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Today's post is brought to you by my dual arm braces. 36 hours without a brace and too much work/ typing means I am back in them for 12+ hours a day.

Setting: 13th Chime

With an up coming family holiday, ones mind normally turns to Horror. So here is one from The new 101 Horror

13th Chime

A group of friends (or people who happen to know each other... like neighbors or co-workers) are kidnapped by people in clown outfits. (Using fiasco would be a way to build the group, but Smallville would do the best job as well.)

When they awaken, they are surrounded by masked people in posh clothing from the last three centuries. Some are modern, some are aristocratic France, a few in 20s garb, a few in clothes from the 1760s. The Three "Leaders" are sitting on the thrones (dressed in Aristocratic French fashion). They tell the victims that they have been selected to play a game. (Many have owl or bird inspired masks.)

"The game is the 13th hour. If you survive 12 hours in The Maze, you will be given their freedom and a reward (they show off a briefcase of gold bars). Inside the maze are six strikers. (one for each players) They are there to stop you from surviving. They are vicious and insane, so they will test your metal. "

Using masked armed guards, the characters are herded into a waiting room. At the first chime, the game starts. The door opens. The back wall begins to slide forward to crush them.

They are in a maze. Mostly it is narrow, dark, and seems like a carnival dark ride/ haunted house. Each of the strikes is dressed as a clown and has his own nitch on how he kills/ terrorizes/ tortures his/her victims.

It is a survival/slasher game. At least in the first session.

The game continues on until the 13th chime (at the end of the 12th hour). The lights will go on... it will be easy to get out of the maze. They are shown off to the crowd and the leaders make big speaches about willpower and capability. They are given a choice, a briefcase of gold or an owl mask. Those that choose the briefcase, are hustled into a van and dumped out by a desert gas station (so they can make their way home). Those that choose the mask, will eventually be dumped out there... but informed about the power of The Court of the 13 and joining the party first. (Oh and you will be given the magicks or power of any striker you killed.)

Of course, any of the surviving strikers, will try to serial kill them out in the real world next month. And if their "friend who took the mask" is around, they might be the killer.

Oh, everytime you survive, you might get a gift or a mask. You are strong, you do what you have to, to survive. You are worthy.

The Court of 13 are a mystical illuminati group that gains longevity and mystical abilities through the sacrifice/ fear/ life energy of the victims. Thus they are all about the macabe. Their strikers are probably demon possessed, but some are just greedy/insane. The Game grants their strikers magically enhanced powers. There are magical runes on the bodies (either as tattoos, scars, or as blood drawn things) on The Court and the Strikers. Sometimes they will brand some prey. The game (and the runes hidden in the maze and the strikers) allows them greater harvesting, but sometimes these strikers are sent out to kill randomly or remove inconvenient people. (Business Rival... well easy to get rid of).

So after you get a survivor or two... and some new characters. You have people trying to survive the quasi-supernatural experience, investigating things, and trying to stop the conspiracy. Players can just be survivors until they get enough together to fight back. Eventually they will find someone or thing/book that will give them clues. Maybe the survivors will cultivate their abilities. They will build clues and powers and eventually strike back. Well that is the path of a 13th Chime Chronicle.
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