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Setting: World of the Red Plague

Terre - World of the Red Plague

Terre is a fairly standard world. The chronicle will center on the continent of Sebon, and the close continents of Dethon and Malei. (These are the Lands of Trinity.) Sebon has a European echo culture, approximating the late 1400s. Magic is so rare it is considered folklore. There are no other races, magical beasts, wizards (or no one claims to be one anymore), places of unnatural reputation (well, the peasants might say it... but educated Big Folk would not), and so on. It is a very rational world. (It is known.)

Until The Plague. The Red Plague. The Plague of Evil.

The Red Plague has struck all around the continent (and beyond). Symptoms include blood in the eye, blindness, tears of blood, rashes, vast patches of flaking or scaled skin, fever, difficulty breathing (a very whistlely or raspy sounding breath), and the occasional bout of delirium or madness. Very few contract the disease, but it is almost always fatal if it progresses the past first or second stage. The survivors of the third and fourth stages are almost always children. (Praise be the Bright Power that heals!) Note: The Nobility are actually hit more often than small folk. So they are fearful of the plague when it breaks out in an area.

Many people with the disease do awful things when having a bout of delirium. Random violence, killing family members, setting fires, and desecrating churches/ chapels/ holy spots are the common problems. (They are the evil that walks some say.) Some places in The South have taken to just killing those who catch the disease, despite the fact they might recover. (So it is said.)

Most call the survivors Ruined. (It is known.) They are all marked. They develop dark lined scars over their parts of body, in ridged, swirled, or geometric patterns. (It is like Maori tattoos, but not as organized usually.) They scars start an angry red and eventually fade to black. Other changes can occur. Known marks include eyes changing color to inhuman colors, permanent blindness in one or both eyes, odd hair colors, distended bellies, crooked backs, and distended joint. Many say it is lucky that they are marked by the Red Plague, as a warning to others. (Yes, so they say.) They seem to attract evil to the world around them. Strange happening occur around them (It is known). Deaths, Unnatural accidents, and unseemly events occur around the survivors. (It is known.)

The Church of The Bright Power keeps an eye on the Ruined, in case the Evil grows around them. If it should grow, the Inquisitors will come and burn away The Evil. (If the child survives, all hail the Blessed Bright; if it does not, the fire will purify its soul when it meets The Light. (Praise be the Blessed Light!)

Many will called the survivors Runed. This is the ancient term for those that develop such marks. Per the folklore, it would happen from time to time... fever and rebirth. Never as a plague upon the land killing Big and little folk without care or concern. However, perhaps the old Powers are angry. Those that follow The Old Ways know this to be true. (It is known.)

The tales of the Runed say they have "abilities", some in excess of normal (the strength of Erclēs or the accuracy of Arteme for example) some would be called magical (calling fire, speaking to beasts, knowing the future, turning into a beast, the shaping of ice, and so on.) Showing an ability in a community that is not following The Old Ways (to say, almost all communities) is to be shown as Evil and unnatural. The Inquisitors will come and show mercy to their soul by burning the Evil out of them.

Groups of Note

The Eye - a group (or maybe groups in various areas) of Runed that attempt to rescue victims from the Inquisitors. Mostly it is for their own good, but The Eye might have more political motives.

Nobles - The people in charge have vested interest.

The Inquistors - These knight like priests are protecting the Faithful from The Unnatural. That used to be just heresy and "wrong holy books" (mistranslated books from the Tongue of Religion to the local language). Now they return to their ancient purpose, to destroy The Runes before they can undo centuries of good works.

The Black Robes The elite of the Inquisitors. Scary scholars and fanatical soldiers. Many of their number wear "Hoods of the Penitent". They are those that were wicked but serve The Church. Most assume they are thieves, killers, and "bad priests", but some of their numbers are Ruined. They use them against their own kind.

Followers of The Old Way - they are supportive of the Runed. They know that their power will be the undoing of the Invaders. (Centuries ago, the civilized people of the Ibena invaded the less organized and developed people of the northern regions.) Those out in the far country still follow the old ways. The Old Ways are vaguely druidic and Celtic. (It is known. Yes, it is known.)

Wizards are those with The Power to rule. They have the skill to take The Runes (and abilities) from someone. There is a cabal of Wizards who will take the runes from those who are unworthy (defined by most as not following the old ways and not leading a revolt against the nobles and followers of the Bright Power). The wizards are not very common and are still hoping that those "choosen to be runed" will yet follow their cause.

Wayfinders - These are sailors who travel across the Great Blue Waters to lands beyond the Three Close Continents. They are traders of goods. They are marked with (Maori) tattoos that tell of their exploits and skills. (Their lands have Runed.) Note: In some coastal towns people have taken to having tattoos because they think it will keep them safe from the Red Evil Plague.

Gonnemen- The closest thing that each country will have to a "national army". Most military forces are "owned" and supported by the nobles. The Gonnemen are "personal guard" of the Crown. Only those in the employ of the crown can use long arms (we have evolved past simple gonnes to more advanced long arms like muskets) They are also strong swordsmen. (SO yes, there are pistols of sorts out there.)

Gonnemen tend to have issues with Inquisitors (who have papal authority to take down anyone they deem unnatural... including less than perfectly devout nobles that support The Crown over the Church.) The Eye is seen as a rebel group. They do not know about the abilities. If they did, they might just "adopt" a few of them to add to the Crown's power and diminish the Church's.

--- -0- ---​

So we have gonnes, pistols, fencing, and scared mutant kids with magical powers. We have forces who want to control them or use them. Of course the default character framework the PCs are going to be Runed, but they could opt for not having powers and be part of another faction.

The game has:
  • Character with cool powers or opt not to have them.
  • A cost to having cool powers.
  • Variety of Characters
  • Fencing and Guns, ala Musketeers. Complex martial combat.
  • Political/ social factions - thus some complexity about the situation.
  • Obligations to the various factions and families.
  • Players choosing a faction and drive the world.
  • A chronicle could be played with character frameworks that do not have Rune Characters.

This chronicle has a lot of good points. It is a mishmash of things that worked. It was inspired by some random fantasy art I stumbled over and an image of makeup that shows black runes. I happen to like the 1400s/ late Medieval/ early Renaissance. I worked out some factions. This gave some drama innate to the world. I like the Wizards and the twist. They can steal powers. They want to help, yet they are going to mess everything up.

Lots of Connections, bits of Chrome, and Consistancy, are linked in the setting. I like the points bundle in this way. (And the other 7Cs are included.

Also, Teree is some place where I have a strong mental maps.

As a game system, it could go with any game that has powers and skills, so Hero and GURPS are my first choices. Again I like point buy, but random or a random mix might work. They both also have detailed fencing systems (add ons) and antique firearms. Now any game system will work, but it needs to support that power system and setting.



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