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Just seeing how much I have done on the setting...
Of Flame, Flight, and Fury... The Example

Just a status check on Waunderers Way
If you haven't been following at all, click HERE

The Original document that expanded on the six pages of original Waunderers material is 30 pages and 22k words, with 7k of that moved to the blog. There are sections on Waunderer creation, Clan character creation, D-Matrix, TDE, and a section on how to make spheres and a list of worlds, a few pieces of equipment, and a lot of less helpful material.

On this Blog I have posted 9166 words, that is a 2k increase in words transferred from the core document.

On the 101 worlds in an interconnected multiverse I have done 21,270 all new words with 620 transition words. (well a few K were words from other threads, but they have all been grouped and polished for here.)

One of my favorite string of spheres from that thread...
Empire of the Emerald Road - Waunderers Way Subsetting I was going to post that as the "setting for the day", but I already have.

Today I did some work as an example. The process is simple. Create any kind of world with any kind of setting, it should be gameable - something your players would play. (Sure worlds that are artistic or thematic would be okay, but really, gameable with your average troupe). Once you have a good amount of work on that setting, stop and think about The Clans. Think about their goals and specialties. What would they want with or do on that world? They are hiding in the background usually. You can shift a setting a bit towards semi-closed or semi-open, but there you are. They continue to operate in secret for the most part, having no impact on most of the setting or the characters. Still if the PCs poke around in the odd corners, they might encounter the front organizations and odd events created by The Clans. For the most part, unless you know what to look for, you will not find them.

So I grabbed a random world from the 101 supers thread.

World 814 - Of Flame, Flight, and Fury...

From the Guardian's Report: "This is an Earthline world that is not passing through the Meta FLow, but just edged into the mana flow, with a spiral path. Like many Earth worlds, it is verging on meta heroic patterns. To make matters more complicated, it is picking up an echo from nearby worlds in the mana flow. In short, it is becoming a stranger place. "

For the Locals....

In the last few month, people have begun to "manifest". What that means on this world is, draconic manifestation. Most of it has been... low key... attribute expansion mostly. Yet, for others it has been more - flight, firebreath, claws, and other physical manifestations. Of those with the morphic elements, some can change back and forth, while others are "stuck". A few can work magics.

A few have become "quiet heroes" doing good when they can. A few have begun to scheme, seeing themselves as superior to normals... they should rule. A few are desperately attempting to retain their humanity and not go feral. Others are hiding what they are, hoping that nobody will notice.

Soon, manifestation will be out in the open. The option to hide will no longer be there. Sides will be chosen. Conflicts begun.


This is a super world, where those who are meta have draconic abilities and draconic special effects. It is an interesting supers setting. Now let us apply The Society and The Clans.
Like almost all meta form and super way (Meta is the type and level of power and Super is the whole colorful costume, code names, Good vs Evil in a new arena), this is a semi-locked sphere. It is difficult to get to and leave this sphere. (Many Meta Worlds are fully locked. In the Meta Flows, some sectors/ clusters are locked together - easy to traverse each other, but harder to get into or out of).

That is not stopping The Society. This is currently a closed world. They are operating in the backgrounds. Yet there is an upcoming bill going before The Council that might change that. The Clerks are looking into it. There are only a few clans who are taking actions.

The Spiders: They are frequently in Super and Meta Form Spheres. While may of "the better" forms of technology require Meta Forms to use, they investigate many of these worlds to see the new ways to skirt the technology or ways that don't require tech. There are many Spiders who are native to super way worlds. This is an Earth (which has a good tech octive, and no limits usually). It is actually a mana form world, rather than a meta... though it looks like a meta world. They are looking into it, semi-officially... though that paperwork has not gone through.

Swords: On the edges of The Society, you will find The Swords engaging in aggressive business packages. They tend to follow Cyberpunk sensitibilites in their business practices, that is to say... violent, ruthless, and only illegal if you get caught... no matter where they practice. They are highly successful in procuring manufactured goods and rare resources, things of high value to Society (so good rewards to risk ratio). Meta Form worlds tend to produce a variety of X-ites and Wavebased alloys, synthetic materials, and so on. (Often wave based material can only be made on a meta way but can still exist outside the meta flows.) The Swords came here for new access to the meta wave resources. However there are none. In establishing themselves for those resources, they set up some general business fronts. They are now going to exploit those businesses (and this world) to make up for the lack of planned revenue. (They were a little behind, but they eventually got their license for limited activity here. They are moving far beyond their limited activity... but still... )

Someday someone will find out that mana stones for focus or mana storage are here and can be made here...

Rex: The Dracomorph members of this Clan have pushed their way on to this world secretly. The Council does not know they are there (and would probably be okay with it as long as Society was protected). They are starting to infiltrate this proto-draco society that is forming here. They are having problems with this world, not used to operating on Earths, let alone Super Way worlds. Still, they want to be here to see what they can do "to help promote and support the draco-kind). The Rex are also actively trying to undermine the Spiders and the Swords on the sphere and in The Council, so this can be "their world". (So The Clan will be the power behind a number of clumsy "super villains" and cults that will appear on this Sphere.)

The Dragons: The Clan has a small mission going here. They are investigating the mana flow and the mystical echo that is occurring here. This sounds more like a Crystal research project, but The Dragons got their research mission sanctioned first by The Clerks. If one is careful, one can work a variety of magics here that are not dragon related. Though if you have a dragon (draco not clan) talisman, you can do some interesting things. Still, the study of the Dragon motif magic and Kind Form here, has exciting possibilities.

The Dragons are active on more Earths than one might suspect. The Hidden Magic Way and Mana Forms (which can be a variety of forms and way... supernaturals, kinds, magic, psionic, and so on..) is found on a number of High Tech Octave Earths.

Some conflict: The Dragons and The Rex will someday be competing for the adoption of the Dracomorphic Humans of this sphere (Though The Rex have yet to realize this).

Other Society Oh there are also a few Winds here, just because it is interesting. The Order of Clerks has a survey team here. Just because, there is at least one Guardian on this world. It is a Meta World after all.

Now we have a place for PCs to encounter. They can be waunderers (random travellers), or Clans people, or Patrol, or just world travelling super heroes (I mean, weren't we suppose to go to Earth 16? Yes, but the mystic dingus thinks we are supposed to be here.) It was simple and easy to do. Because it is a world for just one or three session, you don't have to do the full flesh out process (Okay, I would, but that is just me.... because it will make many things easier if they come up.)

Some worlds that could fit in a Waunderer's Game

Waunder's Way Terms and Glossary if you haven't been reading those
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