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Magic: Auras

The Visual for this Magic is glowing auras evoked from the Magic User. You will have bear like abilities, you will have a glowing bear aura around you. You are shooting bolts, you will have an archer aura over you. Magic is full of big visible effects.

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Each magi is associated with a magic lodge (a mystical group that works together). Each Magi is bound at their initiation ceremony to a Emon. An Emon is an empowering spirit, part nature spirit, part abstract ideal, part mythical thing, part god.) Once invoked, a glowing aura of the Emon will surround the magi. Each lodge has one to five Emons they work with. (Some are bound to the group, some are "learned" through the lore the lodge has.) Being taught about accessing an Emon and possibly bound by ritual, allows a magi to invoke an aura and cast certain spell effects (perhaps even morph into the spirit's associate form).

Once releasing/ projecting their aura, they have special powers in line with their aura's shape. Usually it is "the shape" that has the power, like an oversized animal, but other times the auraed individual is the only "solid" form and has the powers.

Let us show an example:
The Lodge of the Firebird has access to the Red Falcon and Fire elemental spirits. This Lodge supports the House of Irman (which has a firebird (a Red Falcon of actual flames) on its Device and the Lands of Coshi (the traditional lands rules by the house of Irman). This lodge is a bit more political than most, but tries to help all the people of Coshi.

Fire: Heat, Warmth, Motion, at highers flight, Fire creation, shaping, bolts, etc. Protection from fire.

Red Falcon: Speed/ Dexterity boosts, enahnced senses, claw like strikes, and such.

Master both and it adds regeneration and longevity (as firebirds are always reborn).
They might have access to more lore about other Emons, but you will have to notably earn access to that knowledge.
Other Lodges could be The Lodge of the Collon, (based on the river valley of the same name Water, River Nature magics, Healing), The Knights of The Crown (Sword Magics, Shield Magics), The Order of Hirus (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, a seriously academic order), and so on.. you get the idea. (Lodge could be substituted for Society, Group, Companions of, and so on... we just use the word Lodge most of the time).

Lodges require you to take vows to support them, their cause (if any), and any ideals that they support. (Before you join, they will see if you are made of "their kind of person".) There be tests or quests or missions you must perform for them. If a mage want access to other Emons (and their abilities - like Collon's healing magic), they must join those lodges. If the lodges you already are associated to are "associated", it is not hard. If your previous lodges are antagonistic, then joining the Lodge might be a herculean task. They must meet all the new lodge's criteria, and any initiations they need to do.

Some people disguise their identity and attempt to "thieve" lore and a ritual binding to an Emon. Most Lodges just kill people who deceive them, but other lodges use them as double agents or blackmail victims. Bringing Lore unknown to your Lodge back to it is worth a boon from the group.

All magi will have to work with their lodge if they want additional lore or want to use lodge resources. Being in poor standing with your lodge means you have no access to lore, libraries, and training of new techniques. (No advancement without study.)

Now Great Wizards might explore the world and see if they can find their own Emon. They will bind themselves to it... and either bring it to one of their own lodges or create a lodge of their own. (See, there is an excuse to go adventuring in certain places.)

Many Religions use the Emons of Gods, Demi-Gods, and Great Spirits
The Order of Archangel of Micheal: Fire Effects, Sword Magics, and Communication/ Leadership sort of spells.
Clerical magic operate the exact same way as regular magi. Monks is the common clerical equivalent of Magi. However, certain religious groups might have other terms.

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Mechanically, this spell system works very well with point buy systems. GURPs or Hero or any system that has you buy abilities (powers), makes this system work well. Each of these will be limited to require some kind of skill roll (the skill roll for each Emon). You can only take powers that are represented by your Lodges.

That is true for any system. You can only take powers/ spells that are represented by your lodges. Thus powers will have to be statted up or a list of "possible effects" or "selectable spells" will need to be set up for every emon.

Basic Roleplaying's Spirit/ Divine Magic systems model this magic system quite easily. Reducing the power costs some help keep the spell system more in line the ideal.

You can do it power point systems, with appropriate skill rolls and energy costs (reduced from normal usually). Your skill will be your Emon.

For Vancian Magic systems, you will operate without chosen spells, but just can take anything under the Emon's spell list (using spell slots). Each Emon will have a spell list that matches it.
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