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How fast can you game?

I am dodging bad internet once again. I feel like an old school video game character being played by a new player... hopping for my life, hoping to make it through. (Wait is that a barrel? A giant ape?)

I want to write. I just don't know what I can do in the short time?

I have lost connection twice already. So lets talk about speed playing.

How fast can you game? I want to game as fast as the movies that inspire my games.

Action sequences in movies are fast, furious, and did we mention fast. They are exciting moments that most gamers are looking forward to. Yet combat in most games is slow, ponderous, and takes up wayyy to much game time. Gamers tend to blame the game systems. It is not the System, it is the group.

I have blathered on this subject before. I have seen combats in simple games go on and on. I have seen Rolemaster combat (a game that is complex and chart bound) run like silk and as fast as the wind. It is the players.

Really, it is players ready to make decision. They have to be playing attention to the game and what is going on. They need to know the specific questions to make their choices.

They need to make decisions quickly. Heroes are decisive; emulate the heroes. I often have cue cards for various action options. When I am in need of a choice, I sometimes yank an action cue card (and it comes with descriptions of the action.) and do that.

It is players who know their rules for their characters. You have one character. You know its skills. You know it spells. Learn how to use them. Riffing on situations is the best way to get this. Think about what you have and how to use it. Then when a similar situation comes up, do that.

It is players who know their die rolls and the modifiers for their damage and situations. I often have them on the action cards. I also figure all my number ahead of time (then adjusted for the situation), so I can just roll when the GM gives me the nod.

One last bit that is helpful:

Be a combat buddy. Every player should have someone sitting next to them to help count up dice, help with numbers, and help remember their initiative. Two of you working as a team can be even better players. (You two can quietly talk about tactics between turns, so you can look for cool moments.)

Remember, everyone should work together to having as much fun as possible. So help each other. Help the GM. Try to make it fun and cool and awesome.

Remember, get more action in.

So play fast. Play fun. And Get more action in.


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I have an original rant on this subject..... It is found [url="https://strolen.com/viewing/Running_Tactical_Scenes_at_Lightning_Speeds_with_Many_Players] here on Strolen's[/url]. It has some more detailed advice on how to play tactical scenes at lightning speeds, no matter how many players.

And trust me. I ran Champions with 18 people on a weekly basis (and 12 people). I ran 32 people in Bureau 13 (that group averaged around 16). I have done this a lot. There is a lot to put together for big groups. Once you have done this a couple of times, you learn how to make it better.
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