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Setting: A Tiny War

Convergence Status Point
I am doing another edit pass, as I seemed to have missed thing on the first section rewrite (then on to more lifeform texts).

Blog Post

Do you wonder if you have a game going on around you? Well, I believe I am. I survived my Weekly Job rolls a few weeks back. I am a PC, I have had enough adventures that I assume I am one. I know I am an NPC in other people's chronicles... wise sage npc, quest giver, antagonist, back up protagonist. -there are stories behind all of these. (So I am my GM's favorite character, to use me in what ever way he needs). I also know that there are more games. I am also a hazard.

Let me explain. My Dogs are obvious in a game. They are obviously a beer and pretzel game where Husky Games are periodically played (chasing, wrestling, and song competition). I was a "make a roll to avoid the obstacle (and get a food treat later)". Both the dog players failed.... 50 lbs at full tilt run (20+MPH) whammed into Dad. I took some damage from the impact fall. Both wrists are in pain after pain killers. I am wearing splints on both arms after work today. (I didn't take enough damage to be a 4d6 roll, even halves.... so obviously it was damage from another subsystem... so I was move through-ed twice. )

I am also typing like a turtle. So tonight's blog is called on account of game damage. To satisfy my game audience, here is another setting I loved (and can mostly cut and paste).

From 101 Mecha Settings from the waybac machine.

A Tiny War

The Galactic Confederation has a complex legal system. A millennia of legislation works together to prevent any decisive or extreme actions. This has brought stability to the Confederation and its hundreds of species and worlds. It also controls how the Confederation interacts with the rest of the universe. These laws compel the Confederation to act when genocide and ecological damage might occur, yet limits their ability to act and risk sophonts(thinking beings). They compel action to protect and preserve pre-stellar societies when possible, They also limit the way they can contact with “outside species”, especially those with a pre-stellar society. This creates anxiety and anger in those who feel they must act, but can’t.

KD36 is a star on the coreward fringe of Confederation Space. The third planet in that system supports life and intelligent life at that. The locals are “balkanized” with tens of thousands of genetic monarchies. Their complex societies includes a wide variety of sciences. Their work in genetics and mnemonics is actually more advanced than many member societies. This feat is more impressive given their deficiency in metal tech and electrotech. Their cultures is complex and rich, supporting arts, music, and other expressions. While they do have genetically crafted slave castes, they are protected from anti-slavery intervention by their genetic makeup.

The locals are 10 centimeter tall insectoid that are rated 1.4 standard sapience (at least the sapient ones.... and for scale humans are 1). Though a complex set of alliances, most of the hive sets are embroiled into a planet wide war. Their warrior castes are being genetically tweaked in to being more dangerous. New forms are being experimented with: fliers, enhanced chemical projectors, and biolelectric generators. New non organic weapons, including catapults, chariots, and rocket lances, are just now reaching their battlefields. Bioweapons that are non standard for their culture are being developed. The half cycle of conflict so far has generated nearly three tech steps increase… with not end in sight. This war is projected to reach genocide levels and possible ecological destruction within three standard cycles.

Intervention is mandated. The restrictions seem insurmountable. Yet, it can be done.

Scaled Mechforms piloted by projected consciousness should allow Confederations forces to aid the locals and create stability, without damaging their culture, destroying their mindset (we are tiny bugs against giants), and creating a positive first contact. The pilots are a mixed bag of military types, plugged riggers, and traditional militants (Samurai, Knights, and such). A few are encounter teams trying to buffer the Confederation military teams and the world side forces.

Sure the mecha look like toy robots (in fact they are). These 50 centimeter tall humanoid weapons are perfect and match all the psych and neoculture bureaus requirements. It is a diverse force, with some are smaller units, including a 10 centimeter tall unit that looks like a small environmental suits (piloted by military advisors and encounter teams). Some of the 50 cm units have 10cm unit pilots.

After some initial bumps, the Confederation forces and local Militaries working towards peace (rather than victory) seem to be making progress. If you have a samurai-esk mindset, working with the local seems easier.

The scale of this game is great, as you don’t have the normal “scientific impossibilities” revolving around mecha. The inspiration for this game: Mekton + Chitin (Metagame Microgame)

It is an anime game... something for the four family members.

While there will be your appropriate tactical missions with tactical goals and all tactical rules, most of this game will be about the roleplaying the characters and situation.

This is about exploring your character and meeting the goals you the player have set for the character. (score the milestones with EP/ Advancements). Some will be conflicts with others. Some will be having to make certain situations/ decisions. Some will be to overcome your own issues. Many of the scenes the characters will have will be embedded in "other events". So like Battlestar Galactica RPG, combat comes down to the PC scene... and the tough decision they have to make.

Wow, just this bit I typed is making my wrists hurt.
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