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Player Bits - Prep Checklist

Before I game, as a player or a GM, I do "the moment of prep". It is a mental checklist of things I need to do before I can begin to game. It is what focuses my mindset on the game. Now what is exactly on the list varies from player to player, game to game, GMing or playing. The point of the exercise is the consistent "ritual" to getting your head in the game.

Player Checklist
  • Review the last few sessions
    By yourself or as a group. This may be first thing or the last.
  • Prepare your play space
    unpack, lay it out, make sure it is ready.
  • Review Abilities, Spells/ Powers, and Inventory.
  • Review your character background.
    Is there anything you want to emphasize or reveal this session
    - check with GM to make sure you will have opportunities
  • Review Ideals, Codes, Flaws, and Relationships
    Think about how you can enhance your roleplaying
  • What is your goal for this sessions or this sequence of sessions?
    Everyone should have goals, some are immediate and dealing with the crisis at hand and others are farther ranging.
  • Clarify any Rulesets or Gameplay questions with the GM
    I try to do this offline, between games via email or text or phone, but sometimes you need those few minutes to confer with the GM so you can avoid.... unpleasant disruptions time consuming moment of rules debate in game.
  • Coordinate with the players, prepping for roleplay, tactics, or goals.
    Your fellow players should be your primary source of roleplay and gaming.
  • Get your focus for playing your character
    Use your tools, read a passage, set your mindset. Engage what you need for immersion.
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I have a 3x5 card (or a piece of paper that sized) of This List (or something like this list) taped inside my character binder or on the front of my character clipboard. When I GM, I found it easier to put it on a magic board and check it off. I thought if I just memorized it, it would be easier... but I found actually having the list was a visual reminder to "do the process".

Note: My gaming is not static. (Yours should not be either.) I do add new elements and delete old ones as my experience and needs develops and changes. Like all things, it is a living document. The list has expanded to the size of a piece of paper from time to time, but I am trying to keep it pointed and concise... so the 3x5 card.

As long as your list contains elements of
  • Game Review either critically important or ignorable
  • Character mechanic review/ refresh
  • Character play review/ refresh
  • Points of cooperation that need to be set up
  • Points of contention that need to be resolved.
  • What you need to actually play.
Your list should be just fine.

As for your GM list.... well... that is another post.
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