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Conflict Resolution Table
for Fiasco and other Story Games
A Saturday Side Post

This is the third in a set taken from the same website and immortalized as Saturday Side Posts. The CRT gives you most of the options for resolution, so it is useful in all situations for GMs.

Conflict Resolution Table
(d66 (2d6 read seperate) for each conflict)

1. No, and unexpectedly…
  1. …something entirely unrelated goes wrong
  2. …others will discover or become involved against you
  3. …something dear to you is harmed, lost or destroyed
  4. …you harm yourself, a friend, ally or loved one
  5. …a dark future is foreshadowed or prophesied against you
  6. …another plot thread accelerates to conflict

2. No, but…
  1. …your failure has some positive consequences
  2. …you loose no time or resources
  3. …your failure can help another succeed
  4. …you gain insight or knowledge that will be useful in the future
  5. …you gain a friend or goodwill in the process
  6. …you gain insights on how to resolve a different plot thread

3. Perhaps, but you may still succeed…
  1. …at a serious cost
  2. …at the price of earning a new enemy, debt or bad reputation in the process
  3. …if you must sacrifice something dear to you
  4. …at the price of harming yourself, a friend, ally or loved one
  5. …if you find someone else more suited to the task
  6. …only if the stakes or goal are significantly altered

4. Yes, but you succeed…
  1. …at a minor cost.
  2. …with unanticipated or unintended future negative consequences
  3. …by exhausting additional resources
  4. …by being slower than planned
  5. …at the cost of others noticing your actions in the future
  6. …but you will be disadvantaged in resolving a different plot thread

5. Yes, and…
  1. …you succeed as you planned
  2. …you succeed using fewer resources
  3. …you succeed quickly leaving extra time
  4. …you succeed quietly and without notice
  5. …you succeed with style or panache
  6. …you succeed perfectly and decisively

6. Yes, and unexpectedly…
  1. …something completely unrelated is a success
  2. …you find or discover something or someone important
  3. …you earn an ally, reward or good reputation in the process
  4. …you gain insight or knowledge that will be useful in the future
  5. …a bright future is foreshadowed or prophecied for you
  6. …you will be at an advantage in resolving another plot thread

This Procedural Scene & Conflict Resolution Table is ©2015, Christopher Allen (ChristopherA@RPG.net), and is licensed CC-BY.

Found on Mark of Destiny website.
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