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Setting: Of The Blood
This setting needs a new name, but this is soo perfect. So maybe a tack on, like.. a isles setting... or soemthing like that.

Convergence Point Status
Writing called on count of changing barometric pressure and sinus headache

In its place we have a chronicle I have run briefly twice in the past.
From one of my favorites, 101 Fantasy Settings and Campaigns

Terre is the planet/ setting. Of The Blood is the Chronicle name set here- maybe the name of the game supplement eventually

Terre is one of those alternate earthlike worlds with little to no change geographically. The campaign will center on Europe. In Europa (Europe), History followed the general course similar to Earth Line Main. The Now is their 1500s, the time of The Albion/ English Renaissance and Elsbeth the 1st.

The chronicles tend to set in Albion, but could be anywhere in Europa.

There are two notable game differences. One is that magic is a bit more accessible. The second part is that certain bloodlines have a strong ability to use magic. Those without the right blood, find it near impossible to work magic. Magic is normal low end magics. It is some basic mind magics, with techniques for finding (association), charms (positive mods to actions), hexing (negative mods to actions). With rituals and complicated studies, spirits of all sorts (including demons and angels... who come if they want to) can be summoned and used. Ritual is the only way people without The Gift in their blood can work magic. Other rituals include many voodoo-esk effects. Most of the magics are benign, but the summon and association rituals are often seen as "not so".

The Faith, the dominant religion of the western world, sees all magic as dark because of its association with spirits. Many of the reformer faiths follow this idea.

In the times of Romanum, two or three of The Families had "The Gift", including the family of The Cesar. Other families sought to keep up with the blooded lines with rituals and some pacts. Still, the Republic moved to Empire.

The Romanum conquered all the peoples of Europa. They broke the power of The Celts, a people who had The Blood running strongly through its veins. It took Romanun summoners and strong roman quirites / spears to conqueror these "barbarians". The Great Tribes were broken. The few Celts that remained became Romanum vassels in small pockets around the Empire.

Eventually, Roma teetered. The Families seemed to have lost control of things, and most spectacularly their magical things. The Mad Emperor chose magic over rulership. The corruption that followed brought down the greatest civilization ever known.

The Faith began to be preached in all of Romanum towards the end of The Empire. They spoke of the corruption and how the purity of the Faithful would tide them through these dark times. As Roma fell and the empire dispersed, the dark time did descend.

The practitioners of The Arts were heavily persecuted by The Faith and the nobles assisted.

Still history went as history went. The Reformers are beginning to improve The Faith. The Art of Fencing and dueling take a greater emphasis than on the Earthline. Guns carried by soldiers are demphasized (could it be magic hexes making them more dangerous to the soldiers?). Cannons are the military weapon of choice. The England stands against The Spanish and French.

Who are you (PCs)? You are people in and around The Court. Many of you will be of the Blood, hiding your secrets (persecuted if you have the power or not). Many of you will be duelists and soldiers. A few will be scheming nobles and clergy. A few of you will be agents of various factions or foreign nations.

In Cathay/ China, the timeline is much different. Bloodlines are held in certain esteemed positions (much like Manderins). This will create a major issue when Europa turns its eyes towards The East. In Kibula/ Africa, the bloodline leaders have had savage wars against each tribe. They are a diffused and broken people, with fewer peoples in the Western (Slavery is seldom seen here in Europa because of those changes, so this will change this world's future events). Polynesians are a larger and more vibrant culture, with voyagers using Art to more effect. The New World of the North and South will be bitter and complicated as the Aztec/Incan magics will give them greater resistance to the Europans.

The games in this setting worked out fairly well (though they were really short 1-4 session affairs). We had courtly intrigue. We had secret powers. We had plots and plans. If I had relationship maps and conspiracy maps when I did these games, it would of helped. (Data Maps) It had enough history that people knew kinda what was going on, but not so much history that people didn't feel the need to study history (thus hate the game). It was a fun low fantasy game.

In Convergence Point, this game did fairly well. Each Blood Trait granted you a bonus level in Power, one power trait, and increased Blood Nemesis. The magic system was simple, single power trait affairs. Those that had power did not overshadow those who did not. Magic was actually very support in orrientation, so only offensive/ defensive against other magic users). The Balance between Power and Fencing worked out nicely, better than I hoped.

Swashbuckling Fantasy History was the "listed genre" of these little chronicles. So Fencing, with a lot of swash, were "the thing". It tested the Convergence Point Martial Arts rules. Which by everyone's account was easy and rocked.

Characters got bonus points for doing things in a Swash Style or in a Conspiracy Style.
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