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Waunderer's Way

First - Status Check
The struggle has been to find a biologic elements section - allowing me to knock down the page count from 55 to 45 pages to a 30-39ish pages section. The reduction should be in the number of biologic elements and their format. The problem is that I have several genres of creatures to support... from regular animals, to fantasy monsters, to alien creatures, to Star Trek Glowing Hate Monsters, to Kaiju, to other intelligent species. It is a tool kit game for any genre/ transdimensional play - so it has to handle just about everything. The new structure has knocked 5 key sections that were 13.6 pages down to 7.9 . This is the attack, consumption, defense, movement, respiratory categories. I am under target.

Waunderer's Way
This is the default setting behind my RPG

Waunderers are temporally or dimensionally displaced people, beings who travel (sometimes involuntarily) between worlds (the spheres). Possessing an alien artifact they do not understand and can not really control, Waunderers stumble through the multiverse (The *Verse). Some Waunderers are only looking for their home; while others look for adventure or knowledge. While bouncing through the *Verse, Waunderers experience all it has to offer: the joys, the sorrows, the various painful deaths. If a Waunderer can survive all of this, it will find his, her, or its, place in the *Verse.

The major part of a Waunderers campaign is traveling between spheres. The characters can experience a near infinite number of peoples and places. Every new sphere is a new challenge. Not only must the troop survive any direct hazards, it must quickly learn about the sphere, do what it can to fit in long enough for the troop to do its business. This can be easy with spheres based on familiar places. Not every sphere will be familiar or friendly.

If just moving between spheres was not enough, troops find themselves tossed by probability. This will frequently lead them to Points of Events (PoEs). A point of event is an important place, time, and happening, for a sphere. Characters will often find themselves in embroiled in events and rubbing shoulders with important people (for the sphere). Imagine arriving in the middle of a revolution, a mob war, or a royal court on the brink; meeting frustrated inventors and artists about to change their world; merchants about to make a killing on a new trade route; or religious leaders who have gathered a large following. All this and trying to survive a new sphere too. It is not as easy as it sounds, even with Waunderer tricks.

There are others who are traveling the spheres or know about waunderers. They will have their own interests and the troop’s mere presence might interfere with those. They know your secret and your tricks won’t work on them.
Note: Displaced people normally occur where there is a weak point in the fabric of the *Verse. Waunderers call the phenomena "falling though the curtain". (There is a documented case of a man walking around a carriage in front of witnesses and not emerging from the other side. He fell through a floating weak point). A displaced (D-displaced or T-displaced) person is stuck on their new sphere. Many do quite well on their new sphere. Most of them find themselves in a point of event, where the sphere is at its most interesting. (If you find one waunderer around a point of event, you can bet there are others.) Most of these displaced people are not waunderers. Waunderers are lucky enough to find some mechanism of dimensional travel. A D-matrix is the accepted mode for a Waunderers campaign. Characters either stumble over a D-matrix or fall in with a group that has one. Once they can travel, they officially become Waunderers.

* * * * *​
A D-matrix is the most important prop in a Waunderers campaign. They appears (97% of the time) as small 20 sided polyhedrons (1d20) that are either a translucent smoke gray crystal or a jade like substance. The D-matrix was the Swiss army knife of the Others.

* * * * *​
The *Verse is the sum of all existence, from the most mundane of spheres to the highest spiritual planes. Every thing that is remotely possible does exists somewhere in the *Verse. Every line of existence branches from the prime. Lines that are actually strong enough to exist materially become spheres. Each sphere is a unique combination of base energy forms: matter, energy, pattern, and probability. Certain combinations have a strong synergy, creating waves of probability. The more basic energy the line of existence has, the stronger the waves. These waves influence other lesser lines of existence. They fall into a similar combinations: similar but different. The Earth is a powerful line with many nodes. Most of the spheres “near” it in the *Verse are alternates based on it. Even the dreams of those of Earth influence the lines around it. A given area of the *Verse is a symphony, and around hear it follows the line of music that is Earth.

* * * * *​
As for those "other people", While waundering though the *Verse, the Waunderers will encounter many different people and groups. If the troop makes a disastrous mistake in dealing with the natives, they just have to survive long enough to travel out. However, there are other beings who travel through the *Verse. They normally belong to some *Verse spanning organization. The choices the troop makes in dealing with them can have far reaching impact on the campaign.

The Clans: The Clans originated from several waunderer troops banding together in a loose alliance for mutual protection and shared resources. They have grown over the millennia into large extended social organizations. Each clan has a different totem symbol, clan structure, ideals, stereotype, and hidden secrets. The clans basically cooperate with each other. They work to keep the existence of the *Verse Travel secret from those who do not know about it. This keeps the *Verse safe and gives them an edge over those who do not know of its existence. Overseeing the clans is an inter clan council. (The Patrol has an honorary seat on that council.) There are eight major clans with three representatives each and about thirty lesser clans of one seat each.

Deamoni: The Deamoni are a race of near entities that are immortal and have natural dimensional sense. Most have the travel trait, but some walk Roadways or use D-matrixes. The Deamoni (a meta race) are wildly variable in appearance. (They choose a permanent appearance in some ritual of adulthood). While they tend to humanoid (and human like in appearance), they can look like just about anything vaguely organic. Each one is unique. They are traders, explorers, and thieves. Their motives are their own. They keep no mortal council.

The Family: Transdimensional organized crime. The family is an offshoot of the Clans. While not the greatest threat to the Continuum, their illegal smuggling operations can cause small disruptions in the *Verse. Their major sources of business are transporting people between spheres to avoid prosecution, slaving, stealing artifacts, illegally importing technology which can disrupt a world's way, and transporter theft.

Local Conspiracy: There are secret organizations on certain spheres that are aware that waunderers exist but do not travel themselves. They uses the waunderer’s equipment and skills for their own purposes. These organizations sometimes have hidden contact with *Verse wide organizations (the Ones in Black, the Family, or the Patrol).

Ones in Black: They are a mystery to all those who know of them. On every sphere, the Ones in Black exist in some form. They are the mysterious hunters of the secret. Theories about them abound: a vast secret organization spanning the *Verse; demi-urges, spiritual creatures, attempting to hold back cosmic knowledge from the lesser souls; things spawned by D-stress to protect the spheres, or the tortured souls of the Others who have been dammed to correct the mistake of opening up the *Verse. No matter why they are, what they do is fairly constant. The Ones in Black maintain the way (the status quo) of the sphere, neutralizing things that would upset that balance. They neutralize, capture, or destroy the unusual, while maintaining a veil of secrecy and lies around all things mysterious and paranormal for each sphere. They act in secret; sometimes directly, sometimes through other organizations misled by them. They can appear perfectly normal, men in black suits with dark sunglasses and guns, to the extreme, ghostly dragon riders with red glowing eyes and flaming swords. They always fit the context and mythology of the sphere. No matter what form they take, their presence can cause fear and they can are extremely difficult to kill (though often not hard to stop). Other common capabilities are enhanced physical abilities, regeneration, odd technologies, and the ability to sense the recognition factor in Waunderers. This combination is what makes them very dangerous. No one know why they exist, just that they do. Their favorite prey is new Waunderers.

The Patrol: This is the mega organization which maintains and polices the *Verse. Several places in the Continuum have spawned organizations which have created small local patrols. These organizations have effectively merged into the patrol as we know it now. They are a police force of sort, with ideals similar to Star Trek's Federation. The Patrol monitors the *Verse, with its agents acting both as stationary watchers and roving patrol agents. They maintain the order of the spheres in the *Verse and prevent any disruptions which would endanger the Continuum. The Patrol works with the Clans to prevent this from happening. The Clans are not as concerned with this as the Patrol, who they think of as rigid and officious. They travel by D-cycles and transporters.

I made some setting posts in several threads that are applicable to Waunderers. I have done a world for this setting as well.

More on Waunderers here
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