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Waunderers Way Continued

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I am sad. One Sinus headache combined with sleep deprivation from our lovely rescue husky, has lead to practically nothing being done on my rpg. Now, there was some work on Realms and Waunderers work.

Speaking of that, here we go.

They are stashed in various places. They are folded paper maps, the kind that are falling out of fashion. They are often older, published decades ago. They sometimes have logos for stations that were never real (if you investigate them) - so maybe a move prop. It sometimes takes some time to find the old roads among the newer ones.

The map are hand marked. Sometimes they hit X-marks. They will have off ramps/ on ramps/ side roads not listed in the map. Sometimes they have some handwritten instructions. (There was a Google Maps print out of a route, found with a map in 1972...) Follow the markings. They will take you to "The Road".

The Road

The Road is a transdimensional pathway. Given enough time and effort, you can travel to any sphere or realm. It just takes a little TDE or just the perfect timing... or a map that has made the trip. (Okay a vortex manipulator will do... but they are more of a travel aide.) The Road appears to be a road of the same location or era. The vehicles are varied from 28th century atomic cars, to 1950s caddys, to horses/ carriages, flying carpets, dragon mounts, and sandals. There can be stores, fuel stops, and rest stops along The Road.

Note: The Main Roadways take you from the void to the twenty two key worlds to The City. The Roadway has branches, off ramps and turns. They take you to dimensions based off the key worlds. (There is the key bend that occurs on Earth line - being a prime alternate of great dimensional strength - has so many worlds exit off of it. (Plus a number of "short cut side routes" that are linked to it through dreams). Many side roads are paths that follow things with the same key vibration - (scales road, takes you to all the worlds with strong dragon vibration/imagery with worlds you can reach via other routes).

The Road is its own space... which is odd because it is not a realm or sphere. While there are fringe points that are colocated with a reality, most of the road comes from "no where". Isonic friction occurs where dimensions butt up against each other, where weak points - bridges and natural portals occur. Since the isonic vibrations are associated with roads, it appears as a road of that dimension and location.

Each Clan protects The Road (and side roads) around their regions. The Patrol outriders runs up and down the road, from the City Depot down to the void. They look for those in distress as well as enforcing Council Law.

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