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Comic Books are all about the Multiverse. Okay, many of the good ones are. Before we became burned out on large multicomic events often dealing with world changing (and unchanging) event, there were frequently cross overs or time shifts that made up "special issues". Characters in many comicverses are always shifting worlds or times, sometimes for good story purposes otherwise to make up for sloppy continuity editting. Still it can make for some good stories (sometimes).

All of this shifting was the reason why Convergence Point is a game of Transdimensional Travel... it was just a couple of short quick steps from Superhero gaming. (Time Travel between epochs is the same as dimensional travel, it is only when you start doing loops and other time tricks that you need special Time Travel rules. Oh crap, I just realized, I don't have many of those for Convergence Point.. added to the master change list)

This character took advantage of multiversality. No matter the genre or gamesystem, he followed "the rules of the world" (what we call Ways in Waunderer's Way). Thus he was a uber powereful armored villian in a meta or cyber or atomic future chronicle, a cunning oni using daimyo set to become Shogun (if not Emperor), or a pulp mob boss with "special helpers and pulp science gear". He was how a handful of my players figured out that my worlds were all interlinked.

He is a power of note in the *Verse. You could easily impliment him in a Waunderer's Way chronicle of any level.

Dr Apocalypse aka Master Apocalypse, aka Lord End of All, aka すべてのロード·オブ·ザ·エンド, aka Subete no rōdo· Obu· za· endo, aka about 12 more.

In our dimensional sector, he is mostly known as Dr. Apocalypse. He is a man of destiny. Taking a true prophecy to heart, not only has he conquered one world, but six. As long as he manages to follow the pattern of the prophecy, he knows he will be victorious.

To that end he will create elemental agents on each world to act as his primary enforcers. He will "adapt" several other heroes and villains from the world. Eventually he forms an army of dimensionally compatible warriors and marches forward. Unlike most conquerors, he actually likes the administrative details. He loves the planing and the lab work. He finds the actual violent conquering itself to be a bit tedious.

The man is a master of technology, alchemy, and magic. He is said to be both immortal and possessing of vast regenerative powers. He is a master of rift tech and can cause magic rifts with a practiced ease. He has used his gathered technology and magical resources to create a techno-magical battle armor. He has several sets of armor, one for each realm owned or to be invaded, as each has different rules (while he can override them limitedly, it is always best to work with the way of things).

The man's personal battle suits will give a band of local heroes a major run for their money, be they meta heroes, magical heroes, or technos. Of course to get to him, you have to defeat the four to six elemental beings he has created for this realm. They are all just a bit less powerful than he is, able to give one to three heroes a run for their money.

Note: the man currently controls: A cyberpunk realm (home realm), an astroage (retrofuture) world of atomic rockets, two generic fantasy realm (one was his first conquest), a land of Nippon! (the players failed to save their world), and a world of dinosaurs. He is currently working on invading several supers world and one of the 1930s Pulp Earths via Nippon.

RP Notes: Imagine Dr Doom with a smaller ego and less Hubris. He seems fairly relaxed, because he has done this before... and even when things go wrong... he will cryptically say... "Yes, it is according to the way. One step closer."

For those that know of The Fantasy Trip, he is a young Mneorran or of that descent. With the skills and techniques of hundreds of worlds at his disposal and effective immortality, there is little he won't be able to do eventually.
You can tell my "old gaming roots" as I am using The Fantasy Trip (The game that evolved into GURPS) as a setting component. (This write up does not cover it, but I used to use Fringeworthy Portals as a transport system.) If I ever played Torg, he would of been a High Lord that is not invading our Earth... yet. (Oh wait, Torg is new again...)

I have often had an active multiverse hiding behind all my games (it was easy when it was Fringeworthy). So he was always part of that. This man has made an apperance in six different chronicles I have run. Normally he has show up in super hero chronicles, but he has shown up in pulp games, a Nippon! chronicle, a bureau 13 game, and an espionage game.

The joy of him is that he can be used in any chronicle. EVeryone needs a periodic "big bad". He is ready to go whenever I need him.

He has had a lot of uses
1) He is just big and powerful. His main minions should give the troupe a run for their money, requiring strategy or isolating the villains and dog piling them one at a time. He stands up to super teams (or heroic teams depending on the level of the game).

2) He has been the Villian we love to hate (and for one "hero", the villain he willingly defected to). He has been statted up in like nine different systems. He has always been the chatty villain and the villain that has actually been persuaded by players not to conqueror a world or a location. Words and tricks can out manuver him.

4) He is The Clue that the Dimensional Lines are out there and you can cross them. This is less subtle in the super chronicles, but it happens everywhere. (One player actually saw their ex-character as one of his main minions in a later chronicle.) Some players will catch references that their characters will not, they will know he is out there.

4b) He can be used as The Big Bad invading some other world (like a fantasy world) who then call upon our (super heroes) for help to save them.

5) Dimensional Repair Kit. The players screw up and the Vortex Generator explodes ("told you NO Killing Blasts in that lab... but nooo... you had to"... "Oh shut up".) He can come in and fix things. Time riff happens, he might mess with it.

5b) "Someone about to conqueror HIS WORLD? The Master Appocolypse thinks NOT!" Sometimes players roll crappy and lose... and it is always in those high stakes scenarios. He is one of several "story based insurance policies" I have ready to go. He is number 3, after the switch does not work after all (or for very long) and the number 1 "Someone betrays him".

He will probably be one of my Villains of Choice for the rest of my gaming career, as he has for the last few decades.

I wonder if he has a seat on The Council. He is "the government" for a number of people, as he is in charge of six plus worlds. He would actually like that, though an appointed ambassador might sit there most of the time. The Emerald Cloak might eventually get a seat as well.
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