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Magic: Fortuna
This one is not just a reskin, it changes the meat of the system.

Magic is nothing more than concentrating on either a good result or a bad result. (Boon or Hex). The magicker concentrates on an object (and sometimes a results), They feel the fume, "the smoke" that is chance, flow to or away from it. Things will then happen. It is moved with brezza "the breeze" - your will upon the chances of the world.

Most spell casters just stare at things (giving an evil eye maybe). They would get bonuses for using a gesture or even speaking strongly a word.

Most hexes or boons are minor, spend an action to change an action (call it a +/-1 modifier in most systems (5%), but it could easily be a 15% swing to make magic more affective or increase a die step (system dependent)). The amount of change is called "swing" or "breeze". Your skill or level with Fortuna increases, you can increase the amount swing your boon or hex will generate.

Once a hex or boon is cast, it "holds" until it is used. So a Boon on your sword will last for a while until that first action you take with it (after drawn). The durration starts from the activation. A Fortuna will last until a notable change: Sunset, Sunrise, Lightning Flash, and so on. Hexes and boons from the same caster are cumulative. (So the only point of several people casting on the same object for the same advantage is that one might complete it sooner than others).

If I hex enough at a locked door and it will eventually open by breaking, the lock failing while I am fiddling with it, falling apart, or someone opening it up from the other side even though they shouldn't (or an earthquake which breaks the wall it is on). Each casting adds to the chance of unlocking the door. Then the spell will go off when someone tries to unlock the door - even if they are unskilled.

Things that are caused by magic require time and concentration to cause. (See mechanics below.) Almost any "chance" could happen, given enough fume (chance).

You can also defend things with fortuna. To make sure the chain that holds up the gate does not fail (due to a hex or just weather), you can cast a boon upon it to add swing (chance) to prevent it from failing.

Caused actions are used in fortune telling... I casts a cause spell to make the cards come up that predict the future (the specificity of the question being the impossibility modifier... the more you know about the situation, the lower the impossibily modifier). So using The Cards or Reading Tea Leaves is a cause boon effect.

Caused actions are used in healing, to improve the chances of healing checks or saves.

Spell casters can help others cast a spell by booning them over time. So I can add to the spell casting roll of another caster, but not add to the spell itself.

So Fortuna will color strategy and people will plan for "accidents" and plan for their Fortuna users to boon their side to negate the effects of the opposition.

*** *** ***
The system gets a little color by using The Italian. You could substitute the words of your choice or just use Fortune, Breeze (magic will power), Smoke (chance). It just adds "feel" and color to the magic systems. (Swing is a term we use for the amount of smoke/ chance that occurs. It is a little meta, but it could be in character. (Swing is the same in English and Italian. ) Breeze could be used interchangably... Remember, many terms are sensical only in context.

This system uses three (and a half) basic spells: Boon is adding a bonus to actions succeeding, Hex is subtracting from the chance of an action succeeding, Cause Boon and Cause Hex are both for causing something new to happen (same basic spell, split applications).

Spells of increasing power and effect can be created, if the game system requires that. This could increase the swing of the spell, the range, the area affected, or how long effect will stay in place.
For example: In RQ you would have to have Boon 2 to learn Boon 3 or Boon to area 2

Spells are triggered when their action is used. So normally they are good for one roll, unless they have an increased duration.

There should be three skills Boon, Hex, and Cause. (The effective skill to cause a boon is the average between Boon and Cause, the score to cause a hex the average of Hex and Cause). This determines your chance of casting an effect. Your chance could be modified by shifting the spell (increasing duraction, area, range) as well as the normal skill things. (You also get a small bonus to the skill roll for gesturing appropriately, speaking in a strong outdoor voice, using a mystic symbol (usually traced right then), or using a talisman (an item of luck, like cards, dice, flipping coins, etc).

You could have gifts or flaw that modifiy your abilities or chances in given circumstances:
A gift with blade, a gift with cards (for fortunetelling normally)
a flaw for healing (healing improving your healing recovery rolls), a flaw that you must say Hex/ Curse or the desired effect in a strong outdoor voice

The possiblilities are endless.

Caused actions are extended actions. They are tasks that require several successful rolls to happen (lets call it three success to build the spell, every two failures to the roll adds one more required success. (If your system lets you have raises or measures success by how much you beat a difficulty or make the roll, every five points you make the roll by gives you a success. Given enough time you can pull off a spell, up to your maximum ability.

Each power level of the spell of cause grants 20% chance an unlikely action will happen... modified by the impossibleness that it could happen anyways.
I need the mop to fall and knock the key off the table. 0 impossible. I need this wall to crumble or fall apart -80% impossible.

If I can cast a Cause Boon 2, it requires six successful rolls. My first two rolls were failures, no it requires seven successful rolls. I manage to get all seven with only one more failure. Thus my Cause Boon goes off.

Now my mop has a 40% chance of falling and knocking the keys off the table. The wall still has a -40% to fall apart.

This system requires a bit more thought and trickery in its application. Brute force approaches are not going to work well. To be most successful, you must apply just a tiny bit of chance at just the right place at just the right time.
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