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A rant about Creatives and just doing the job
GM burn out, GM creative anxiety, and sometimes just not feeling it

This will turn towards gaming experiences at some point. I promise.

I have a status check on writing Convergence Point. (Follow the link if you ar enot a regular reader).

I have not finished my game - or at least the section that has been giving me trouble- as I am stilled trapped at work (and probably will be until after my bed time).

This morning I had some anxiety about finishing my game.

Okay. I had a lot of anxiety about my game. It nearly stopped me .... again.

I think it is something all creative people go through, especially if they have large projects out there.

Eventually I pushed it out of my head and just wrote and edited and wrote some more. I got an hour and a half in. Cognition is not done, but I can see it being done this weekend.

That is what real writers do.... they write. They push through it all and they write. Hopefully they write about what they should be writing about, but sometimes you write about what you need to write about. (Then they edit, and edit, and edit, but that is another post.)

The same is said for any Creative. You write, you paint, you sing, you do lyrics, what ever it is. You do what you can when you can.

Just do it. (Yes, life may boil down to an athletic shoe commercial.)

Some Point is now.

Sometimes, as a GM, you look at the chronicle you are playing, the players that are playing it, and everything else, and .... you just are not feeling it. Sometimes it is outside forces, but sometimes it is just how you feel about the game.

As long as the players are still having fun, the GM is obligated to keep it going... until the chronicle can come to a natural or decisive end point. The chronicle can be put on hold... on the shelf for later or on ice never to be revisited again.

The players still might want to play it, but they all have to remember, you are a player too... you also should be having fun playing/ gming. If you aren't and your players are not paying you, you can just stop.... as long as you fulfill your obligation to the troupe.

Now given the stresses in life, a GM often needs to "phone it in", either until you can "feel it again" or "find a stopping spot". If you are a great GM, you have put together some notes and have everything "mostly" planned out.. You will still have to improv a couple of things.... so you try not to be too awful at it. This point of burn out or not feeling the game any more is the reason why I am a big advocate of having it "kinda together" long ahead of time... you can have an off night or an off month and the chronicle does not crumple and dissolve like a piece of wet tissue paper.

If you don't have all that prep to help you though.... you still have your innate story telling skills (you are a GM, you got it), what maps and npcs you already have (or can quickly make, and what happened last week and the basic plan from there. You hope it holds together until you feel it again or find that stopping point.

If the players are not feeling positive about the chronicle any longer, then more options can happen. Take a few sessions off... we are really into movie nights. We watch source movies for the genre or setting that we are playing. We might play video games, which hopefully have something to do with the game... but sometimes you just need to mow down some terrorists or enemies on the Halo. (Wii Swordfighting was good for us too). Sometimes we just head to the local Sushi place and talk or go see "the current geeky movie". Gaming is something we do socially, so social is what we should be.

Remember one of the golden rules of gaming: Never game with anyone you would not spend a couple of hours with doing something else with.
Remember, once you get to a holding point... either an end or a stopping spot... the options are many. You can run a different game, one more suited to everyone's current mood and tastes. You can take an old chronicle "off the shelf", dust it off, and run that for a while. You can just do video nights for a while or board games or let someone else try running (and then, as a GM, you remember why you are the GM.)

Find what works for you, you mindset, and your group.

Then do it.
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