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It seems the internet fairy has decided not to sprinkle pixel dust on our cables. We are lacking any form of internet at home. My computer gamer is experiencing the joy of story mode for most of his games. My table top gamer is actually reading all that stuff he downloaded. And I am... not blogging at home.

Today has been very quiet at work, so I am getting a few composed thoughts down right now.

One thing I have been doing recently is using the blog for one of my internal uses. I tend to post similar answers to similar questions. I go search for what I wrote before and copy the bulk of it down as the new asnwer. In fact, I just wrote a blog post on this very subject. So one of my internal uses for the blog is to make it easier for me to find this information on the site. (In fact, I search this site so often, that site:forum.rpg.net comes up on my chrome browser anytime I type an "s").

So I noticed that I had done this three times in the last day or so. So, while I hope the blog is useful for all of you... and will continue to be so... it has served my purpose quite admirably .

Those three thread?

GM Prep techniques

Dialog and Exposition Pre-written or off the cuff
This is interesting. I should address this some more in the Blog.

The Ones That Got Away Favorite Campaigns That Never Happened

On this last one, I pulled the post on Sentai gaming and the bulk of the Zeta Ranger Post.
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