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Setting: The Magic of Yellowstone
Urban Fantasy

Yellowstone is a majestic place full of wonderous views, incredible geothermal features, and wildlife like no other place. It is a magical place, perhaps more magical than people know.

In the late 70s, a Fey Court moved in. They established a low cairn hidden deep in the park, raising the fey energy in the park. (Note: This is good for the natural environment.) Until the level raised, it was mostly a pack of low fey- small folk and flying fairies. Then a few faun and satyrs moved in. When there are lesser fey, a few greater fey show up... just so they can be in charge. Now, most of the Shidhe stay in the posh lodges, but a few of the younger ones and the halfbreeds have taken to Rangering. (They might even have lives around the area.) Over the years a few domestic fey have moved nearby in the various hotels and B&Bs around the park. All the courts are represented now, so there is a circle of the year and a circle of rulership. A few are a bit concerned that a few of the Fire Court are around the world's largest caldera, but so far nothing has come of it.

When the wolves were reintroduced, the wolf therios followed in good numbers to ensure everything went smoothly. There has always been a changing breed or two in the Ranger Unit. Currently, the longest serving ranger is Roger C who is a hawk morph. He is in charge of the Western Side team. However, now there is a small pack of werewolves in the Ranger Staff. They are also on the staff at the various hotels, restaurants, and service sets (including the air medivac team), in and around the park. There are a few therios who have gone wild, staying in wolf form most of the time. (Note: Not everyone is a therio, but they are strongly peppered through all of these areas.)

The Fey and the Changing Breeds have a fairly easy going truce going... the status quo works for both of them. Of course, if it was just them, everything would be fine. There are a few Wicca, full mages, and a few Indians with Shaman bloodlines in and around the park area, occasionally disturb the flow of energies for their own purposes (thus in conflict with the other). Mostly, the native paranormals get along.

The campaign would center on rescues and events in the park (some mundane... some supernatural), group dynamics (pack status and social maneuvering for weres and fey), the groups interaction (which is not always friendly), and the various supernaturals trying to "fit in" among the Humans that work and visit the park. There would always be the shifting occurring when other paranormals come into the area (or a ghost/ spectre manifests). What happens when the Sasquatch Migration moves through the park? ("Every three years.. like clockwork... we get invaded by semi-invisible, giant apes. Every year they mess with the Buffalo, tip over campsites, and just find some way to make my life a living hell.") What happens when a teen spontaneously generates magical powers while distressed on vacation. There are a lot of options for action and dramatic scenarios here.

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This is a Secret World Urban Fantasy Chronicle. All the paranormals must hide who and what they are. Their superior abilities must always be cloaked, even when they use them to help. These abilities might be used against other paranormal, but the natives normally stick to words when dealing with each other (hence status quo).

This is a chronicle that balances between action/ adventure scenes and drama scenes (between characters). You have character development and growth as well as challenges to abilities and skills. There is not much combat, but when "the claws come out" it should be vicious.

This chronicle could have the metaphor of your choice and still work. It is not "wedded" to a given way to look at things.

This setting could go with any set of rules, with the emphasis in the chronicle based on that. (If you are into small world dramatics and friendly foes... cortex drama, if you are bug out action Hero System... if you are good with GURPS and characters without the same point totals.. do that... Use what will work for you.)

After 6-12 adventures (half or a full seaons), setting the tone for things, something needs to happen to disrupt the normal way of things. A big bad moves in, a supernatural force begins to move, or an evil cult moves in, and everything goes to hell. Pretending to fit in as a normal human might no longer be an option when things .... slide.

Points that make this a good chronicle
  • The physical setting is not your normal expected game setting for an urban fantasy game.
  • The physical setting has unique characteristics that help frames the adventures
  • It mixes up most of the expectations for Urban Fantasy Games with the focus on these paranormals.
  • Fewer to no vampires.
  • The character's mundane roles are equally important, if not more important, than their paranormal society roles.
  • There is a harmonious society here in the shadows. Things have to change, temporarily or long term, for there to be drama. These "things" would normally be introduced by the GM - as a wedge.
  • There are many directions for the chronicle to go without shifting the core chronicle.
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