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Generic Relationships Table
for Fiasco or really any game.
A Saturday Side Post

I was working on something like this, then discovered this one.

Generic Relationships Table
(d66 (2d6 read seperate) for each pair of characters)

1. Intimate
  1. current (spouses, lovers)
  2. past (ex-spouses, ex-lovers)
  3. casual (just met, one night stand, friends with benefits)
  4. unequal (rich, beautiful, power yful, older, younger)
  5. illicit (secret, adulterous, unlawful, forbidden, against custom)
  6. unrequited (crush, obsession, affection, ships in the night, sexual tension)

2. Family
  1. parent/child (biological, step, foster, adopted)
  2. elder (grandparent, uncle)/younger (grandchild, niece)
  3. peers (siblings, cousins)
  4. in-laws (mother-in-law, sister-in-law)
  5. distant (second-cousin twice-removed, lost heir, overseas cousins)
  6. unrelated (like a brother/sister/son,daughter, like family, relatives of in-laws, kith)

3. Friends
  1. close (or formerly-close) friends
  2. mentor/protégé (teacher/student, creator/muse)
  3. on the same side (leaders, sports, team, volunteer, neighbor, roommates)
  4. two of a kind (shared culture, experience, faith)
  5. mismatched buddies (different culture, experience, sex, enemy of an enemy)
  6. casual (beer buddies, same boat, fellow tourist, familiar stranger)

4. Work
  1. supervisor/employee (boss/worker, investor/ceo)
  2. professional peers (partners, co-workers, collaborators, colleagues)
  3. professional/client (salesman/customer, pastor/congregant, doctor/patient)
  4. professional opposition (rivals, competitors, adversaries)
  5. clandestine (secret, criminal, illicit)
  6. former colleagues (any of the above, but in the past)

5. Community/Society
  1. local (neighbors, from same city, fellow ex-pats)
  2. shared interests (sports, hobby, club, school)
  3. authority/civilian (mayor, sheriff, case worker/citizen, lord/commoner)
  4. social or faction rivals (running for office, cross-town sports rivals)
  5. crusader vs. villain (green-eco vs. lumberjack, underdog vs. leader)
  6. shared prejudice (politics, race, class)

6. Trouble (optionally roll again on the table to combine with intimates, family, friends, etc.)
  1. dysfunctional (co-dependent, controlling, jealous, toxic)
  2. non-violent crime/victim (con-artist/mark, dealer/addict, prostitute/john,
  3. blackmail, petty theft, bribery, embezzlement)
  4. violent crime/victim (bully/sufferer, enforcer/target, assassin/quarry,
  5. pimp/prostitute, non-consensual intimacy)
  6. crime leader/follower (boss/consigliere, capo/made-man, cult leader/cultist)
  7. partners in crime (bullies, professional thieves, con-artists, gang members, hoodlums, spies, conspirators)
  8. exotic (fated, cursed, hunted, separated at birth, zealots, cultists)

This Generic Relationships Table table is ©2015, Christopher Allen (ChristopherA@RPG.net), and is licensed CC-BY.

Found on the Mark of Destiny Website
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