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I blame my FLGS

Because of a Boyscout trip, we are cancelling our regularly scheduled blog post and showing a rerun.

I am lacking motivation to write my game.... I blame my FLGS

It is not what you think, there is nothing currently on the shelves that I want to buy (or don't already have).

Note: MY FLGS (GameKastle) rocks, which is why I have to blame it.

I was recently eating dinner waiting for the traffic (and traffic accident) to clear up so I could go home. I was thinking about my game. I used to be highly motivated to write my game, but I haven't been motivated in a while.

When I needed motivation in the past, I would normally go to my FLGS and pick up some. It used to always work.

In the last few months, I had been to the FLGS. I thought it was because I was going to maybe buy something, instead of just for motivation, that nothing had come of it. So I went counter commute to my FLGS.

Looking for inspiration, I went to the new game section. The pickings were pretty slim... even if I like miniature battles or collectible deck building games.

I went to the massive wall of RPG stuff. I looked through it. It was the best of the best, even the Pathfinder/D&D stuff. There is a huge stock of Fate, BRP in a rainbow of flavors, GURPS, Paladium, Traveller (didn't have Mercenary, but I know I have a copy around here somewhere), Hero (I have come to terms with Hero 6th.... it not longer pains me), Savage Worlds, a full set of Dr Who game stuff, and a host of other games (including a whole cubby of digest size indie games). Not a bad game or stupid supplement in sight. They had only kept the best in stock. It is a beautiful thing.

Not a crappy game in sight.

It was at that point, I consciously realized why I had not found motivation coming into FLGS recently. They were just too good at keeping the stuff in place. It was their fault.

You see, what motivated me was not the good games, but the bad games/ supplements - the things that were really UNWORTHY of seeing print- wastes of paper and game time.

Crappy games motivated me because I could say, "Oh I could do better than this...." Even if some people think they are okay, or even good.... the game was crappy for me because of the implementation of the rules (or sub rules), the shallowness of the setting or the treatment of said setting, the quality of production (which is so much better now that it was just five years ago, which was a massive improvement over just five years before that), and so on. There used to be a ton of this in the D20 glut, or the Chaosium things, or in the indie section.

I saw crappy games in print (and depending on the system I might even of purchased them) and it made my blood boil and my fingers fly.

I haven't seen a crappy game... in my hands... in a while.

I blame my wondrous FLGS and the hard economic times, which keeps their inventory down to just the best.

I drove home, slightly motivated actually. I understood. Now I am trying to recapture that umph I had.

Games I have taken home, I have milked for all the gaul they are worth. They normally don't do it for me. I am going to be digging them out of the garage, maybe I can jump start things.

Here is a related rant

So I recieved the softcopy of a kickstarter in the mail. I spent this weekend between headaches, required social responsibilities, and waiting for the darn rescue dog to come in, reading it. It was the third edition of a famous, but fairly middle of the road game.

It sucked. I mean it.

I was better off with the second edition.

It was written by a "famous game designer". Yet, that is no guarantee that the game is going to be good.

Expanded versions of the old charts. (That we seldom actually used...)

Editting issues, some of them are pretty blatent all over the book. Some of the writing editing editions are the same one from the previous edition. But no, they added more of them.

Same old artwork from the previous edition, maybe with one or two pieces pulled from previous supplements.

All the extra stuff to be added, hyped on the kickstarted, ended up being a paragraph or two in the end of the book (which could of been pages of material, if they bothered to stat up anything).

In short, I am strongly disappointed with my kickstarted product. (I am normally fairly selective, so this is only the second time this has happened.)

I think I need to enshrine this game somewhere... just to keep me motivated.

Here is a thread that includes many other products that make people scratch their head.
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