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Empire of the Emerald Road - Waunderers Way Subsetting

Status Check
I have edited several pages of the lifeform section. It is slower going than I expected, but the results are ... practically perfect. I have written a couple of world posts in the transdimensional worlds file. This is one. I am not sure it is perfect, but it works.

The Setting

Pedrales One of The Seven Spheres that make up of the Empire of the Emerald Road

The sorcerer Valdalan of the Emerald Robe had ambition greater than any one mortal should ever had. His goal was to take over all the lands and bring order to them. He used summoned creatures from another sphere to conqueror his homeworld of Chaval. Realizing the advantages of other worldly advantages, he then used master sword bravos (appropriately collared with rune collars) in addition to a few summoned creatures to take the next sphere of Pita. As the process continued to the Seven Spheres, he realized to maximize things, he needed a road across his empire. (His collared apprentices could not keep up with the demand of the gates.) He built the First Strech (of The Emerald Road) out of specially enchanted and dyed bricks. It was a fine road of near perfect construction that many an ancient empire would of been proud of. By use of a ritual and enchanted mirror he extended the road into infinity (actually just across the Seven Spheres). It appeared on all seven worlds across the 45th parallel with little concern for the makings of gods or men. One could walk around the world, as walking took you past/ through barriers and eventually to other worlds. (The people of Pita discovered their fourth continent by walking thr road). Marching his armies across the Emerald Road he quickly took the remaining worlds (though it took another hundred years to properly solidify the Rule of the Emerald Robe.)

Pedrales was the last world of the Emeral Road (Loop). It was actually the first world that Valdalan discovered. It was the home of the Great Beasts and the Beast Riders. It is a dangerous world full of large beasts and giant insects (a half mansized). Humans live in the Towers and strong walled cities. They travel from city to city on raised (and often covered) roads to protect them from wild beasts. Those of the Towers use their Empowered Will to make Great Beasts obey them... using them to dig, build, remove trees and dangerous Keller Vines, and of course Make War. While Valdalan first summoned beasts, he summoned ones that had been runed and tamed... thus he was able to control them easily. Eventually he summoned a beast and its Beastmaster (while done on purpose bringing both over was an accident); the mystery was solved. Many of the Towers were used to working for Valdalan so when the Emerald Road appeared, they realized what it meant. Of all the Seven Spheres, Pedrales is the most rebellious. They were never conquerored properly, they simply bent a knee and kept on going. They sometimes rebel briefly. They steal taxes. They are disorderly in their internal politics. However, importantly, they always fall into line.

The Emerald Robe is the symbol of power (and a focus for great magical power). Valdalan ruled The Seven Worlds, more formally called The Empire of the Emerald Road, viciously and efficiently. While no one starved or went without, nobody liked it much. Through magic he was immortal (well, unaging.) He ruled the Empire of the Emerald Road-after the pacification and installation of the Mandarins to enforce his rule- for 200 years exactly. On that day, one of his oldest children - Klvin - managed to kill him, take his powers -binding them to the Emerald Cloak actually-, and then showed up for the Bicentennial Celebration announcing that "The Great Contest" was over and that he had won. (One of the challanges was realizing their was a contest.) Valdalan was to retire to a life of study and exploration (to find more worlds to add to the Empire) - he left on that journy immediately. Klvin would rule for the next 200 years, when the next contest of succession would occur. Kven the Justs rule was more merciful than his fathers, with less runed collars and lethal bindings. His was a more properous reign. He arranged for a less lethal ending for the year long contest of duels, challanges, and exams, for his successor.. Shenda the Wise. He retired to a less scholarly life, for another two centuries (supported only by her personal magics).

There has been seven Holders of the Emerald Cloak. Despite the untimely end of Kven the Explorer (5th wearer) -a mad magician driven to expanding the road to new worlds- and second place holder from his tournament Cemmer the Patient taking on the remaining 144 years of his reign, The Empire of the Emerald Road is properous, efficient, and prepared.

It was even prepared from Visitors from Beyond. (They knew there were probably more spheres, they just didn't know how to get there.)

The Clansmen riding silver chairs at first, but eventually installed a gate near the city of Poon on Pedrales on the Mountain of Mystery. (They quickly built a raised road to Poon, as they discovered flying attracted the fast flying Chiroptans.) The ancient lore explained that the Eldest Emerald Robe used gates before he had made The Road. Now there is a brisk trade between The Clansmen of Otherwhens, especially the Wolves, and the Seven Spheres.

All the worlds of The Emerald Road are roughly half the surface area of most Spheres, yet still have .7 gravity (twice the gravity they should have due to similar construction and volume). Not that any of the locals notice that, only outside observers notice the bounce and the size of the flyers. Most have a map similar to Terre (three main close continients, with two to three other continients in the other hemisphere), but with less eco diversity. They all are linked via the Emerald Road... which occurs on the northern 45th parallel on all the worlds.

This string of worlds is linked by the Emerald Road.

1) Chaval - The Urban World of Swordsman (Bravos) and Runecarvers (and the occasional sorcerer).

2) Pita - Master Stone Carvers and Golems create incredible buildings.

3) Terr - a medieval world with nothing exceptional, it was overwhelmed by the Other Road Forces. Most of the nobles seat are awarded to people from other worlds as rewards for service.

4) Seea - This is a world where the local live on the many islands and many boats. The road stretched like a bridge across the Great Archipeligo.

5) Kegrn - World of Flames, full of low intensity volcanos, flamebreathed Drake, and dashing Ryders (of Drakes).

6) Clom - The stout (and short) people of Clom rule from mountain tops or ziggarats, nobles focusing their power for the common good. (So they tell you anyways.)

7) Pedrales - World of verdant jungles, great beasts, and high towers of Beast Masters.

Common Techs

Runes are foci for magic. Properly made runes (those that gently glow) can be used to control people, beasts, and materials. Collars with Runes ensure obedience. Some tattoos use runes to improve ones self and bind ones self to a lord or cause. Each of the Seven Spheres shares this way.

(Tennis ball sized) Ko Sphere - glass spheres are used for communication between people and across spheres. Some are used as foci for far sensing and anylzing things. Spirits (of condemmed or those that rebel) are sometimes bound into spheres to provide a servant to remember things, organize thing, or know things.

Green Robes - enchanged to improve the amount of power one can draw upon to perform magic or empower runes - they are the symbols of sorcerers and political power - the Manderins and the Most powerful magickers (The Family and students of The Family (which all come from The Clan Emerald)

Green Roads: Kven built several lesser roads branching off the Emerald Road. These first roads were the same emerald greed and materials of the original roads. (Later their colors were tempered to merely green.) These new roads were options to "change mystic trajectory" of The Road Spell. It did not work. However, they were expanded (and curves added) to just improve travel and expand the network.

Note: The Dragons, the magic oriented clan, would be interested in these worlds, but The Wolves have kept the unique magics of this string quiet. (We didn't lie about it, we just forgot to tell you). Pedrales is of key interest, but life adapting to TransD connection is a secondary interest. If cards are played correctly, they Emerald Robe as their ally. The Seven Spheres are about to become a new board full of pawns between these two clans.

An example setting world... which leads to other worlds
Waunder's Way Terms and Glossary
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