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Improving your presentation at the table.

  1. Project Confidence.
  2. Riff on your material for an upcoming session.
  3. Vocal Warm ups
  4. Keep your throat moist and sinuses clear. Drink as much as you can, without having to run to the restroom wayyy too often.
  5. Avoid sticky/ sugary drinks when you can (A generally good idea anyways, but it reduces vocal fatigue actually).
  6. When narrating/ presenting material speak clearly, slowly, and enunciate every word. You will sound like a BBC presenter if done right. That is a good thing by the way.
    --- If you are a GM, you can roleplay your narrator. I am James Earl Jones or David Attenborough when I am narrating.
    --- Be as clear as you can be, speak as slowly as you can, and enunciate as well as you can in character. Sometimes that is not happening. And, That Is Okay.
  7. Eye Contact with your audience/ players. Monitor their responses to what you say.
  8. We talk with our entire bodies. Be animated. Use your hands and facial expressions to communicate. Just like you can tell if someone is really smiling over the phone, those who are talking with their entire bodies can communicate more.
  9. Minimize Distractions, INCLUDING LOOKING UP RULES or game data.
  10. Sound check from time to time: ask people if they can all hear you easily.

Note: At no time did I say these were GM techniques. These are for all players in a game.

Yes, Your Voice has the power to make believable any scenario you can imagine.

If you want to up your game, study up on acting and voice acting. There are only a bizillion sites and every library seems to have a book or six on the process.

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