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More Waunderer Way Terms

These are terms from older iterations of this setting. I think most of them will be includes or something like them will be included. The Gold Terms are on this other post

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Patrol Related

Patroller: The official name for a member of the Patrol. synonymous with Patrolman, Patrolwoman, or Patrol Member. Patrol Agents are the ones that never wear the uniform and are seldom, if ever, seen in a depot or headquarters.

Patty: A smart ass name for Patroller or Patrolman

The Patrol: This is an organization that maintains and polices The Society and The *Verse. They are a combination of dimensional scouts, stationary watchers, and roving agents, looking out for disruptions, pending disruptions, and D-Stress and violations of Society Law. They provide general police security in Society areas that are not dominated by a single clan.

Local Patrol: Several places in the *Verse have spawned organizations that are like The Patrol. These Local Patrols work with The Patrol to help cover all the *Verse. .

Special Patrol: These are patrollers that have a defined jurisdiction. There are Special Patrols for Otherwhen, The Harbor, The Ring River, The Road, and a few other lesser locations.

Sherriff: These are Patrol Leaders/ Coordinators. They are given a given jurisdiction for a special patrol, a duty (defend the Council), or supervising a sector, string, or important sphere.

Guardian Patrol: The most elite of the Special Patrols. The Guardian's Corps is a highly dedicated group of agents, each armed with a matrix band. Each D-matrix band is linked to its true owner, only they or their proper successor can wield it. A matrix band is like its smaller D-matrix cousin, except it is worn on the forearm and grants meta level powers to its wielder. The Guardians are the last line of defense for the*Verse. It is rumored that they also function through time as well. It is also said that the Others created the Guardians. No one knows.

Some things that will make the cut

Waunderers: These are transdimensional travelers who randomly move through the *Verse. Some think of them a vagabond nuisances, while other see them as the antibodies of Eternity – solving problems or shaking things up to make them fixable. Pronounced with an an extended wɒnd/ ɒ sound.

Wanderers: People who travel randomly on a normal sphere or realm

Traveler: Someone who moves from one place to another

Traveller: Someone who moves from sphere to sphere. Pronounced with extend the L sound on the ller.

DP or T/DDP : Displaced people or temporally/ dimensionally displaced people. The technical term for Waunderers and Wayfinders.

D-matrix: A dimensional engine that allows a character to harness dimensional energies to travel and produce other effects. It is the most important set of artifacts that the Others have left to the *Verse.

The Others: A race, or society of many races, from Otherwhen that built most of the available D-matrix technology. They were shifters of shape and could make minor adjustments in reality. They traveled the *Verse for years innumerable. Over the last 10 or so Millennium, there has been no contact between The Others and any other group. No one knows for certain what happened to them, if anything happened to them. All that is known is that their technology and artifacts have survived. It is only since the disappearance of the Others that any other cross *Verse organization have come into existence.

Forerunners: They are a separate group that could be a sub group of The Others.

Ancients: They are a society that existed before what Society recognizes as The Other. They could be an earlier alternate to the Others.

Points of Events: Points of Events (PoEs) are places and times where the forces that make up history are strongest in the world. A PoE is where a famous event occurs, a pivotal point in history when the course of the world can change, or a quiet unknown time/place where a seemingly unimportant event occurs that shapes the path of the sphere. Where there is change, the fabric of the Continuum is the weakest. It is unclear if PoEs create the weaknesses or if the weaknesses channel the forces of history. No matter which one is true, PoEs are an important to Waunderers.

Rainbow Gray: The visual effect when T/D movement occurs. The gray is a smoke gray. It seems to be filled with a rainbow of color while still being gray. The color is a trick of the eyes. No recording device can see the color effect. Only living being with T/D experience can sense the color in the rainbow gray effect. It is said to be the most beautiful color in the universe.

Recognition: DP can often recognize other DP people. This is normally through deduction, but characters with TDE can "sense" other DP people.

Reality Anchor: The character (PC/ NPC) is tied to a sphere for some reason. Some reality anchors are important people to that sphere’s history, some have an important part to play in their world, but history will not record their name, or the person’s spirit helps to maintain the way of its world. A reality anchor can not easily leave its home sphere. An anchor generates a significant negative modifier for any travelling DRs. .

Reality Anchor: There are points and places in the *Verse that are lynchpins... they hold the spheres and realms together. There are sometimes symbols of it, but sometimes it is just a place. There can be great power tied to such things. The Arte is often tied to the local reality anchors. (Amber's, as in the Seven Princes of, Pattern is a reality anchor, as is the Logris and Corwin's Pattern. The Dni central point might be one for that region)

Roader: A being with an innate affinity for Roadway. After the character has ever been to roadway, it always has an innate sense for the general direction of the nearest road point (if one exists) on each sphere. Many clan members have this gift.

"Through the Curtain" Waunderer slang for falling through a weak point in a sphere barrier and arriving somewhere else.

Arth: The *Verse's largest Realm and vortex. . This realm was created by a divine like intelligence in the form of other times and places. It is a massive place, as this one land mass takes up a surface the size of a standard solar system disk. It is filled with copies of many times and places, so much so that it has such a strong association that it causes warpways of epic proportions. The Waunderers that are drawn to Arth are seldom seen again, as Arth has only three pitiful cyclic gates to The Road.

OoP: Out of Place Objects/ people. These strange and unusual things that are found in ways and places that are "unexpected". They are often Fortean in nature.

Vehicle Stuff

Shuttle: Vans/cars or Gravitic vehicles of about the same size/shape that transfer between Dimensions.

The Detour The most common TransD Shuttle. Think of it as a van you can stand in. The middle seats stow almost flat so you can use a lot of cargo. The door on the rear. Most Detours have driver and passenger side doors. A few have a side door for middle passengers access. It looks like a working van, just without wheels. Though you can get that option if you are going to places where it might help. Some have environmental seals and support.

D-cycles are two person, motorcycle like gravity vehicles, equipped with a dimensional engine. Most Patrol areas uses them.

K-Pads are 2 meter metallic disks trimmed with lights with a handle bar arrangement. K-pads are a common design used by many with D-Engine technology, including Magic, The Art, Crystal Tech, HyperTech, and other ways. They normally have a teleport like function to move from physical place to place when they jump between spheres. Some K-pads are actually time traveling devices, rather than D-vehicles. Timewatch is always on the look out for K-pads in the hands of people who do not know how to use them.

No computer has ever been able to match living intuition when it comes to traveling between the spheres. Even D-matrixes and Other technologies need a sentient component to travel. So every vehicle needs a living being to safely pilot it.

Gateways: Locations where a world links to another. Usually this has a boundary.

Gate Point or Zone: An area where a world links to another. The boundaries are vague... defined more by an area rather than bounded edged.

Most gates have some kind of conditions (presence of a full moon, a solstice, the life energy of a human, or jade) or time cycle (every 24 or 72 hours, or for only an hour every year and a day) that will forge the link between the two sphere and allow being to cross over. It is a rare gateway that is constantly open. Finding gateways require either deduction and problem solving or sensing with TDE. To transfer through a gate point requires the character to make a MPY attribute DR, (TDE may be added), every impulse in the gate point. A successful DR allows the character to transfer. Gates have no power difficulty, but only lead to one place.

In Society, most open world gate points or areas have physical "door frames" marking the areas. It is only on closed worlds that they must be found.

The Road- We have that.

The Mist: In many times and places a mysterious blue fog will envelop characters and transport them to other places. This mist is either a natural transdimensional phenomena or is directed by some unknown supernatural force. People who are moved by the mist usually find themselves in points of events which need their help. It is unclear why this rare effect occurs. It does seem to center around Arth. Many clan scientists have tried to study this effect with no success. No roll is required to use the mist, as it is making the die roll and taking you where it wants to go.

Plaques: These are locations defined by The Arte. They are tools used to travel. Plaques draw their power from Reality Points (The anchors of Chaos, Law, Celestial, or other Force). They are very rare in most parts of the *Verses. Characters should think of them as small portable gateways to the places pictured.

Transporters: These stationary sites allow characters and things to be projected to other spheres. Transporters are normally one way (sending) so a transporter system has a transporter on both ends. Transporters are normally large bulky room sized affairs that require immense amounts of energy to run. Most transporter systems use scavenged Others technology. The only groups that normally has transporters are the Clan and the Family (who stole them from the clan). Their construction and maintenance is a carefully guarded clan secret. Operating a transporter requires a transporter science DR with either DEX or MEN as appropriate.

Chronalfoci Drive
Once you develop time travel theory, you need to develop time space relationship formulas... as the universe is always moving. Once you have proper chronal travel, you have teleportation. To avoid the complications that go with time travel, you can limit it a cone of causality events. You can arrive outside a causal cones, in an near instance. Under proper circumstances, you can then traverse the time lines and happen tracks, and eventually dimensions.

Welcome to the [url="https://forum.rpg.net/entry.php?193-MoonHunter-Sayeth-20170929"]Power of the Comets

Though they came to theory the back way. They used TransD math and an understanding of some other FTL technologies... thus they have access to the most power drive in any dimension that can only be used with the utmost caution.

D-Port:The Airport/ Gate Center combination, sometimes it is a seaport/ gate center combination. Frequently D-Travelling vessels of the right mode will also arrive here.

Keep but rewrite

D-Stress: Dimensional stress is caused any time the natural "way" of a sphere is disrupted. Spheres need a little D-Stress from time to time … to help their history move. Living between the Spheres of the *Verse requires a careful balance, respecting the paths a sphere is supposed to take (its destiny and forms) and the physical laws of dimensional physics. When that balance is disrupted, Dimensional stress is generated. It energizes things. Weather is the most common effect, as changing energy patterns is easy. The bigger the disruptions, the more things that become reality. Like Isonic fiction, the vibrations of D-Stress causes reality. Reality itself alters itself into strange patterns. abnormal events, entities manifest, or life begins to fade. Dimensional stresses and strains on a part of the *Verse system begin to affect other Spheres and realms. The stress and strain manifests itself in waves of weirdness that first begin to warp and change the affected sphere, then radiates out- destabilizing other spheres and realms.

D-Stress bring Things in Black begin to occur. They function as the universe’s defense. They hunt and eliminate anything causing “problems”. They also eliminate anything with a TransD vibration. Any traveler, any fey, and anything that might have a link to another sphere or realm… like any place linked by an active gate, or part of the same cluster or string. How much havoc is determined by the degree of D-Stress.

Warp Storm: Bits of dimensional stress that causes odd weather. Warp Storms link to every other warp storm in all the *Verse. From time to time, things affected by the Warp Storm are transferred by to another place. Thus Warp Storm can be a dangerous and disruptive effect. Sometimes however, it moves something out of one world and moves it to where “it is needed”. So they can provide a balance to the *Verse.

Isonic Friction: Isonic friction occurs where dimensions butt up against each other, where weak points - bridges and natural portals occur. Isonic friction is a subtype of D-Stress, which can make reality. Bubbles of reality float into the limbo from where realities meet. Sometimes they can expand existing realities as well. These bubbles can have matching vibrations with other ideas or locations, thus taking on those ways, forms, and appearances.

NearSpace: In regions or individual spheres/ slices where FTL is possible, there is a near space. Call it Subspace, Hyperspace, Warpspace, That Place, Hyperwave, Null Space, Limbo, Hell, or what ever you want to call it. It is not quite into "full Limbo", it is a "Isonic Film" on the other side of the membrane that becomes something like "a space" but with other distances mapping to the real slice/ stellar universe. So they transverse to the near space and traverse back to the sphere.

New Stuff that might stick

Phase Plastic: This is a material with TDE properties. The item will adapt to the local sphere (and sometimes real) almost automatically (but sometimes it takes some time depending on the local ontos level. It can only adapt to simple artifacts, no complex machinery. So phase plastic money would become local coins. A phase plastic knife would look and feel like a local knife of local materials and design. If the phase plastic is not imprinted with an idea, it will just change into something random that fits the same approximate size and local setting.

Slices are places where spheres exist in the same space and can be reached by some for of interstellar craft.

Fragments are like realms - usually floating island - these are often split off from a real world.

Sphere and Realm Stuff May need rewrite

Realms: A relatively small sphere of quasi stable proto matter. A place is a realm that reflect the spheres it is nearest and reflects back upon those spheres. True fey only exist in realms. The Deamoni are supposed to be from realms, but they deny this

Spheres: Each stopping point that exist: a planet or unique realm that a Waunderer can travel to and from. Each sphere is a major game environment, with its own history, life, and adventure opportunities. Each sphere does not have to correspond to the same place in time space in different dimensions. Some spheres can be traveled to by star craft from another sphere. (This can be a major short cut. It is the trick utilized by the Comets.) Other spheres are so alien they are not related to anything.

Locked Spheres: Spheres that can only be entered or left in certain places or during certain times. The shifting forces in the world create a barrier that bars traveling most of the time. Each closed sphere has a negative modifier that applies to every travel DR coming or going. Each sphere normally has a window, a way a time or a place where the sphere's barrier is weakened. If a character attempts to travel through the window, they have either no modifier or a much smaller one to every travel DRs.

Vortex Spheres or Realms: These are places that draw warp currents towards them. This makes them easy to enter or fall into, but extremely difficult to leave. These sphere tend to be very strange places, as all the collected here includes DP people, artifacts, animals, creatures, and entities.

Linked Sphere: If something happens in one sphere of a linked set, some effect occurs in the other. Common examples of this are present past linked spheres. While the sphere which correspond to the modern spheres past looks like the modern spheres past, it actually is not. It is an alternate place. However, notable changes made in the past sphere cause reflections on the modern sphere (manifested through D-Stress that will stabilized quickly). Most of the time the changes are very minor or non existent. Sometimes, they are major. Both the Patrol and The Watch monitor such places to prevent notable disruptions. Sometimes these links are two ways. The two places have some degree of correlation or association. Changes in one place cause reflected changes in another. So if a person who has a corresponding person in the other place is killed, the person in the other place will also die. Nature will see to it.

Echo: A sphere or realm that looks like or is affected by a core sphere. A world might look like your Earth, but you discover it is an alternate realm (sometimes with less visible alterations).

String: See Cluster or Linked Spheres.

Limbo: The null space that exist between the spheres. The term space is symbolic, as limbo does not have corresponding three dimensional coordinates. It is a spiritual/ mental realm almost incomprehensible to three dimensional being, like most characters. Attached to limbo in some way are the Fey and Deamoni realms. These places, while considered spheres, are actually pockets of reality that reflect to and from the spheres they are near.

the isonic friction zones: Often used for Limbo, however it is more accurately used for higher concentrations of limbo that often spawn Fey and Realms when they find an matching vibrations/ association with a sphere.

Bleed: See Limbo - It is "the place between: two or more realities.

Gap or "The Gap": An option for Limbo.

interstice: A limbo option an intervening space./ a small or narrow space or interval between things or parts, especially when one of a series of alternating uniform spaces and parts: the interstices between the slats of a fence

*Tween: Limbo

Line of Existence: This is one sphere’s path through time: From where it bursts into existence by leaving the prime line to when entropy takes hold and brings it back to the Prime.

Core: Each mainline world splits off one of the 22 cores spheres. Other sphere, like the ones The Comets go to are linked to that stellar universe's Core, even if that core is unimportant to that stellar universe. When it splits off a core, it takes so much Ontos with it. Then alternate sphere split off from it, pulling off so much Ontos. Eventually enough splits occur that a world line begins to run out of Ontos, of probability.

Ontos Burn: As things change, the Ontos is converted into "reality" or patterned change. Thus a sphere burns Ontos over time. (often creating the psuedomatter "grit" in limbo responsible for Isonic Friction)

Ontos Sink: A world/ place/ sphere/ realm that seem to concentrate more ontos energy/ probability energy than it logically should. These are surprising or illogical spheres/ places/ realms. This can also be used for illogically important things inside a world.

Ontos Foci: Two meanings. 1) A world (sphere, realm, place, slice) that is the core of any dimensional space (steallar universe/ astreal space/ hyper and sub space). Technically all of these are Foci or a focus. 2) The more common use: a very important item inside a sphere. Possession/ control/ use of said item shapes the way of things around them.

Ontos Pillar: The Sphere that anchors a given slice/ membrane/ stellar universe/ dimensional space to The *Verse as a whole. A pillar is usually a Core Sphere, but not always. See first use of Ontos Focus.

Both the Focus and Pillar tend to have PoEs and are the location where the most dimensionally significant things occur. (i.e. converting ontos into reality - ontos burn)

Spokes (as in Spokes in the Wheel of Time). These are worldlines (core or pillars usually) that define reality temporally. Not normally used in game, but something that the GM might need to know.

Junction Realms: These are those eternal echo realms that are full of gate zones... you can enter them from appropriate area from almost any sphere (and some realms)... and use them to travel between the spheres. The most famous of these is The Roadway, but the Pipelands, Brambles, The Eternal Arcade, and other places you can get lost into and find another way out is a junction.

Slice V-Slice or *Verse Slice. It is the slice of reality between two membranes, the stellar universe the sphere exists in. A sphere of a slice is the most important sphere to that slice, it is where ontos flows into the slice. Some Slices are very powerful, as they have several spheres flowing onto into them. Then there are others with just one.

I need to properly define ...
Forms, Ways, Sectors, and Regions.

Wave: Groups of sectors/ regions are explored and incorporated in waves. Each wave is a group opened up by the Council for possible and legal contact. They are usually another set of transfers from the original wave of expansion. So The current outer wave is the fourth wave, which is requires a minimum of four dimensional transfers to reach there from the original Society claimed sectors/ regions. So far there are still spheres semi-regularly linked to Otherwhen. The next wave will expand to spheres that have odd or very rare links to Otherwhen or The Road. (Note: waves are 75% close to each other in terms of transfer.)

_____ _____ _____ _____

Sectors - what the world is generally like

Societal: These are worlds that are open. Now those that were originally part of some other active sectors, will often be Societal/xxxxx or xxxxx/societal

Anglodyne and Anglostyle – englishesk in focus

Anglolique/Albion – England and semi-magical englands in focus

Zhongguo/ Zhonghua sector of realms - China oriented lines

Kemet Sector - Egyptian

Arabī -Middle East/ Moslim focused timeline

Lone Star Cluster realm – there are a number of timelines where Texas remained independent or dominant

Mason-Ameri Zone – most United States/ American dominated Homeline Zones.

Mason/ Neptune Those specific worlds where neptune's plans go off.

Corporate-Mason - Megacorp dominated worlds (most have a better prenup of government and corporates).

ʻO ka poʻe - Polynesian like society on a vast archipelago.

Atlantian/ Alantan
DiIrbo Great City - Atlantian variations

Dominion - Canadian emphasis

Romanus/Zhongguo - Roman/Chinese line

Quectron (Stellar Society that uses psionics with amplifiers)

The Expanses (Stellar Society that uses a HyperSpace ocean)- Agean

Trans-Stellar Imperium (a human centric stellar empire/ society active thousands of years ago. Regular Tech, Crystal Tech, Geotech. Anime, Operatic, etc.

Dracovian - Space Empire of the Dracovians (Human/saurians) - usually atomic future.

Ouverts - Terre without people (such empty worlds are usually populated by blue fog or warp storms)

Ments - a world line where hypercognitive AIs dominate - such as The Culture.
DurHir - a world under the sway of a Dark Lord

ArHir - a world under the sway of a High Lord, or someone who dominates the sphere and controls its energies.

A'boda/ dieDom - Dome Worlds,This would be for various ecological damages. Diverge left from mason american or other Earthlines

Märchen implies a fairytale/ fey like as a German word. It is used for worlds with a large number of fey colocated territories.

Mechtron - robotic wars (Ogre, GEV, Boppers)

Phoenix - A foundation/ group/ secret society preps for a world ending event.

Heroics - Those that have super heroes (masked, adventuring identity, costumed vigilantes )

Terminal - The world is ending

Hammer - A world ending asteroid hit in the 70s/80s. or 2020

Industrio-fire hot worlds brought on by industrial

Industrio-ice Ice age brought on by smoke

Note: each core world will need several sectors

Gamma Small spheres, nearly a realm. odd tiny planets

Delta Pedrales worlds

Sigmas - Inner Earths

various flows
Diverse (Worlds with complex social and complex biologies Most spheres are simplier).

Way (Forcesk )
Geotech - use of leylines and Rill for empowerment
Moderne Tech that supports up to Earthline 30s/40s
Mecha Form - which could come from a variety of techs or magics.
Cyber - People/Tech Interface (cyberware, interfaces, AI, begining bionics/ biologics.

_____ _____ _____ _____

Exchange Units aka EU aka Units aka "Uni"s: Money of some sort is always needed, even with the near limitless resources and goods available to most Society Members. It is a measure of "work" and value of items, through the tapestry. (It also includes lift costs (launching and recovery off sphere costs). The true value of an item is a complex formula of its dimensional scarcity and how many dimensional traverses must be performed to get it to Society".

EU is held to a standard by the Gatemasters Guild and the Council Committee on Transversion (older term for intra-sphere travel) and Exchange. It is the amount of power/ effort to do a world to world transfer under most methods (increased/ decreased based on methods and ways available).

Most EUs Coins are phase plastic. It is a plastic with TDE properties, that automatically adapts to the sphere (and sometimes realm) it is on. Thus EUs can be polycrast plastic hexes on one sphere and convert to silver coins in another. Most of the time, EUs are kept "on ledger", in bank balance books, or digitally.

Barter is a frequent thing for Travellers just passing through. Local coinage is usually used for most things in a sphere, but sometimes you need "true money", especially when dealing with Clan Folk. (There is often a pegged conversion for local money to EUs and back)

Species of Tradition: Elves, Dwarves, etc of Fey Origin. If Fey stay on a realm long enough, they change... taking on Ontos of the sphere and manifesting as more solid speices (and sometimes interbreeding). They become Species of Tradition, certain expected sub species (Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, etc...)

Fey sometimes pluralize - diversify into the Species of Tradition

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