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Organization and Maintenance for your game stuff

There are some days when you look at your stuff and just go... Geeze I need to organize all this.

This is what happened to me tonight when I was looking for certain game PDFs. I buy large numbers of them. I support Bundle of Holding and its donations. I buy a good number @ drivethrough. I really like electronic copies because they are convenient to have around (game pdf on my phone) and they don't take up much space (just a USB or two and some space on systems for backups.).

Space is important. Before I collected electronic copies, I collected tangible copies of core rules, genre and character books, the occasional key supplement/ spats, and no adventures (I think I have one and its for Empire of the Petal Throne). I have been at this been since 1975. Some people collect miniatures, some dice (like Kevin), some have other sub-hobbies. I collect core rules.

Yes. I have a bulky sub-hobby.

After three large file cabinets in the house and twenty three banker boxes of games in the garage, I have run out of space to conveniently keep my games. (Games at the bottom of important or usefulness move out from the 14 boxes worth of file cabinet space into banker boxes in the garage (which might have space for a few more).

Between my wife, my income, and the laws of physics, I really can't have more tangible books. USBs and archives are "out of sight" so I can have more. I am doubling up, as ]I am slowly rebuying everything I have a hard copy of that was worth happening having, in addition to all this cool new stuff.

So... as you can guess. I didn't find it. I also didn't find it in the material books either (checked just to make sure).

One thing about tangible books is that you can tell when stuff is out of place, or new things have not been filed, or when it is been gnawed on by rodents. You can can easily see it.

One thing about PDFs is that new items are not easily put into the organizational system. Is it the name? Is it a set of abbreviations? Is it the product number? Is it some weird combo of data? Various providers use different naming conventions (and don't get me started on Scribd). Finding what you are looking for can be tough. Near Impossible actually.

And then I want you to think about my knack for finding lost files/data and threads, through a combination of memory, data sorting, speed reading, and just knowing. I sometimes find it tough or near impossible.

I feel for the rest of you.

Now, if you get a little lazy, this pile of game files can become ... well scary.

Lucky for me, I am good at this once I get started.

So that is what I have done tonight. Instead of a cunning blog post, another interdimensional world, or working on my game, I just started on the 2G of unsorted RPG material.

It reminded me that a little work all the time makes the work easier.


Now setting up chronicles is much the same thing. You do a lot of work in the beginning. Then it just takes a little work, every step along the way. You check with the players as to what you need. You update what you know you are going to need. You keep up with the record keeping, because if you don't eventually it is going to all go deep into the gravity well and you will never get out.

You let it go for a while and all of a sudden you have this huge amount of work you have to do before the next session. You will never be able to find everything you need either... just to make it more fun.

Keep up on your chronicle's maintenance.

Keep up on all your game related maintenance. Save yourself the hassle of doing the glut of work.
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