them.. or make them members of some group. These bits of history or "chrome" can add verisimilitude (a feeling of realness) and detail that make you look like a superior GM. GRR Martin is great at this. It is not just nice lace, but Myrish lace. (And, he tells you when it is substandard normal lace.) Those little details, which seem like throw aways, stick in the mind of the players. You keep using it, and it gives the chronicle a consistency. You actually have other things tie to it (This is the famous tower of Myan ) and it forms connections. These all build up the world. So spend a few moments. Give objects of interest 30 seconds worth of history... and keep using it... it will improve you game.

Note: Did you notice The Cs in use? Simple ideas you can impliment to improve your chronicle setting.
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