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Why and all these Projects

I have an overdeveloped sense of completeness. Call it OCD or some other DSM-V code. Durring the early days of the internet, (and I was there back before we had a www, we only had BBS, and we liked it), there was a lot of gaming material on the net. People would post up the begining of projects. Things looked great. Then you would go back a while later... and nothing. A year later you would go back, and nothing. So back then I swore that if I ever posted something up on the net, I would not disappoint a reader... I would finish it.

And I do.

Sometimes not as quickly as I would like, but it will be done... finished... complete... (or close enough that nobody is going to complain or be annoyed that we did not finish it to the final period).

So here I am. Your master of 101 entries and setting riffs. I work them until they are done (or effectively done).

I am dedicated to reaching 101 GURPS Infinite World worlds. We are at 60 at this point.

I am also working on 101 worlds in an interconnected (science) fantasy multiverse. That is also good for my RPG's primary setting. All that transdimensional work is either practice for or related to Waunderer's Way.

I will be putting a few towards The New Horror Setting Thread. Yes, I started it, but for very noble reasons. I want there to be 31 by the 31st of Oct. We will eventually finish the 101, but I expect that to take until next Halloween.

Oh and I am writing on my game trying to finally correct the issue with my lifeform system. (And I am having a lot of success at this.)

Yah. Too many projects.

Still you should do what you can do... and do it well. Know your limits. You should try not to take on more than you can handle. (OKay, I am just over that limit, but I am getting it all back into the harness.)

Still I have decided not to take on anything new, There are a few 101s and setting riffs that I am not helping with. I have begged off another project. I am focusing. I will get things done and done the right way.
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