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Confidence is the Best GM Tool EVER!

Notice the title's Size. Maybe it is overcompensating, but it is a truth that so many GM's (and players) ignore. Presenting with confidence makes the game go better.

Players are easily accept the Delivery of Information from a confident source.
Think about a television new presenter. If they seem they know what they are talking about, people are willing to believe (more easily) what they are telling us. The same is true as a GM. Learn from the media people. Be confident in your presentation.

People tend not to interrupt or question a confident source.
This means they will hold their attention and waiting for their questions to be answered by the end of what the presenter says. (They usually are.) The confident presenter is not interrupted and the audience waits for the questions at the end. Think about a GM telling you things. Think about what happens when the GM is interrupted.

Media savvy figures are all confident in their presentation of material. They are confident in their position or knowledge of the material, have practiced their material, or they simply present a confident front/ image. (Or some combination of all three.) The confident presenter gets information across directly and smoothly.

You may or may not be confident, but you must always present your GMing in a confident manner.
No umms. No awkward pauses. No hesitations. Look up and hold eye contact with one or more of the players. DO NOT HIDE BEHIND A GM SCREEN! You must always seem like you are knowing what you are doing.

Remember, you are a roleplayer.

Roleplay/ act as a confident figure when presenting GM material.

From: https://vegasextremeskydiving.com/look-confident-even-youre-not/

Bonus Material: https://vegasextremeskydiving.com/10-ways-to-become-a-more-confident-person/

*4) Most GMs actually do this, though not with "formal attire". They have their GM Uniform. For most it is usually one of a few novelty T-shirts with gaming and pants. Appropriate clothing is a useful tool. I always dress better than the rest of my players when ever possible.
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