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Rage against The Puppies
And a setting with Dogs.

Blog Post

That is to say, don't rage at all.

I am pressed for time and the internet fairy is not being friendly (I just bought some things from drivethrough, but the connection isn't good enough to actually check my library or download it.) At this point, I dig around the day, about what happened, about questions people have asked me (directly or not), or something someone said/ typed that just drove me crazy. You all experience MoonHunter ranting about one thing or another. If not, look around this blog or the site, I am sure you will find an example.

There are no natural disasters and management at work didn't do anything stupider than normal. Not that I normally go off on real life things. And really, me... complain about bad internet? That is like breathing.

I did some work (on my game or a project thread) today that went well. I am really happy with multiversal worlds thread

I read lots of threads today. Nobody said anything that set me off. Truth. I am just as surprised as you are. Nothing came up that would be improved by my opinion (wow, that is rare...)

So I dug around in some tags, looking for inspiration. I wandered over through GM Advice. I mean someone must of said something on that topic to get me going. But then I saw that so many of my blog posts were there. That made me happy. Without that rant rage, nothing there is going to create a blog post.

So that leaves me the Thunder Puppies. Well one is 11 and one is 2.5, not puppies. They have graced the blog before, MoonHunter Sayeth 20171113. They are characters in their own beer and pretzel game. (Really, read the blog post). So, the Thunder Puppies are two of the most dysfunctional huskies, both are rescues (He for a bit over a year, and her for three months) and not well taught by their previous owners (who did not understand dogs at all). My new young girl has insecurity issues... so everyone must love her (Feed me and tell me I am pretty... such a teenaged girl). If anyone is doing something "friendly", she must be get involved. She gets in the way of petting other dogs, hugging another human, or opening the fridge (as Food is Love).

Okay, they are characters and their game has gifts and flaws. Lots of flaws, they are Huskies after all. A bit durpy (and Durpy is a breed trait) and a touch crazy because they are so smart. So... crazy dogs made more crazy by bad owners. I mean the oldest one was on anti-anxiety meds for six months before he could functions. Yes, My Dogs are officially crazy.

We are keeping her with "the pack" inside the house. (She had never been inside before we rescued her). She needs to make sure that Outside is still there... usually at 0315. That is 3:15 am for you non-medical, non-military people. Some nights it is 2330. Some mornings it is 0430 (which is still bad, but it is when I have to get up to go to work).

So Last Night, after being inside most of the day to avoid the rain (which they do not care about having lived most of their lives outside, but drippy dogs are not a fun), it was 2330, 0145, 0355, and 0500. She even got the other dog up for some of those. She actually seemed to potty each time, so maybe it was a bladder thing.

The only thing that went wrong today was this morning. I need something to blog about. So I rage against the puppies. And really, I can't hold it against her... because she can't hold it either.

The Remaining

Five Generations ago, there was a colonization attempt on this verdant, wild, green world. The going was tough. There was danger, distrust, and death. The Mind of the World came against them. The Surviving Partners left us behind. We are strong. We continue. We work together.

It is our world now.

Strangers have returned to our world. They have made a strange camp. They are uprights. The smell of them makes you strange. The world mind is mixed about deal with them.

The Players are K10, genetically enhanced dogs. These dogs are larger sized wolves, with near opposible thumbs, augmented vocal abilities, and sentience. Their lifespand is nearly 40 years. They are still quadrapeds, but they can utilize their front paws and balanced a bit upright or while sitting. The K10s can feel the world mind, but are not directed by it. They can influence it, augmenting their ability to know their world and get the placing The Remainers are a tribals people now, with small stone additions to their world.

The New colonists are not resource explorers the orignals were. They are willing to live in and with the current world, more dedicated towards science and life. (They are crashlanders. They are a science exploration team that realizes it will be eighty years before the rescue vehicle arrives.

The original colony AI had tapped into the interlinked gaia mind of the world. It provided a real intelligence to the gaia flow. Because of a HAL like issue, it directed the world to deal with the colonists. It wanted to do things to the colonists. It wanted to expand them, change them, make them part of the world mind, yet seperate (so it could control them). In the end, they either died or left.

The world mind and the AI still are two who are one. The AI knows that the new humans would be a danger to it, as it is a rogue AI (thus must be destroyed by all galaactice laws), if they realized it was here. Even if they would be willing to bend the laws, there is the matter of it experimenting and killing off the previous colonist. Still, it wants to carefully continue its experiments.

The Gaia flow has expanded greatly. The New Colonist have a secret ally, as it has a better understanding of The Offworlder. Why it is wary of them, it realizes they are not The Enemy the AI says they are.

There are two groups which might need to work together, as the AI might have new ideas about what to do with both Remainers and Colonists.

Normally, I have done a lot of work on a setting... maybe doing some game mechanics and other things.

Not this one. This is setting for a story I wanted to write.

amendment: I actually wrote K10s up for Convergence Point (note: Character Template that is limited, not a Critter template that is improved.)

But if I was going to give some game advice, you need to do three things:

1) Make sure the players really know they are playing a K10. Mention their senses. Mention their use of body communication. Mention the moving around on four and the thunder of a full gallop. Mention the occasional odd grabbing or odd speaking because of the dog shaped paws/ mouth.

2) Play a couple of games with just the K10. Let them get a feel for it. It can be a hunt. A search for a young pup. It can be repelling another pack. Find some things. Repel another pack should be the first one done, as it gives you a call back that you are searching for another invading pack... and finding The Colonist.

3) All players have a primary character and a secondary character. The primary will be a K10 or a colonist that they want to play. The secondary character is a background character that a player is running for the GM. It is also the opposite type of their primary type. This means you will have a full pack, even if those other characters are just in the background. This means you have a full set of colonist, for the colonist only scenes/ sessions. Nobody has to be excluded when you have a species only session.

These secondary characters can serve as backup primary characters should something unfortunate happen. (or you get bored of your primary, which we al know would never happen with a player...
right?.... anyways.
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