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A Setting and some Thoughts.

Here is a setting I have tinkered with a time or three. I posted it up a version in A 101 Settings Riff. I did another more complete version in what has become The TransD Society Worlds.

We are the invaders.

In a cyberpunk Chronicle
The Corporations discovered portal generation - travel to alternate worlds. It is kept very hush hush, but licenses were given to various corps. The company explores... usually coming up empty. But then they found it. A new world. Over there they found wood, clean water, and some metals. In the area they surveyed they found nobody (they come out in a large underpopulate steppes). They know there are microbes and things over there... so everyone is in a light power suit or environmental suit... or in a cyber vehicle/ work machine. They use our base out in the wild lands to fly stuff in... thus we harvested this from the wild lands and nobody is the wiser.

After they had a base set up, they find orcs and discover they have artifacts from a primitive civilization. This violated all the laws and protocols set up for gates), but by then... there were in too deep. The Orcs ran up against the power of a few armored personnel carriers. Even the powerful and violent orcs left their homelands because they can not fight such a force. Thus starting an orc invasion of the civilized lands.

A fantasy Chronicle
Not long after, the fantasy adventurers interact with the orcs and find out they are running from a new menace. So investigating they go. Eventually they will see the metal beings... perhaps discovering there are just people wearing this odd armor.

Some of the cyberpunk crew might defect from the company. Perhaps some corporates might make contact with a few nobles... trading gold for priveleges.

Back to the Cyberpunk Game.
A shadow running group is sent to penetrate this based the company has in the wild lands that is allowing them to pull all these resources. They discover the portal and go across. (They are keeping a colony world from us! )

The Fantasy World has its own Dark Lord, who is currently bound to the near astreal Dark Realm by the presence of the Five Blades. He is trying to get to do is get one or more of the blades off world so he can manifest again. His end game is to get one to the Cyberpunk world. They he would shove the blades back to Fantasy and cross over to cyberpunk world.. Then close the portal. Once there, he can dominate, as the cyberpunk world has no magic to stop him. (Or does it? Might the CEO of Amdahl be that world's Dark Lord/ High Lord?)

Then all these factors would create the fiasco that would be a chronicle. This chronicle could go any way (lots of options for that great finale... I normally like to plan for one big blow out ending and work towards it... but there is a lot of spread in options here.
*** *O* ***
There are two and a half things that come up when thinking about this chronicle:

1) This chronicle begs for a Timeline. A timeline would be a list of scenes/ events that would happen should no PC intervene (and may continue on even if the PCs do intervene. (You can use cards to plan these story arcs). Each Faction would have its own timeline/ story arc. The GM would need to keep up with all the groups and what they are doing over time.

2) To do it right, you would have to be running two chronicles. It might be an A week (cyberpunk) and a B week (fantasy) situation with players running a character in each chronicle (and with orbit characters and scene characters running on different stages of the setting (Board Room, Gate Techs, Harvesters, Squints, then Orcs, Adventurers, Nobles..). So the use of the orbit characters are here so there will always be something for every player to do at any point in the game, plus it keeps the GM from having to talk to themselves for various cut scenes in the game. (Players would be able to shape the path of the chronicle more with the orbit characters).

You might be able to get away with just one chronicle and set of characters, but your troupe would be missing out of so many options.
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Now you could do this combined chronicle. Both chronicles would have to be using the same game system. There is next level chronicle management here. It would take a great deal of GM work and maintenance to keep up on all of this. The players would have to be working with you to make the "cast of characters" work. Eventually they will figure out that they are in one "big chronicle" and not two separate games.

If you could pull it off, it would be awesome!

Big If.​

It would be a challenge with lots of moving parts and points of fault. You could pare it down some, making it more conventionally manageable, but it might not be as awesome. There is also the danger of railroading or "narrow funnel" chronicles (i.e. few options and some are really not options, rather than just one on the railroad) on certain "stages" with this situation. Lots of places to go off the rails. With the right players, I think I could do it after the 40 years of GMing. I think so.

Big If.
*** *O* ***

+.5) Or you could realize that this would be a better novel.

GMs often come up with awesome ideas that they develop as a chronicle or game idea. They spend time and effort to solve all the issues they see - to the best of their abilities. Sometimes they need to funnel characters so the game "matches their vision". We all know players love that. Yahhhhh.

But really, sometimes those creative ideas need to be used in a different format. A single author could keep track of all those characters and work with the plotlines at their pace with their dramatic decisions (not smart decisions that a player would make, but dramatic mistakes/ decisions).

So yes, this is a novel idea.

Use it and the supporting ideas I presented as you will.


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This one ended up being written over time. So if you read it on the 26th, read it again.
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