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Generic Plot Twist
for Fiasco (as a tilt table) or any game application really.
A Saturday Side Post

I was working to make something like this. I stumbled over this and found he had already used most of the sources I had.

Generic Plot Twists
(d66 (2d6 read seperate) for each plot)

1. FATAL FLAW (hamartia / hubris / hoisted petard)
  1. the characters' otherwise competent plans have a fatal flaw or their goal misses the mark
  2. the characters are not as skilled as they think they are
  3. the characters outsmart themselves / a trap or trick set by the characters causes grief for themselves
  4. the characters are faced with a impossible choice (a dilemma, mutually exclusive goals, which innocents to rescue, the lesser of two evils), or have to think out of the box for a third choice
  5. the characters are on the wrong side and don't know it / the source of the problem is actually the characters or the character's allies
  6. be careful what you wish for, because you might get it

2. CHANGE OF FORTUNE (peripeteia / catastrophe)
  1. didn't see that coming (false assumptions, known unknowns, unknown unknowns)
  2. the characters are betrayed or tricked by friends, allies, or mentors
  3. escalation / things have to get worse before getting better
  4. pyrric victory / success can only be achieved at a serious cost / sacrifice
  5. the characters' goal actually benefits the villain / is in fact villain's secret plan / is a diversion from solving the real problem
  6. the characters solve a problem that turns out to already be solved / goal is no longer valid or has become meaningless

3. INFORMATION REVEALED (anagnorisis / discovery)
  1. the characters have no idea that something someone possesses is special (reverse macguffin)
  2. information is revealed that wasn't to be shared
  3. the victim being rescued doesn’t want to be rescued (stockholm syndrome, love, has other goals)
  4. love rears its ugly head
  5. the enemy of my enemy is my (friend, rival, new villain)
  6. a prophecy is revealed / a prophecy isn't what the characters thought it was

  1. the characters believe something is special that is not (macguffin)
  2. someone or a relationship is revealed to be not what the characters thought
  3. it was (family, friend, villain, victim) / the villains are the victims and the victims the villains
  4. the real goal isn't what the characters think it is / the goal isn't enough and only reveals the beginning of a new goal
  5. hidden or false crucibles - the characters are being tested, but do not know how, or don't even know they are being tested
  6. a trope is subverted (instead of being plot type a, it is in fact plot type b)
    the untwist / unreveal — an outcome considered to be too obvious turns out to be what happened, or a reveal is untrue

  1. the characters are beset by an unexpected force (new enemies, the law, the weather, an event)
  2. a villain's known limitation is no longer a limitation
  3. a defeated villain returns / a minor villain scorned returns as a big villain
  4. the timetable is unexpectedly accelerated
  5. an early tiny mistake/compromise leads to ruin
  6. the villain did his evil deeds for a greater, good purpose and/or the characters become now responsible for the achieving it.

  1. there are innocents or bystanders that must be protected
  2. the characters must work alongside someone they don't like (rivals, villains, outcasts)
  3. the characters require help from an ally that wants their support for another goal
  4. the characters must succeed without violence, or without access to certain abilities or resources
  5. the characters discover someone else has failed to succeed in the the goal before them
  6. the longer the characters take to solve a problem, the tougher it gets

This Generic Plot Twists Table is ©2015, Christopher Allen (ChristopherA@RPG.net), and is licensed CC-BY.

Found on the Mark of Destiny Site
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