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Terminology for Waunderer's Way
This is a working document... so there will be changes
This document last changed 0/23/2018 @00900

If you want to start at the beginning of Waunderer's Way, you want to go HERE

Status Check on Convergence Point
Still working on 40.0. I am down to the Cognition section. I need to cut 4.3 pages into 1 page (maybe 2). I tried an approach just to see it work and it didn't. So I am going to try it again.

Some terms I tend to use....

*Verse: This is the term for the poly dimensional, multiple vibratory plane, collection of everything. It could be Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, Dimensionverse, Polyverse, symphoniverse, Infiniverse, Cosmverse, Continuum (okay not everything is a verse), The Grand Tapestry (again, not everything), and so on. Note: stellar universe is just one verse expanded to include all its stars.
The Near *Verse: Any sphere/ location that can regularly be reached by "one step" through a gate point in The City.

Note: There are not an infinite number of worlds, just a very large number.

Sphere: A planet of some size and the rest of a stellar universe to go with it.
Inner Sphere: Inner Planets realms that are much like spheres, but really are not.
Near Sphere: These are Realms of great size that don't follow the pattern of a sphere, this would include Inner Spheres, Sky Realms, and such.
Realm: A group of territory that will have edges. The Astreal level of the *verse is the home of most realms. Most realms are "spaces" where fey exist. They change their "spaces" into realms into 3D places with space full of their astreal psuedomatter. Realms are designated as either Fey realms, near sphere, pockets or (small bits of reality),
Place: It is a space station, a True City (Like New York, London, Delhi), The Castle (Amber, Camelot), or such. What ever it is, it is the shining jewel (or the biggest bauble)of its world.
The City: It is a place made up of overlapping spheres and realms, with isomic friction making some space/ places, where Society has built its central city. Some visible and preliminary work on The City can be found HERE. See Otherwhen
Otherwhen: The City built on the intersection of all dimensions (and some times).
colocated: A place that exists on more than one sphere/ realm at one time. This allows for freer travel between the place
Near *Verse: Locations/ Spheres that are regularly "one step away" from The City.

World: A Sphere, Realm, or Place that anchors that reality. It is the important place.... everything that happens outside of the place is background and color (so a stellar universe with a sphere, that planet is "the key" to that universe. It is the interesting place to be. In the past, present, and future, what happens on The World impacts everything else... and little of what happens outside impacts it. (Often the reason while many Aliens try to conqueor Earth... )

Echos: The space or thing is a reflection of another, more important space or thing in another dimension. So a historical echo, looks like the past of another place. A world might have "magical technology" that is an echo of the 22nd century technologically advanced earth that defines its region. Fey regions are often Echos of The Spheres they are attached to.
Echos, Reflective: Things that occur in the echo can have impacts on the base world. So disturb an echo greatly and the changes will begin to impact the base.
Echos, Temporal: The Echo looks like a period in the past, or the future, of the base dimension. Again, sometimes they are reflective.

Open Worlds: Those that know of TransD society and may be using this technology.
Semi-Open Worlds: They are aware of TransD society, but are not part of it in any notable way.
Clan Worlds:A worlds owned by or controlled by a given clan.
Semi-closedWorld: It is no longer a death penalty to reveal The Existence of other worlds/realms. It is a case of "limited reveal" to the natives of the world.
Closed World: Clans and TransD society operate in secret and under covers. This allows the world to follow its ways without causing D-stress that would occur should it shift to semi-open or open or clan world.
Stellar Universe: The various worlds and start that occupy the same dimension as a Sphere. Note, there may be more than one Sphere, or important place in the ontos flows, in a given Stellar Universe.

Sector: A group of spheres/ realms that have a great deal in common - their harmonics are similar
Region: A group of spheres/ realms that are tied to each other in some way.
Strands: A number of sphere in a region that are easy to connect to... best visualized as a strand of pearls. There are elements that are echos in strands.
Ultra: A group or sphere that is the lynchpin of a region or strand. What happens there impacts what happens in other places.
Flow: A swath of similar forms that come through. So an Earth Sector might have several flows, meta power, psionics, mana, shadow, for example, running through it.
Locked or Fully Shielded: Spheres or regions that are know to exist, but can not be travelled to or from. Semi-locked or shielded are worlds that are difficult and dangerous to enter and exit... so even if you could enter them, you may never be able to get out.

the Grand Pattern of the Sphere: The Rules of physics and planetology as "we" know them. There are some small spheres and realms that echo the pattern, things kinda look like they are following the Grand Pattern, but really are not... things just appear or happen without the causes you would expect.

Way: The rules of reality. Most of them deal with technology, power use, and transdimensional connections. They define what is possible, what is not possible, and what is possible because it is not mentioned (the difference between No Power forms or No Magic Forms (allowing for The Arte, Psionics, Chi, Force, etc). Some of them are fate tied (this is the world where Good and Evil must clash, so fate conspires to have this happen.... a lot.) A few deal with psychology (when you are on this sphere, you will think/ feel a certain way... much of the time).

Note: There are sphere with the Independent Way. It is these worlds that must remain closed, because if they were changed by not being independent (semi-close, open, or clan), the D-Stress generated would be tremendous.
Note: Assimilate Way: A sphere or realm that will cause any traveller to D-Adapt (dimensionally adapt). D-Adapts often still remember who or what they were, but not always.

Form: This is how a power or tech (and technology is just a form of power) manifests itself. Steam, Clockwork, Cyber, Stone, Magic, Psionics, Force, Chi, The Art, Gravetics, Atomic (often of the Atomic Rocket/ Atomic faux future), Celestial (Bright or Dark) Meta( powers), Dios (Gods), Kinds (paranormal forms or metaforms - usually supernatural), Shadowed (horror/ dark/ energy absorbing), Necros (death is empowered - zombies, vampires, etc), etc.

Technical Octive: The tech level found on the place, how complex and common technology is. Now the ways impact this. However, the technology octive might not be "at the limits as defined by the way".

Magic Octive: How refined and developed magic/ or the power. This includes what can be done, how easy it can be done, if it can be done many ways (some of which are "easier" - like alchemy, spell engines, and so on), and how systematic the study and learning of the magic is.

Many forms have an octive, showing its complexity and accomplishment in the space.

TransD TransDimensional. This is different than TransT (Temporal) or TransP (probability). GURPS IW is actually TransP, rather than temporal.

Ontos: Dimensional Energy, that which created stability and dimensional/ temporal weight to a thing or space.
Ontos Octive: How much reality a given sphere/ realm has. Things of a lower Ontos Octive (there are 5 (rating of 100-1, each 20)) can not easily affect, if they can affect at all, things of a higher Ontos Octive.

The Society: The society of TransD travellers
The Clans: Groups of People, joined by mutual interests, outlooks, and representation. They are often extended biologic families or groups of extended biologic families, but they include those that just have the right views.
The Council: The Clans represent their people in The Council. It loosely governs the *Verse and Society
The Patrol: The investigation and enforcement arm of The Council/ The Society.
Order: This is a group that is not under the control of a Clan, but operates independently - providing services (and good) for The Society, The Council, and The Clans.

The Others: A Great TransDimensional culture that was either one race of shapeshifters or a conglomeration of several species. They are responsible for D-Matrices and many other dispersed artifacts.

A race, or society of many races, from Otherwhen that built most of the available D-matrix technology. They were shifters of shape and could make minor adjustments in reality. They traveled the *Verse for years innumerable. Over the last 10 or so Millennium, there has been no contact between The Others and any other group. No one knows for certain what happened to them, if anything happened to them. All that is known is that their technology and artifacts have survived. It is only since the disappearance of the Others that any other cross *Verse organization have come into existence.

The Forerunner: A culture that may of been a splinter off The Others. They existed for a long time and made a mission of uplifting species and spheres, and sometimes cultures.
The Ancients: They are a society that existed before what Society recognizes as The Other. They could be an earlier alternate to the Other, existing existed through space and dimension thought a mastery of many skills. By their end, they were extremely long lived.
Grand Species: The few great species that existed between The Era of The Others/ Forerunners/ Ancients and Society as it is.
Spirit Beings: Beings that have developed/ evolved to a higher dimensional state. They are mostly immaterial, spirit like.

VLN: Very Large Number. There are very few things in The *Verse that are truly infinite. They are only effectively infinite (larger than can be conveniently handled). Thus things or distances are merely VLN. Pronounced Vee-Elnn.

Terms that are not "gold" or properly defined.


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Remember, these terms are being updated - as this is a working document - so remember to check it from time to time.
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