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Setting: Phoenix Rising
A different kind of espionage chronicle

Blog Bit
I was just using one of the random 101 threads as a writing seed. I do this to help build my word count (learning to write faster and better), stretch some creative muscles, and just try out ideas. Thus I stumbled over the idea of "finding out that a family member was involved in a Conspiracy" and you have found some interesting bits. I pulled out the "opposition" from my previous work. I chose one that was a little different. This combined and brought me to this.

The Set Up
Up in the attic you find it in a box. There are a bunch of papers from a great uncle you have only seen in pictures. You were looking for the deed of the family's Blue Summer Cabin. It is on a small lake (which we might own) in the middle of nowhere upstate. It was purchased in the late 50s, early 60s. The great uncle brokered the deal.

IT is an unopened maniilla envelope, sent to your great uncle. It's mail stamp is dated 1960. It is a thick amount of what feels like paper. It was sent Book Rate. You open up the bulky envelope.

Inside are a mix of contents:​
  • Rebirth Society (a set of documents with a spiral soft bind) outlining some weirdass survivalist secret society/ ngo. Hidden Bases. Secret Funding. Agents to act against national and other national interests to prevent nuke wars.
  • Folder 1 mimeograph reduced blue prints for Omega
  • Folder 2 had mimeographed reduced blue prints for a Nest 3 with the "mineral rights" to the area around your cabin's lake.
  • Folder 3 skunkwork sketches for some kind of fighter.
  • Folder 4 A Proposed Angel Cell Org Chart
  • Folder 5 Western Hemisphere map with nine marks on it.
  • Folder 6 A Secret Service watermarked memo about security, payment (large sum), rendezvous points, and the football game.

Oh you will find the deed in that same box of legal papers, plus two bank books one with a hefty sum and a swiss bank account book with 1000 dollars in it. (There might be a lot of spare money there now).

If you poke around... you may meet The Angels and maybe God.
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Some Background -
The Phoenix Foundation

Founded because of the threat of nuclear war, The Foundation was set up to "preserve humanity and society" in case of a catastrophe. The foundation was supported by a number of academics and rich industrialists. To preserve society started with a number of underground and out of the way bunkers. They were stocked with food, water, books, and seed banks. The bunkers became more and more ambitious as the cold war raged on. They were stocked with heavy equipment and fuel for them as well.

In the late 50s, a partially underwater bunker called Omega Command was created. It was assumed that the nuclear winter would lower water levels and it would be exposed for easier access. It had the centralized computer banks storing information and plans (with paper/plastic tape storage to be immune to EMP) and communication links to most other bunkers (called Angel Sites). Some older bunkers became supply caches, as newer ones would support more people. Some bunkers were put in "odd places" near cities or town because the backers wanted to be able to reach them in the end time.

By this time. these bunkers had small groups of people in them at all times, just in case.

In the 70s the Meteor Extinction theory for dinosaurs brought a new reason to bunker in. Even if humanity didn't destroy itself, nature could by meteor, volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, environmental degradation causing madness, bad weather, or mutated animals, or any number of "end world" scenarios. It was in the 70s that the various cryogenic and long sleep techniques were discovered.

At this point, the foundation forked its efforts. Angel Sites were continued and worked upon. The Action Arm was created. The Foundation supported various "agents" to promote and protect world peace and act against those that might use "environmental forces" for their own gain to the detriment of others. Lastly, Starcommand was created to investigate the possibilities of a real space habitat - allowing humanity not to have all of its eggs in the one blue basket. The Cryo and deep sleep options were being implemented for "core personnel to assist the rebuilding process". These Ice Angels are supported caches of equipment in their immediate site and nearby. By the early 80s all three segments of the Foundation were going strong. Soon the Foundation owned (through proxies) several submersibles and a decommissioned carrier (the new Omega Site). These non-land angel sites were to increase survivability. The Foundation and its board helped broker a number of peace deals and arms talks (from behind the scenes). They support the one public and several hidden Seed Banks. The Foundation is building an Antarctic base for survival and research purposes.

Angels Sites and "Angels" (Action arm agents) are the emphasis of the foundation these days. Starcommand has a strong design arm, but not enough money or resources to implement any of the off world plans. (Though there are plans should there be a need for evacuation from a long range death rock). They do have a large public network of monitoring satellites watching the planet and deeper space.

NOTE: there is a covert element of Starcommand that is actually preparing to launch cyro-astronauts into a long solar orbit that will intersect roughly with Earth every 130 years. However, they are doing the funding and building by ... less than ideal means. There are Angels investigating some of these robberies and industrial espionages. They are a long way away from tracing them, but they are making the Ark Project very nervous.

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The Chronicle Framework
Once I gave the manilla envelope a "context" (Relatives stuff) and a reason for you to stumble over it... much of the framework fell into place. So we have a moderately wealthy family who are a public service dynasty. Everyone is related (by blood, marriage, adoption). They have government connections and training being people expected to be state department, TLO (three letter org), or an Alphabet Division, or maybe not. So you have people with skills and connections. (And probably at least one FBI/CIA/Security specialist.... and it would be fun if you had a liberal environmentalist - spiker (who would be surprisingly handy after phase 1).

Phase 1 You find the keys to the first mystery. You find the clandestine connection between the White House and this organization dating back to the Eisenhower or Kennedy White House.

You have locations to check out. A family connection to investigate. And people who will push back if you are too nosey.

The chronicle has a safety net, when they will realize that you are related to a founder, they might not kill you.

The Phoenix Foundation has a public face as an international environmental NGO. Rebirth of Nature is their catch phrase. They own biologic preserves. They are known for recycling education and production services. They are also holding a seed bank and sponsor a wide variety of research.

Phase 2: Investigating and bumping against another org looking into Phoenix activities.
In Phase 2, the chronicle really gets up to speed. This would be the bulk of the chronicle. You are checking out these elements and people are checking out the same things. Some are angels stopping you. Some are another organization investigating the Phoenix. You can use an actual/ conventional spy agency, you can have Omega Command (or some super spies sniffing), or some "antagonistic organization". I would use Cypress, but use the organization/ idea of your choice.

Thus you will be protecting yourself, investigating Phoenix, investigating Cypress (Evil Org).

The Main Story Arc depends on your characters and the Evil Org.

Phase 3: Recruitment or Alliance
You might get recruited as Foundation people or as Angels. You can help out in a variety of areas and deal with any remaining antagonist organization issues.

You can do lot of things with this. I would join the search for the technologic thefts (that leads to Star Command).

Phase 4: Cypress Goes to End the World (this could be phase 3)
I have a psuedo campaign set up in 101 Espionage Plots from post 55 to 96. You see their plots in action. You can deal with this as agents or as angels

Phase 5 aka Ooops
After you defrost, Welcome to the Post Apocalypse... (if you won phase 4, the something asteroid happens... if you lost phase 4... come to an angel nest.
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