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Another Saturday Sidepost.

If you have been around RPG.NET for a while, you might of seen my name on a few threads. Now there is often sage advice or a slightly snarky comments, but most people see me in The Creative Threads. I tend to support the 101s, Setting Riff, and Today is my Birthday threads. They are my writing prompts for the day.

Really, I am known for Setting/ Chronicle blurb threads. In fact, you can look over some of my favorite projects here.

So I like keeping track of my contributions to the thread.

I am known for putting up summary lists of the threads (An Example Here). Mine are usually the ones with the asterisks " * ".

I also keep a count. In fact, the counts are what spawned this post.

30+1 / .38
What's that mean?
I have done 31 core posts which is 38% of the posts in this thread. The first is the number of new posts I have done (30). Numbers after the first (the plus something) are the number of posts I have previously done in other threads and have republished here because they are very appropriate (1). The percentage is my core posts divided the number of core posts in the thread.

I use this code system in a lot of threads; look at my posts in the 101s or birthday threads and you will see them. It helps me keep track of what I am doing.
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