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Meta - Character: Crescendoll

Crescendoll was one of those great teen heroes. She managed to shake the "kid hero" tag and was considered a hero. Of course, it helped that she wasn't ever a sidekick and seldom hung out with "the kids". Sweet kid and powerful sonic abilities. Lucky as all get out that she wasn't hurt early on. She is one of the few "heroes" that have managed to transition to "media star" without being a gimmick.

I mean it all started with The National Anthem. One dust-up between The Defenders (one of those anyways) and the Legion of Evil at the World Series (trying to capture the President who was throwing out the first ball). They decided to play ball after it all, as The President said, "Baseball waits for no man... weather maybe... but no man." They needed a singer and the girl just strode up to the mic. You have to be pretty fearless to be a super hero, but most capes would have been unable to do it. She sang it like an angel. And when the Mic cut out, she boosted the sound with her powers and rocked the stadium.

And she sang it for the next five games too.

Soon she had that record deal. Then the concert tour. Then "I Love You with All My Heart". At that point, she basically became a pop star. She has powers to deal with sound, but the girl has real talent. She still patrolled LA now and again. When on tour, took a spin around many cities. If The Call went out, she was right there. And remember that dust-up at the Oscars? She made it look easy taking those idiots down in that expensive gown.

Well, that was all a little while ago. Still, she is a great performer. More studio albums these days than live concerts. She is easing back into heroics. I think her new world tour is more about hooking up with her old heroic friends than really filling an auditorium. Not that she is doing that. She is mostly singing in parks for donations to charity events.

Her Power Set is classic Sound Projector - flight, energy blast (in various areas of effect), and a limited force field. We would include a sound amplifier change environment, darkness for sound (sucking it all in), and some emotional control area effect.

Her goal in a group is "glue". She would help hold a group of egos and powers together. She is also your media face. When the cameras and reporters happen, she would be right there.

I keep coming back to this character. She is the one I always remember from that thread.

Here we are with a meta/ supers character that has a lot of history. When building her as a character, she would have fewer effect dice of power, but an obscene number of skill levels with the power. She would have contacts (other super groups, and music people, and government people) and wayyy too many disadvantages that have built up over the years. Less raw power and more flexibility. She would be a more complex character than most new super characters.

If I had to, I would make the teen version of her before the contract. I am not sure a "middle period Cresendoll" would be as much fun on a regular basis.

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Character Creation

Supers Characters tend to be "a bit more" than most characters. It is not just game system, as there are additional mechanics in the rules that are not found in most games. No, a comic style super character is actually three characters in one.

Regular ID
This is the person the character is. This is not just "a secret identity", it is much more. It is who they were before the events and who they are now. This includes skills, abilities, personality, and history. So you will make a full character/ normal person, the same as you would in any RPG. Then you will evolve them some. You will have them exposed to some event(s) which catalyzes them into having powers and being heroic. You will determine how they act and respond to said events. If you can, you will even track any additional skills or regular abilities, changes in personality, and extended history. In short you are making the conception of a regular character ... twice. You may even be building "the regular character" twice, reflecting before or after the event that makes them a hero.

This is something that has to be touched upon. Super Characters, in the fiction, tend to be a bundle of psychological disadvantages/ advantages. Codes vs Killing, Codes to Protect the Innocent, Vows to Hunt down badguys, and something that keeps them motivated to fight crime/ protect the world. They need motivations and lots of them. They need codes of conducts and beliefs. Thus you need to work on the regular character to include psychological drives to a degree that is far beyond what is expected for most characters in most genres of gaming.

Do you have the mechanics to represent who you are?

Super ID
Your Super ID is what your role in super society, your team, and during "action scenes". Do you do anything for super society at large? Are you a spokesman? Are you the reason they have bad press? Do you help the police? Do you simply go around them? Do you organize groups? Do you provide help and equipment to others? What about training? Are supers looking to you for anything? What is your role in the team? Are you the investigator? Are you the leaders? Are you the source of information? Do you just fight? Do you do science (or magic)? Are you the healer? Are you the infiltrator? Do you stand in front of the cameras? Do you provide the base? and so on. What does your character do during the adventures (excluding combat) and between adventures with the group, is your role. Lastly, it is your role in "action scenes". Are you front line? Are you the rescue expert? Do you take on hordes of mooks? Are you the sniper? Are you the one protecting the mentalist? Perhaps you have all the various power slots, so you are waiting for that perfect timing to use your perfect power? Maybe you are the medic, helping others? What are the tactics and core actions you do in "action scenes".

Do you have mechanics skills, abilities, and powers to fulfill those goals?

Power ID
This is the characters powers and abilities. These are what most players think of as a super character, a pile of points and powers. Sure these things represents your strength, speed, flight, power blast, and so on. This includes super related flaws and problems. These points/ rolls represent a significant part of the character - how they do the Super ID actions and how things impact their Regular ID. If you role is to be the ninja infiltrator and you have fire powers, either those powers need to be adjusted to be something stealthy or your group role might need to be changed. Ideally those power mechanics fit the super role you want the character to play.

The same bundle of powers and such could be applied to different characters and used in different ways. The Ice Power Character could be the detective who sometimes fight, could be the ice wall creator to protect the innocent, or could be the front line fighter for the group, depending on their role and personality.

Remember: just because you say you don't have power does not mean you do not have power game mechanics.
Please remember that people without powers can have powers. Stealth so good you can practically disappear? Invisibility with limits. Variable arrows? Attacks with multiple stunts. Holmes like smarts? Enhanced perception, Intelligence beyond the norm, and super level skills (deduction on 23 or less on 3d6.. take that negative modifiers!). You see how this works. Plus extreme wealth or equipment is often taken as a power as well.

Does the Power ID - the bundle of powers and flaws - fit the character's goal and personality?

These are the three core points you need to "think through" or put into a conception. They all need to be adjusted and balanced against each other.

The mechanics you choose for the character needs to balance with each of the points.

To do a proper super character, everything gets balanced against each other with the more complicated mechanics that represent the powers and skills.

It is a different kind of "dance" when you make a super character over another genre of character.
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What about the Robot/ Construct? Or the public identity character? Amnesia heroes?

Well yes, they technically miss one of the IDs.

Or do they?

The Robot might have a Pinocchio plot (trying to be a person), so they will have options for post origin/ birth regular ID. Public Identity heroes were people first and have a reason to be a public figure. Amnensia characters have an personal ID even if they don't know the one before the accident (and it may come after them). They may be a different person after the accident.

Just a different way to think of things.
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