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Waunderers Way Continued
Clans and Orders

Status Check
While I have written some on Section 40/ Lifeforms in the intervening days, sleep was more important that writing commitment. You see, we have a new rescued Siberian Husky to go with our old rescued Siberian Husky. The new one is two and a half years old and was never house broken. She wants to go pee 1 to 2 times a night (and I only have 5-6 hours of scheduled sleep). And she does not know how to get the attention of anyone who is not asleep (cold nose to face) to go pee the rest of the day. So. Sleep Deprivation. Maybe this weekend I will get more done.

I still can not access my core work at my place of employment, thus it is hard to do rewrites and edits here. This includes Realms material. I can however, just write on other things.

101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse. I am throwing some sphere and realm ideas for Waunderers worlds at this thread.

The Clans:

The Clans originated from several waunderer troupes banding together in a loose alliance for mutual protection and shared resources. They have grown over the millennia into large extended social organizations. Each clan has a different totem symbol, clan structure, ideals, stereotype, and hidden secrets. The clans basically cooperate with each other. They work to keep the existence of the Continuum secret from those who do not know about it. This keeps the *Verse safe and gives them an edge over those who do not know of its existence. Overseeing the clans is The Council (which includes Clans, Orders, and Companies) which often follows The Steering Council. (The Patrol has an honorary seat on that council.) There are eight greater clans with three representatives each and about thirty lesser clans of one seat each.

Greater Clans

Crystals: Scholars: These are those who explore and study the *Verse and all it contains. This clan gathers information, studies cultures, languages, and artifacts, all in the attempt to know everything. While stereotyped as aged robed scholars, they also have many dashing explorers and wily scouts. They travel by transporter, Gate, D-matrix, and D-cycle.
Crystal Scholar: KNW, F-KNW, DED or EDU
Crystal Explorer: TDE, ATH, KNW, L-DEC or SCI
Crystal Technician: SCI, L-KNW, DED, CON

Dragons: Mages/Psis: This group plums the metaphysical nature of the spheres. The Dragon's Citadel in Otherwhen is the premiere institution of metaphysical/ magikal/ psionic/ matrix/ power channeling teaching in the *Verse. They are always searching for new information and techniques. (They are very politically active, tending to run worlds with very conservative political structures (crowns and/or feudals). They travel by Transporter, Gate, D-matrix, and Plaque.
Dragon Mage: POW, KNW, TDE
Dragon PSI: PSI or POW, FOC, TDE
Dragon Senior KNW, STA, INF, DED, L-TDE (Power and other AoEs from previous Archetype.)
Dragon Venandi (Hunters) COM+ATH+TDE+L-POW MA could be substituted
Dragon Custode (Watcher) PER+KNW+TDE+DED+L-POW

Dolphins or Dolphines: Aquatics: This group is made up of the waunderers which are aquatic or live in and around the ocean. This group embraces aquatic barbarians and hi tech ocean farmers. All they have in common is a love of the ocean, what ever ocean they have. They travel by Transporter, D-matrix, and Ships with D-drives built in.
Dolphin Salior: ATH, CFT, TDE, SEA (if being used)
Dolphin Diver: L-ATH, L-SCI, CFT, TDE, SEA (if bieng used.)
Dolphin Artist: ART, PRF, TDE, SEA (if being used)
Aquatic Genesculpt: Gills (1), Resistant Cold/ Pressure (2), Minor Echolocation (1), Increased swimming speed (1)Vunerable to UV (both as dazzle and damage) (-1), Unusual Looks (larger/broadner nose, gills, minor webbing) (-1) .15x

Panthers: Refugees: These are people who have lost their home or their way. Those who have suffered a great lost are usually accepted into this clan. The group will often rescue doomed peopled by taking them into the *Verse. They travel by D-matrix, Gates, and Mist
Panther Gypsy: TDE, GUL, L-POW, CFT.
Panther Nomad: TDE, TEC, SUR, L-PLT, COM
Panther Rescuer: ATH, VHL, PER, TDE
Panther Farmer: CFT, COM​

Raptors: Merchants: They make money and power. They do so through trade, manufacturing, and gaining natural resources. They are the organizational geniuses of the clan. They are the de facto leaders of the Clans, a point occasionally disputed by the Wolves. They travel by transporter, Gate, D-matrix.
Raptor Merchant: INF, BUS, LAN, TDE
Raptor Manager: INF=F-INF, BUS, S/T
Raptor Marketer: LAN, SOC, CMU, BUS, S/T
Raptor Security: COM, ATH, PER

Spiders: Technicians: This group is made up of the technically oriented. Technology of some level or another functions in almost every sphere. These are the masters of technology, engineering, information systems (computers being the primitive example), and wave/field theory (gravetics/ shielding/ and beam weapons). They travel by D-cycles and transporters.
Spider Geek: KNW, SCI, TEC, TDE
Spider Tech: SCI, F-SCI, VRI, TDE.
Spider Engineers: TEC, SCI, CFT, KNW
Spider Shop Tech: TEC, F-TEC, SCI, ART
Spider Hackers: SCI+F-SCI or ITF and F-ITF, CON, INF
Spider Mecha Jock: VHL+F-VHL+COM+PER
Spider Robot Wrangler: CMU+ITF+PER

Winds or Walkers: Loners: This group, or non group if you prefer, is made up of those lone wolf Waunderers who see the need for a group to represent their position on the council. While cooperative, they are not social in nature. They function as a loose group of friends. D-matrix usually.
Wind Traveller: TDE, SUR, COM, and either ART, LAN, SCI, or TRA (if used)
Wind Seeker: L-COM, L-POW, ATH, LUK​

Wolves: Naturalists: This group are those who embrace nature. They live in harmony with each sphere's natural way. They are specialists in ecological, biological, genetic, and medical sciences. They function in groups akin to tribes. They work with the Patrol to help maintain the *Verse. They travel by transporter, Gate, D-matrix, and D-cycle.
Wolf Tribal: SUR, L-ATH, TDE, CFT or ANI
Wolf Warrior: SUR, ATH, COM, TDE
Wolf Healer: SCI, F-SCI, DED, S/T, L-POW
Wolf Scientist: SCI,F-SCI, KNW, ANI, SUR

Lesser Clans

Comets: Spacers:: This once Greater Clan has lost status and membership as the number of Spheres and Stellar Universes that are available to them has diminished. These are people who travel and live in The Great Black, much the way Dolphines live in the Oceans. A majority of its members are non basic/ non-imperial.
Comet Pilot: VHL+F-VHL+CMU+GEE
Comet Crew: CFT+GEE
Comet Scientist: SCI+KNW+GEE

Cudos Artists: (Sometimes Kudos) They are a medium sized clan that is becoming a greater clan of note. They are the performers, agents, and practicioners of the fine, performance, and sometimes practical arts. The sterotype has them enjoying the finer things in life and a good party. They have a strong honor code and are the known duelists of Society.
Cudos Artists: ART or PRF, CMU, KNW, and ATH
Cudos Bon Vivant: CMU, CON, INF, L-ATH, L-ARTor L-PRF
Cudos Bravo: ART or PRF, COM, F-COM, ATH

Lantern/ Dēnglóng: Traditionalists and Legalists: This is a clan of moderate to large size. They are a people who believe in "traditional ways", not forms or patterns, but ways of society that are tried and true that provide familiarity, comfort, and stability. They are most notably found in Middle Kingdoms and the Zhongguo/ Zhonghua sectors.
Lantern Scribe: CFT, F-CFT, LAN, KNW
Lantern Legalist: CMU, S/T, F-S/T Legal Conflict, KNW
Lantern Ritualist: PRF, KNW, F-KNW, L-INF, STA

Obelisk: Gargoyle: One of three clans that restrict membership to their kind. Most Gargoyles in Society are part of other Clans or Orders or The Patrol. However, when they are in breeding/ family mode, traversing, or are "taking time off", they assign themselves to the Obelisk Clan.
Obelisk Parent: CFT+TDE+ATH
Obelisk Waunderer/ Traverser: TDE+ATH+F-ATH (Flying)+COM
Obelisk Elder: TDE+F-TDE+L-STA+L-INF+KNW+CON "People around the *Verse"

Rex: Saurians, Reptiles, and Dragons: One of three clans that restrict their membership to kind, rather than purpose. There are very few, relative numbers, "peoples" of Saurian in Society (or the *Verse), and this clan is in place to protect their interests and empower them in Society.
Rex Crystal Tech: TEC+SCI+L-POW+KNW
Rex Gatesman: TDE+CFT+L-KNW

Sprite: There is one "clan" that is part of The Council, with only a Grand Council seat. It represents The Spirit Beings - those material beings that have evolved or ascended into a higher state of being. Spirit Forms seldom interfere with lower realms, except when higher realms entities (or something) interferes with the lower in ways that disrupt the pattern of things. This clan seems to be responsible for dealing with threats from the Outer Realms and Spirit Beings who are dabbling in the lower levels too much. Cosmics, Celestial, Dio, seem to be their range of things. They will usually either directly intervene or send agents to intervene against any oneiromorphic or oneirotidal events.
Sprite Agent: TDE+POW+PER+DED
Sprite Seeker: L-COM, L-POW, ATH, LUK
Sprite Walker: L-POW,l-COM, L-PER, CFT

Swords: Merchants of Questionable Tactics: One of many business clans. The Swords are merchant which push the edge of what most would consider fair business practice. The Patrol is constantly shutting down Sword operation that are causing D-stress.
Sword Merchant: INF, BUS, GUL, TDE
Raptor Manager: INF, BUS, S/T, L-COM
Raptor Security: COM, ATH, PER
Raptor Acquisitions: DEC+ATH+GUL

Unicorn: Fey: One of three clans that restrict its membership to kind, rather than purpose. They are the protectors of Fey Rights, Fey Contractors, and Fey Realms, in Society. (With the exception of the Grey Court or Greys). They are a mix between Winds, Dragons, and Cudos.
Unicorn Lordling (High Fey): INF+STA+CMU+Meta
Unicorn Artist: ART+CFT+PRF+POW/ Meta
Unicorn Maestro (Magic User): POW+PRF+INF

Other Clans
There are many merchantile clans that are different from Raptors. Some operate as clans, while others as megacrops of a cyberpunk mold. Feel free to pull them out as you need them.

Clan Chrysanthemum A minor clan that is beholden to The Wolves and the Spiders. It is based on an extended clone family from a hypertech sphere. Eighty percent of the members are part of the core gene clade. They have picked up additional clades over time, as groups tend to join the Chrysanthemums for legal status and general social defense. (It is amusing that the clone clan is more of a family than other clans that once, long ago, started that way.) The Core Clade, The K'dai, has telepathic linkage with each other (ways allowing) and what could be construed, if worded differently, a mass mind. However, it is an opt in mass mind, as the individual has to "turn on the access". Yet, that is not a comfort to many, even though the mass mind has not expressed gestalt powers (though individuals may develop psionics).

Jordenerdekin: A clan that deals with Vikings, Danes, Nordics, and some Germanic kingdoms, or societies just like them (including Space Viking analogs and the like) They are more extended family than your normal Society Clan. Mostly they are craftsmen, sailors, and hardmen. (Hardmen does not translate well... it turns into being an Armsmen (warrior/soldier), a raider (usually ocean thief), and a shield (line of protection) ). Jordenerdekin have regular lives but sometimes follow a leader/ captain into a bit of "economic redistribution" against some of their own or some other people who are not strong enough to hold on to it. They exist in a limited number of spheres and regions.

Moloc Clan: This is the Digger Clan. (Moloc is a mix between a mole and an armadillo, with rabbit ears). The Moloc Clan dig. They live below the surface, creating underground living spaces. They mine here. Now some of these do it as a profession while others are part of underground cultures (D'ni, Drow, and Dwarves Oh My). While Spider Engineers take on such processes as a challenge, Molocs live these processes. They also take in The Under People, those lowely that have been excluded from Society at Large and often live in Under Places.

There are empowered small clans, that deal with a specialized Power Way. They tend to stay in the regions/ flows where those powers manifest. They tend to work with The Dragons or they are bitter enemies of The Dragons.

Ngai Clan: It is a lesser clan that tends to stay with the Nilotic ethnic groups like the Maasai peoples, much the way The Lanterns stay with the Chinese. They are more about living with their soul brothers and sisters on other worlds than preserving tradition or a way of existence. They have one clan world, but many presences in the Saharan/ Nilo or the /Mu spheres. They are strong in East African areas

The Rook: In times long ago, they were a major clan specializing in Rulers/ Administrators. They were a major clan who were very strong in the lower tech octive settings. They became a problem with the effective enslavement of lessers on various worlds. Two thousand years ago, The Council had no choice but to no longer recognize The Rooks. In that remaining time, they have become the hidden enemy of the *verse... Rook conspiracies to undermine the council to be perpetrated by Rook descendents and their minions. They are the tales of paranoids, conspiracy minded folk (thus very popular with Crystals and Raptors), and those that romanticize Organized Crime. The Rook Incident is also why there are no longer Patron and Client clans - bound by laws and agreements. The same cluster of bills/ laws allowed for the expansion and empowerment of The Patrol and The Orders.


In Society (of the Clans) there are people who live/work across clan lines. These are Orders.

The Companions Order of post 69 are a great and commonly used order in Clan games.

The Builders: These people make buildings of all sorts for all the clans. They have members from varoius clans in their order.

The Communicators: Once they were called the Messengers Order. They still do direct small item transport and the movement of documents. However, many clans have their own personal messengers. They now oversee communication in all its forms across Society and The *verse. If it can be broadcast and digital, they will do it. If it is cable bound, they will do it. If it requires a pony relay to express a message, they will do that.

The Patrol is technically an Order. It is independent of the Clans and can inflict the laws of the council upon the clans.

Farmers, Miners, Gatherers: These are the resource developing and gathering orders. These are the ones that work on open and semi-open worlds. The Farmers are thinking about forming their own Clan. This would shake the Council and the Clans, as then this clan would be in charge of sections on their owned worlds.

Collectors: This order is actually many orders. Each group is put together to collect things of value and bring them to the market. Some think of them as scavengers and salvage experts. Some think of them as low level business operations. The rest think of them as thieves working in a grey area of the law.

Cartographers Order - The Crystals were once the surveyors and explorers of the *Verse. The Crystals were, strongly suggested by The Council to release the surveyors. The Order of Cartographers was formed just a century ago, so no one could accuse the Crystals of restricting access to the maps and scouting reports.

Archivist Order An archivist is an information professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. In The Society, the profession of Archivist includes physical artifacts of current and lost spheres, sectors, and realms. The Archivist run all the museums in all of The Society. (Museums are a popular places in Society.) Archivist are the only academic order with a majority of members who are not of Crystal affiliations. Archivists could be of Cudos, Wolves, Dragons, Dolphines, (or almost every other clan) affiliation.

Scribes: Sometimes called Clerks. These are people who work for The Council. They are normally clerks, computers (the old term), and administrators. There are also investigators and surveyors that work with The Patrol to make sure that things are as they are supposed to be.

Gatemaster Order: It is a group of theorists, specialists, and practical specialists, who deal with gates, transporters, projectors, various disks, shuttles, mystic carpets, and other things, that utilize TransD power to move through dimensions. The order is to maintain and run any open Society transfer device. This was spun off by Council Decree from the Crystals. Most clans have their own Gatemasters and Gateoperators. The Gatemaster order now works with The Scribes to test and certify Clan, non-order, Gateoperators and Gatemasters.

Speakers: These are those that speak to spirits and dai-spirits (Gods). They are those that follow the spiritual and divine over the spheres. While thaumaturgy is the specialty of the Dragons, theurgy and spiritualism (the refinement of the spirit/ person) is the domain The Speakers. They were once part of the Dragons, but they chose to serve all peoples.

Armsman Order(s): While there is technically only one Armsman Order, there are effectively several dozen. Each Order operates by a charter of the Council (seemingly as an extension of The Patrol), but are in truth Mercenary companies. Each Order follows a certain Way and specialize in it. These Orders are the closest thing that Society has to an Armed Force. Each Order provides additional military forces for those clans that need it, for proper reimbursement. (Clans have their own armsmen, but are limited in their number or scope.) Not that military might is needed in most cases, but after a few demon wars, conflicts with other TransD societies or Empires, and a couple of interclan clashes, The Council realized that watching and regulating these forces, as well as having them "on hand" was prudent.

There are a few Armsmen Orders that are more properly Defender, Guardian, Knightly Orders. They are chartered by various Crowns and Clans. They are not only sword or shield knights, but noble warriors of all sets attached to codes of honor. Technically The Guardians of The Patrol are part of one of these honor sets.

Skyman's Order: This is an Order that is not yet official. It is being spawned by Spiders and a few Comets and Dolphines. It is all about the flying in the air. These are the pilots, the airship crews, skygaleons, cloud riders, jet pack jockeys, skydivers, and so on. It would also include a special place for those that fly. It could just be a sub clan inside the Spiders (Pegasai) or an order. It is one of the topics on the Council Agenda sometime in the next decade or so.

--- -0- ---

So why do people have to be in Clans or Orders? There is a two tiered system in TransD Society, those that are Travellers - part of TransD society and Worlders - those that are not (locals and most created). (Justice is not equal, nor are all laws applied..) To be counted, you need to be "on the rolls" - part of their organizations i.e. a clan, a company (corporation), or an order. A "rolled" organization is chartered by The Council. (Which is interesting, as the first clans chartered The Council.) The Chartered Organization has votes (voting power) related to the number of beings who are members. (Travelling full members, non-travelling/world members (i.e. the people who live on Open Worlds but don't travel), and protectorates (the few non-members that the organization protects... they can only be protectorate for so long - the Power of the Panthers).

Changing Clan is tough. Like in so many things, you do what you were raised around. Not everyone is a stirling example of their clan's outlook or emphasis. There are Wolf technicians and mechanics that don't do bio-sc but engines and hoppers. There are Dragons that are armsmen and Cudos who are stoic speakers. It requires work, paperwork, and in some case rituals. Even then, some elements of a clan will never quite accept you. Changing clans is tough, it is possible but as likely as changing your favorite home town sports team. No matter how much you can think it through, it feels wrong. You might do the paperwork to do join an Order, but you never leave your clan. Still some do it. They are just considered odd.

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Open Worlds - Those that know of TransD society and may be using this technology.
Clan Worlds - A worlds owned by or controlled by a given clan.
Semi-open World - It is no longer a death penalty to reveal The Existance of other worlds/realms. It is a limited reveal to the natives of the world.
Closed World - Clans and TransD society operate in secret and under covers.

Note: There are not an infinite number of worlds, just a very large number.

Worlds is a substitute for Sphere (planet) or Realm (pockets of reality - in many sizes - , may or may not be a fae realm).

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Yes, I am expanding this post, so if you read this before.... read it again.

Oh if you find the word Continuum, substitute the new world *Verse (as it could be a multiverse, cosomverse, realmverse, timeverse, and so on). The original game was called Continuum. However then my time travelling friends called there game C0ntinuum. Well to avoid confusion, I changed the name of the game to The Convergence Point.

The Convergence Point is where forces come together... sometimes in conflict, sometimes in harmony.
Law vs Chaos, Good vs Evil, or dimensional flows. The City is the biggest Convergence Point.


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More and more has been added to this and all the waunderer's posts. Once I do all the clans in the 101 interdimensional worlds, I will update the master list.
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