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I have to admit. I am a frugal gamer.
(Book Salvage)

Gamers love their books. Despite our appreciation for digital copies of the game, we do like to have tangible books for play. However, we tend to use them so often, we express "the weakness of the paper media". Bindings crack, glue holding pages loses hold, covers get mangled, and other issues.

This problem gets even worse if you are running an older game or a game now out of print. You can't run down to the storefront or pull up Amazon and get a new copy.

There is a solution.

This is not "the solution", but it works for most of us.

Take your book down to a printshop/ local business store. Have them trim the binding off.

Make sure that any loose pages are in with the book, then have the shop three hole punch your book (very close on the inside margin please).

The book is then enclosed in a 3 ring binder. Make sure the binder is thick enough to easily hold the book (and maybe some other products you might want to five the same treatment).
* I would recommend a hard cover binder for protection
* I recommend a D-Ring binder, so it will lay flat easily when opened and not catch papers.
* I like using binder dividers to mark certain sections or pages that are frequently used.

Some people like putting in key supplements in the same master binder. I am of mixed opinion of this. I would go with each one gets its own binder treatment.

Make PRBs at this point. They will save wear and tear on your new book binder.

Pages that get torn or worn can simply be copied. If you have the digital version of the game, you can simply print that page, punch the holes, and use the new page.

Hole reinforcers, little paper donuts that are sticky and go over the open holes, will help keep important pages from ripping out of the book.

Salvaging a book is not a piece of earthshaking advice, just something useful that some people have not done.

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This process is luckily no longer your only option. Thanks to the internet, getting cheap copies is now easier to do. If you want to go full digital, once can use their tablet or laptop computer to display the book. If you can, find extra copies of your game for cheap (thank you used game section). Still salvaging your old book is the frugal thing to do.
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