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MoonHunter Sayeth 20170922


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I need a rant or something.

I don't have anything interesting to go on about. Well it might be interesting... but for right now, here is what I am working on

I am working on the Realm, recently. I am working on fixing that by clarifying and updating the core elements of the setting.

I am working on this world set that someone else wants...
101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse. Right now it is just worlds that could be, but I need to expand the worlds from my Wanderers setting, which you all saw pieces of in the Interdimensional City Thread. Right now I just put a few things in it to keep it up.

I am working on Convergence Point again. This dove tails with the other two things I am working on. Because both of the upper two projects work with Convergence Point.

So I am getting back into the game and its rewrite. I am reworking on the lifeform section (I have had problems with it... as you have seen here and here.

I am dialing back my other writing commitments... I would like to get things done. So The Blog and an occasional thread. We will see how this will work.
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